33 Martinez, CA
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My self-summary
So it's not the longest profile I've seen, but it's close. Good luck!
I don't like a lack of communication, this should come through in my profile, I feel like a lack of communication and information sharing is the cause for most of the problems in the world. This does not mean that I'm the best at it but I try to communicate clearly.
I am a whole big bag of contradictions!
I can be a little random.
If you're not a stoner please move on, I'm looking for a woman who smokes every day or at least every weekend.
I am INFP and it seems to be a good description. I may be shy until I get comfortable but I've been working through that a lot lately and I'm getting much better at opening up. I like to think of myself as a good mix of an 8 and 80 year old. Anarchist, health driven, climber, autodidact, I love learning how to do or make things, almost anything. I'm vegan, you don't have to be vegan but healthy and eating quality food with little animal product is important. I am very eccentric yet at times very logical.
In the next 5-10 years I and my friends will be living on rural land somewhere in the forests of northern CA or possibly Oregon, are you there too?

QUESTIONING QUESTIONING QUESTIONING!!! This starts with my own thoughts and be-LIE-fs! Feel free to point out my bullshit.
What I’m doing with my life
Learning things, making things. Being as child like as I want, too many people seem to grow up too much for my taste. Using less.
Im normally an electrician but, seriously jobs suck. Within the next 10 years I WILL have my own property, off grid, be building my natural home and growing all my own food, and be RETIRED!
I’m really good at
Ideas! Both crazy and highly applicable, I really think this is one of my best talents. Climbing, gardening, making things, debating, cool things.
Eye contact!
Finding questions to ask about things most people never question in the first place.
Breaking believed social constructs and making people ACTUALLY think about a subject, if they are willing to talk about real shit.
Catching myself when I fall before I hit the ground.
I know LOTS about ways to save and make energy, as in alternative energy.
Massaging, I love giving massages! If you want a massage ask, the answer is probably yes.
Things with my hands.
Kissing, I wasn't going to put this but I've heard it a few times more recently,but that could just be because I am a lover and sensuality, at times, flows through me like blood.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm looking you in the eyes, possibly my septum piercing or my bare feet, if its not hella cold. But this says more about the person noticing than me. See, I can be somewhat analytical.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, so I was never much of a reader as I'm dyslexic but I am starting to get into it.
I love the Swiss Family Robinson, HOLY FUCK the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books are amazing! I love his style and plan on reading all of Douglas Adams's books.
Permaculture 2 a designers manual
Gaia's garden 2nd edition
humanure handbook, this book is the shit and can save the third AND first worlds.
Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living
Disinformation:Everything you know is wrong!
Books that are about knowledge based skills.
#####E.T. 101! This book is my manual and it has a special meaning for me, if this book has the same meaning to you WE SHOULD TALK!
I would like to read 'the great conversation but that's a long term thing.
Anything truthful like
They live
What the bleep do we know
Movies i don't like hangover, 40yo virgin, dude lost my car,
I don't have one and don't want one.
I do like South Park, Mr show, athf, x-files, Rick and Morty, Game of thrones
reggae, Dub fx, Paranoid Castle, Radiohead, Led Zeplin, Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, KRS-ONE, Africa Bambaataa, Immortal Technique, MC Larz, MC Chris, MC Frontsalot, conscious hip hop and good songs about cannabliss!
The six things I could never do without
The puppers!! Quetzi and Daisy! (rip Scooby)
My hands, they are the most useful tools.
Plants! I have too too many inside and the lint in my pockets and backpack is usually seeds and buts of plants, I collect them too.
My bff+, Anarkey, she opened my eyes and is a member of my soul family. She will not be let go and hopefully we can find more people that become family. If you have any questions about or and our relationship, feel free to ask anything.
Quality food.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How almost everything we are told is a lie.
The lies we tell ourselves.
Language and the complete misuse of it.
Symbols, their hidden meaning and subconscious programs within them.
Bobbers, Scoobie Doo(one of my previous pups) I still miss that guy!
How stupid ALL poly-ticks are. Energy and how to create it.
Waste, food production, land design. weird things.
How to please women.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home on the internet teaching myself things or making something like wooden plugs, snuggling Daisy and Quetzi.
You won't find me at a bar or club, I am willing to go though if the company is good . I might as well put this here, I'm not into dancing, I know, I'm the only one. I might make your ass shake but it won't be in the dance floor.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I may be more excited to meet your dog, I always feel a strong connection to dogs and enjoy communicating with them.
My face smells like puppy kisses
My bff Anarkey has nicknamed me Sheldon. 8I
I do love kids and would love to have them but won't.
Ask whatever, I'm an open book. It
You should message me if
You're a freethinker who is breaking your and others programming, you want a climbing buddy (I have all the gear).
You want to smoke.
Your plan is to live off grid, maybe 30 minutes from the nearest small town on a nice plot of land in the woods.
You like the idea of communal living and living with a small group if like minded people.
You're smart enough to not wish me happy fucking thanksgiving and know that it should be one of our biggest shames not holidays. Sorry, I get a bit cynical around the holidays.
You want to hangout and make stuff, like; electronics(I'm trying to learn but some help would be awesome), arts and crafts, sewing, gardening. You don't mind being dirty and living in low conditions when necessary, like when we get property and are building our house.
I'm much more interested in finding someone who is really compatible and would like to spend time together and see where we can go. It would be nice to find a companion.
You like going on quests and trips without leaving your living room.
That being said, here is some about sex, kink, and the related. I have had relationships in the past that didn't click here and it ended up causing problems, and lets all be honest, it's an important factor.
I'm somewhat kinky but not into humiliation or any real amount of pain, the mind is my kink ;) I love giving massages and snuggling, sensuality drives me crazy! This means time, lots of time, to explore each other's desire. If you like things fast move on, if you like things slow, HELLO! It's the journey, not the destination! I am looking for someone I can spend real time with and have a genuine connection.
I really am up for almost anything so lets talk, I'm trying to expand my horizons. I'll try anything twice.
So I live with my other Anarkey. Its kinda poly kinda just friends. She is my bff and my soul family. I love her lots and our future plans are the same and together, eventually finding more souls on the same frequency and building a community, not sure exactly how to explain it but your free to ask anything you like. I'm listed as poly but its because of this relationship. One life long lover is not something I rule out with the right person but I will continue to live with the 2 people I live with now.