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61 Las Vegas, NV Man


I’m looking for

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Last Online
Dec 11
6′ 1″ (1.85m)
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Strictly vegan
Graduated from two-year college
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my web url (on this page, ssshhh) has a Contact page
but no email nor internet for now
till I can straighten things out (very embarrassing)
now Dec 11, hope to be back online soon

Straight Hetero, 6 feet 1 inches tall, high IQ, and Rx.
Fair player, gender equality, sensitive to a womans needs.
Registered Non-Partisan Voter. Clean Legal Record.

Hobbies: Musician, Artist, Nutrition, Photography, sidereal Astrology, have my own web site google "archure" or just with my music, art, and articles on nutrition, etc. Couch Potato, yoga ok.

I like petite women and medium height, and have heard tall women complain that tall men are not interested. I have approached tall women many times thinking it might be nice = no date, so don't complain, tall women don't want me thats fine.

I have run into some hard times and have applied for benefits but it takes a while to process, meanwhile I am past due on what I owe and will be loosing internet service Nov 7th. My professors say, if your seeking love, don't wait. Don't Wait till you get the job, or finish school, or complete you diet, go ahead and go for it now, which I have been trying to do. So I am still available anyway.

I am still interested in women, but due to my medical situation I need to sit down, can't walk very far (currently but hope to improve), I have Food Stamps and am a nutrition expert, and have Medicaid been to 6 doctors, I don't have Ebola, nor STDs, but have been ill, and am very very broke, but still still like women.

Why lie? I need a girlfriend
I may be broke but I am still attracted to women, and have more time available. But due to my current fiscal constraints, my travel area is around Maryland/Tropicana (near UNLV).

AA Fine Arts Music, Saddleback College Mission Viejo 3.94
AS in CIM * lifetime CA honor society, Saddleback 3.89
Bachelor of Applied Science in AMT * ITT honor grad
(AMT robotics/electronics, same as a BS EE)
AAS EET (electronics) ITT Technical Inst honor grad
Clean Legal Record
Registered Non-Partisan Voter
Raised in California: Hollywood, Mendocino village, attended College of Marin, Saddleback College

Multicultural Friendly, raised by the Russian side of my family who had Jewish, Black, and Asian friends. The Mexican family next door often took care of me till I went to school. When my grandfather left Russia in 1917, he lived with a Black lady in San Francisco who taught him English, with my father not around, he raised me, so I am unaware of exactly what it is that I say that sounds like Black culture.

"Politics and Religion is what people argue about" -College

Registered non-partisan (no party) voter
Raised around Republicans including the Reagans
but I was sent to a Quaker school 2 years = Radical Liberal
Believe in Karma but No church for me, as all adults are guilty of "Grave/Mortal Sin" wiki, and will find out later, when they want to pick on you. (google) "UDHR 18" world law, you don't have to be a member of a church. 75% of USA = Christians, but are unaware they are seriously guilty of a host non-forgivable sins, while myself personally, I find eating of meat more offensive, not that I hate you or my mom or anyone for following society by eating meat, its just so you should know that meat is not necessary, its cruel, "you are an animal too" -College, "what you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others" -Confucius, meat is cruel to others (other animals than yourself kind), and is a threat to you and those around you. If they do that to animals, what could they do to you? has always been the threat.

Meanwhile the Church says "we are not vegetarian", they don't have the morals, education, or sensitivity to see that we are animals too and that animals suffer pain, and no mercy, how can they call themselves a Church, with morals, and they are oppressive of "human sexuality" which is a basic instinct in humans, and it is considered psychologically harmful to oppress human sexuality, certainly it must be done by the rules of etiquette (the psychological "ego" if you have taken a college class in psych, the "ego" is, you must be proper about it), the Church is opposed to birth control at a time when we overpopulate the world to such devastating proportions that it is seriously volatile and un-natural, but with overpopulation we have the benefit of "greater communications", the reason for all the advances in technology making life simpler, but socially we need more help, morally, dietary, everyone needs vitamins but they don't tell you that do they, a doctor told me "we don't advise that anymore, they give people vitamins and they die" what a bunch of BS. Most doctors only get 32 hours of study in nutrition. "only a fraction of U.S. adults currently get the recommended daily intake of all B vitamins by diet alone" (B vitamins are the vitamins of the mind); and pre-med majors do not study Anthropology where you learn that we are animals too.

And I think that medical marijuana really can help society, it helped me, it gives me reason to live, it give me motivation, instead of school being a bore, school became interesting, I began studying outside of school, however, the inside info, when I knew the Reagans as a kid, and Hollywood was filled with marijuana since Hollywood began, is that not everyone gets along with marijuana; however, that can be challenged, who studied it? They saw certain people smoke marijuana who would go out and commit crimes, or so they said, as they heard that someone got off with a lighter sentencing in court for putting the blame on marijuana and the Judge allowed that, had Mercy, and then for years all marijuana smokers had to pay the toll for some criminal who blamed marijuana. So while there needs to be more study about marijuana in relation to IQ, I would think that it would benefit low IQ as well, especially the Special (below 75 IQ) with supervision, which they need anyway. As it helps being Satisfied with life. But 75 IQ to 85 IQ, they have less brains, tend to be bullies, and the jails are filled with them, that is the bulk of the prison population, but what we have here is a failure in society, there must be a place for everyone, if these low IQ people are so desperate that they have to commit crimes to survive, combined with more technology enabling more work done by machines, equals less jobs, then we need a different economic situation, such as a guaranteed minimum, something livable, which is guaranteed by international law posted by the United Nations that the USA is legally bound to abide by (even if we didn't sign, but we did), but does not abide by, and we must correct that. United Nations UDHR "Article 25. (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control"

Wikipedia data = India: 31% of Indians (over 350 million people) are vegetarians, while another 9% consumes eggs (= 40% no flesh).

USA (wiki quote on Veg in USA)
" In 1971, 1 percent of U.S. citizens described themselves as vegetarians.[65] A 2013 Public Policy Polling survey found 13% of Americans identify as vegetarian (6%) or vegan (7%).[66] A 2012 Gallup poll found 5% of Americans identify as vegetarian and 2% as vegan.[67] A 2008 Harris Interactive poll found that 10% of adults "largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet," with 3.2% following a vegetarian diet and 0.5% identifying as vegans.[68] A 2000 Zogby Poll found that 2.5% of respondents reported not eating meat, poultry, or fish; while 4.5 percent reported not eating meat.[69]"

United Kingdom research results vary.....
(wiki quote on Veg in UK) "Public Attitudes to Food Survey 2009 reported that 3% of respondents were found to be "completely vegetarian", with an additional 5% "partly vegetarian (don't eat some types of fish or meat)".[43] Some independent market studies suggest that vegetarians constitute 7% to 11% of the UK adult population (4 million people).[44][45][46] As of 2003, the Vegetarian Society estimates that there are between three and four million vegetarians in the UK.[47] There are twice as many vegetarian women as men.[46] Despite the clear classification by the Vegetarian Society, some people in the UK identify as vegetarians while still eating fish, either for health reasons, or because of differing ethical perspectives on vegetarianism, while others use the term "flexitarian" or part-vegetarian.[42] As of 2009, people in the UK are now also being identified with the labels "meat-avoiders" and "meat-reducers" by marketeers, denoting people who do not self-identify as vegetarians, but are reducing or avoiding meat for reasons of health or climate change impacts, with one survey identifying 23% of the population as "meat-reducers", and 10% as "meat-avoiders", although the same survey indicated the "vast majority" in the UK still eat meat, with one-in-five liking to eat meat every day"

My family was not vegetarians, but I am. I date non-vegetarians just fine (I don't pester). I am a vegetarian vegan (I eat at home only) but will have a drink out on the town.


Hollywood Show Biz family, knew many big stars as a kid, got music lessons from top pros, hung out with famous rockers, learned Astrology from the Reagans.

HUMORIST (Johnny Carson used to use my jokes on TV when I was a kid). My grandfather was good pals with him. They both had astrological T-squares to Mars. He gave up drinking early in his Tonight Show Career to be respectful to America, but when his ratings seriously dropped, I suggested he go back to drinking and poured him an exaggerated stiff one, my grandfather scolded me and sent me next door (duplex with my mom) but I snuck back later and they were drinking and his ratings went back up. I saved Johnny's career. My mom had New Moon square Mars. the whole family Squares to Mars (control freaks) except me, I have only Trines to Mars (in the 12th, wallflower gentleman). And I used to know Joan Rivers too. My mom and I knew Mel Brooks, and Jerry Lewis when I was real young (toddler). I think Woody Allen is funny and think I know what happened (psychological complex) between him and Mia. But with all the high IQ's it ended up looking real bad. I don't think Woody is all that bad. I think I know what happened and its fairly common (learned in psychology class). My favorite comics are Johnathan Winters, Jerry Lewis, and Tim Conway who I met before he was a famous star, he assisted me in Seattle Washington got me back to my family (Seattle Worlds Fair, Elvis movie shoot, my grandfather worked at Paramount studios) and I told my grandfather about him, ended up getting the role in McHale's Navy, but he is a funny guy, his photo should be up at the Post Office, next to the President (not with the criminals). I think Howie Mandel is also funny (except the baby talk). Howie has Tourettes Syndrome, same with Dan Aykroyd, and me too, but its good with talent and entertainment. Tourettes Syndrome people for $500 Alex? (I know Alex, but have not seen him around for years, old pal, but I am not in Hollywood anymore, he used to go to my mom's yearly mid January party)

No herpes.
Seek woman with tubes tied
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
trying to make it nicer, with you
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
sensitive to a womans needs
The first things people usually notice about me
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I try to smile all the time (was part of my former job). Psychologists say its good to SMILE : )
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan is my favorite book
Wikipedia: "Great Ape" favorite article
Classical: Early Music (non-vocal), Ravel, Debussy, JS Bach

FOOD: low glycemic foods such as pasta and beans (longer lasting energy for endurance), a dash of canola or olive oil and salt. Z onion, cut off the root side first, then the shoot side, else you bitter the onion, remove the core from the shoot side. Cucumbers (very good for your pH), romaine or red leaf lettuce, perhaps a radish? carrot juice, rice, maybe some mushrooms (very selective, some can be dangerous, not often), avocado (essential amino acids and a healthy fat), I avoid night shade plants even though the most delicious they can contain Solanine poison: peppers, eggplant, tomatoes (I had a friend who died from tomato sauce, Solanine wikipedia), and the most delicious The Potato (also very dangerously high in glycemic index, pass out an hour later with no energy, turn you into a diabetic, and they tell diabetics "go ahead and eat potatoes" (so you will pay the doctor regularly), Soy Milk (Silk brand or Chinatown Ranch 99 "Furama" or "Mighty Soy", Tofu is bland but when mixed with cooked veggies and rice and spices goes down well and is very good for the tummy (it brings in moisture). Vitamins and Minerals including 5-HTP 100 mg (serotonin aka neurotransmitters for better clarity of the mind) , B complex 100 mg to 400 mg (cures depression etc), B12 5,000 mcg (cheery and mental/physical coordination), Vit D 1000 mg, Vit C 500 mg (1000 mg if sick but 1000 mg is borderline overdose, if you have Orange Juice then you go over the limit), 1000 mg Calcium Magnesium, Zinc for testosterone, Tahini for copper needed to make new blood cells but can be fattening, 2 Kelp tablets for Iodine (our ancestors were Aquatic, giving us larger heads, less body hair, a recessed larynx, and human babies instinctively know how to swim at birth (youtube BBC Elaine Morgan Aquatic Ape), and Orange Juice, Pineapple, (Bananas are too binding), Berries, Pears, Blueberries (has lutein, good for eyesight) and what ever happened to Apricot juice? I can't find it anywhere? Seeds and nuts. and on occasion some potato chips or corn chips (my sins). No meat and no dairy, not even ingredients listed as Lactose, no cheese (I used to love cheese but its not good for you, nor for the cow, they skin animals alive else the hide is too stiff, so I get non-leather shoes and belts). And no Honey, the bees work hard to make their honey, don't try to steal it, they can smell it thru your pours. My condo entry (shared by 8 units) had lots of bees last spring/summer, driving everyone crazy with stings, except me, they don't bother me, I am a vegan, I don't steal their honey. (neighbors were using back windows to get in and out, family members would have to stay home, 2 families moved out, admittedly there were lots of bees, I did not bring them in, and they did not bother me, I think I hope they got a bee keeper to gather them and take them to a nice location), natures police, bees. No honey.

ROCK MUSIC etc: Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Grace Slick, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, EmmyLou Harris, Elvin Bishop, Linda Ronstadt, Spirit, Free, Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, Huey Lewis, ZZ Top, Yes, Moody Blues, Santana Abraxas, Led Zeppelin, and some favorite Tunes....

Love Is Blue *
Cast Your Fate to the Wind *
Club At The End Of The Street - Elton John
The 'In' Crowd - Ramsey Lewis
The Jaynetts - Sally Go Round the Roses
Steve Winwood - Roll With It
Led Zeppelin: *Misty Mountain Hop, How many more times
Tom Petty: You Wreck Me, Don't come around here no more
Van Halen: Dance the night away, Jamie's Cryin
Talking Heads - And She Was
Jefferson Starship - * Stairway to Cleveland
* Drinking Enough (only by) Don Henley (no substitutions)
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco
(Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation
Crosby, Stills Nash - * Southern Cross
The Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness
CSN - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Cream - Crossroads
James Brown, Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
Sly and the Family Stone - Stand, Hot Fun Summertime
The Rolling Stones, Star Star, We Love You
Creedence Clearwater Revival: * Born On The Bayou
* Michael Brewer - Hearts Overflowing
Willie Nelson - Half a man, Still water runs the deepest
Beach Boys: Help me Rhonda, * Kokomo
Barry Mann - Who Put The Bomp
B Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Brian Hyland - Sealed with a Kiss
Moody Blues - OM *
Doors: Roadhouse Blues
Doors: * When the Musics Over
Grateful Dead: Truckin, Sugar Magnolia, Sugaree, Touch of Grey, US Blues, Friend of the Devil (NV national anthem), Jack Straw, The Wheel, Ripple, I know you rider
Steve Miller: * Seasons, Children of the Future
* Santana: Jingo

good taste in music and I know it, I play good music too

CLASSICAL MUSIC: JS Bach Brandenburg Concerto #5, 1st movement (note the harpsichord solo), Maurice Ravel (the father of modern music and very romantic) Ravels Pavan, Ravels La Valse (sailing), Ravels Daphnis et Chloé (paradise), and Debussy Clair de lune (romantic), Debussy Syrinx (very hip cool daddy O), Debussy Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Mozart Rondo alla Turca (so amusingly sinister), Holst the Planets Jupiter, Holst the Planets Neptune (Rx), and also Holst Venus and Mars (the 2 romantics planets), and for a modern perspective (electronic music version) Holst the Planets by Tomita

youtube EARLY MUSIC (non vocal please) David Munrow - Renaissance Dance, other fine non-vocal works by David Munrow, and Early Music on the Dorian label. Pierre Attaingnant: Basse Danse - La Gatta - La Brosse, Attaignant - Tourdion, Pierre Attaingnant La Magdalena

TV: I have not had a TV in years but can watch with you (hold hands), I am not familiar with the current big stars (as a kid in Hollywood I watched all the old movies on TV, my duty as a showbiz family kid).

I like comedy, romance, documentary, some science fiction, but am not fond of rough driving shoot em up car chases action packed suspense and dramas of misery, are not really my favorites. Dream Works tends to be better. I like Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers tends to glorify big stars (ok), and is it 20th Century Fox??? that does the "feel good" movies? where they all dance and sing at the end? in a large group and are known for sloppy cinematography and sloppy editing, you see the set background in the corner or a boom mic hanging in the screen? but at least they are fun and pleasant. Some Paramount pictures I would not go see. I didn't like G.I. Jane. I think Jackie Chan has the right traditional Hollywood attitude and same with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, having grown up on old Hollywood films Sky Captain is a favorite. Not as much into wacky fall down knock over get spilled on, except Steve Martin "Lonely Guy" table for one scene, or the note to Bernadette Peters the note gets wet and the ink blurs. I like Sandra Bullock (met her years ago) but don't like what they do to her such as opening scene her face down on the tile bathroom floor (a threat to men), or stuck in a sani can on the freeway, its always some disgrace with the poor lady, perhaps it was a Casting Couch difference with her producer? I love Woody Allen movies (terrible the smear done to his image, probably due to his genius level IQ). Borat I enjoyed that having come from ancestry near where he makes fun of. I enjoy Disney computer animated films like Cars and Ants. Superman and Spiderman are not my style (thats a gay thing, I am straight, hetero), Mel Brooks very funny guy, I used to know him and he knew my mom; and when my mom and I were watching the Dirty Dozen in Hollywood, Mel came in and sat right in front of us, didn't see us, I had not seen him in 2 years and had grown, age 13, and in the opening scene WW2 in Germany shooting attack, I said loudly "oooh oooh, mom? are they going to get the Jews?" he stood up and turned around indignant, and I laughed and said its just me Chris and Lyda. I thought it was funny at the time. I enjoy Bill Murray movies, Eddie Murphy (a riot, he is great, always a laugh), Adam Sandler I tend to go see him, he is ok, Meg Ryan (cute), "Love Actually" with a long list of Big Stars I never heard of? maybe famous in England and in England they probably never heard of them but assume they are big in the USA, was not on my list of very favorites, nor Wimbledon, I would go see Mr Bean. Jack Lemmon was one of my mothers best friends, he used to come over and smoke pot on breaks, very funny guy and a good friend, it must not have been Paramount or Desilu as they just smoked it on the sets back then. Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones and Star Trek and Planet of the Apes, I go see those, those are big production in "Warner style" but Star Trek is Paramount. American Beauty sorry I saw it. I am a Jim Carry Fan. Other comic greats of all time: Johnathan Winters, Tim Conway, and Jerry Lewis. Perhaps my favorite movie scene is Woody Allen in intellectual conversation in Hell, and in the background some victim in hell is chained to the wall receiving a blow job from some chick in the background, and you would almost not notice, another favorite movie scene is Unfaithfully Yours Dudley Moore (classical composer in a jealous rage imagining his wife cheating on him) in a pig mask with a knife (rolling in the aisles). Lord of the Rings classical English Accent Acting, ehh, it's ok, I would go see it but could live without it. But screeching cars and guns and helicopters people jumping just in time before the explosion is not my style except Jackie Chan adds humor and traditional Hollywood Star imagery which is good. I used to write movie reviews on my web site, and looking back, around 1/3 of them I can not remember anything about the film, probably not the best, but I tend to be a generous grader and give credits or anti-credits for camera angles, wardrobe, makeup, casting, script. Blind Eye stacked up the anti-credits for racism but that is what it was about (that's the twist). When I was a kid my grandfather who worked at Paramount & Desilu, or my mother who grew up in Hollywood (knew all the stars) would take me to a movie and we always watched the credits at the end because they were people my family knew, these days its a whole new crew after the Armenian takeover of Hollywood in the 1970's?? never heard of anyone anymore.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
My Rx
My Condo
Vegetarian vegan food
B vitamins and 5-HTP
My Car
and You.....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
Trying to get a job
Health & Nutrition
San Andreas Fault (it went thru my high school)

.......The study showed men thought about sex 19 times per day on average, compared to women who reported having nearly 10 sexual thoughts per day. Men thought about food 18 times a day and sleeping 11 times a day. Women thought about food 15 times a day, and sleep 8.5 times a day..... .....The bottom line? Fisher said, "There's really no good reason that our society should have believed that men are thinking so much more about sex than women.
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I am totally hetero, straight
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