31 Glendale, CA
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My self-summary
Bear with me, I tend to get wordy, but a tl/dr - I enjoy life, and I think it'd be better with a partner.

Hello. The following are just some basics that might help you to get to know me better.

There is very little I take seriously. I tend to be quite silly at random times (and it's only sometimes embarrassing). I like to learn about the things that people are passionate about. I love stories; hearing them, reading them, creating them, having them, and telling them.

I like new experiences, standard activities are always something new with different people involved. I enjoy nights out at the club or bar, enjoying the energy that often fill those locales. Then there are the nights at home, cooking for others and hanging out, catching up on tv shows, watching movies. I enjoy the days out, going hiking, exploring, contemplating art, running errands and the like. And, of course, there are the days spent inside, preferably playing games, reading, writing, or maybe nothing at all.

So let's meet up, have an adventure or two and see where all of this takes us.
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a Human Resources Coordinator for a Home Health company, contemplating what's coming around the corner next (Is it you?), and having adventures with friends and family.
I’m really good at
integrating myself into most any given situation.
The first things people usually notice about me
are my solid handshake, my excellent hugs, and that I'm generally dressed well.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I like to read. Specifically, I prefer the fantasy and sci-fi genre. Particularly, I'm wrapping up the 'Wheel of Time' Series, in love with 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Series, (Nerd points if you know this series. Lots of people do, but don't know its proper name.) I will read just about anything with the right presentation.

Movies: Disney and Pixar deserve special mention, as they hold a soft spot in my heart. (90s kid.) Starwars, Indiana Jones, high adventure movies in general.

Shows: BBC's Dr. Who and Sherlock, then there's How I Met Your Mother, Elementary, Community, Futurama, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, BSG, Firefly... For the ones still running, I have a tendency to save them up and burn through a chunk of episodes at a time. Recently I've gotten into One Upon A Time. Fairly interesting.

Music: I was raised on Kost 103.5, soft rock. So most anything you find on that station are things I'll listen to. Jack Johnson, Neyo, Micheal Buble, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars are some favorites. Classical and instrumentals are always wins in my book. Songs of the moment include Kina Grannis 'Stars Falling Down,' Of Monsters and Men - 'Little Talks,' Imagine Dragons - 'It's Time,' One Republic - 'Good Life.' At the end of the day, only Country and Metal are things I'll steer away from.

Foods: Noodles and rice. What? Too Asian? I meant all the stuff that generally accompanies those things, you know, curry and meat, soup and sauce. Good stuff. Meal-wise, I favor savory foods, but I also have a tremendous sweet tooth.
The six things I could never do without
1) My friends - For keeping me somewhat sane. And being awesome.

2) My family - For being unconditional. And being even more awesome than my friends.

3) My Mind - For keeping me entertained.

4) My Health - For not failing me yet. At least not catastrophically. I promise I'll take better care of it...

5) Pen and paper - Technically two things, but one is useless without the other.

6) All the other sundry necessities of life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the difference between 'straight girls' and 'girls that like guys' on the website (EDIT: I think I've figured it out! 'Girls that like guys' lists girls that are 'Bi' as well. Case closed.), the future, the present, the past. Who decided that it would be a good idea to kill that four legged bovine, roast its flesh over a flame and consume. Freaking Genius. What's around the corner. Stories. Relationships, Eros, Philia, Agape, and all the shades in between. What song(s) best encapsulates my thoughts or feelings at a given moment. Who to hang out with next. What to write. Where to eat. When I'll get to play again. Too many thoughts to list really...
On a typical Friday night I am
Out and about with friends... Exercising, eating and/or drinking, playing games, enjoying life. Or home, with friends... Eating and/or drinking, playing games, enjoying shows. Or home... Catching up with whatever it is that I feel like doing. I'm noticing a trend here. =)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Two truths and a lie. I was a nerd and a dork in High School. I've read 50 Shades. All three books. I'll come up with the lie later.
You should message me if
Message me if you, like me, have a bucket list of activities that you'd like to do, and would like to have a partner for.

If you thought you got to know me at all through my profile.

Anything else happens after that first step. =)