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61 M Las Vegas, NV

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6′ 1″ (1.85m)
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A little extra
Strictly vegan
Gemini, and it matters a lot
Graduated from two-year college
Less than $20,000
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Mostly monogamous
Doesn’t have kids, and doesn’t want any
English (Fluently)

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My self-summary
I live near Tropicana and Maryland/Eastern (Spencer St near Reno St). My computer is down, I am using the Library computer and am now able to send and receive mail at okcupid, I don't have a job but am looking, I have a car and gasoline, and time available. Astrologically its a good time for me, as Venus is transiting my Mars (how romantic). I shaved my head in May but am growing it out again, but currently very short and fuzzy (my hair that is, my height remains tall). I will get a new photo up when I get my computer back.

"What happened to your last boyfriend? huh? or do you still have one?" Im looking for a woman with no current boyfriend, but who wants a boyfriend or at least a date. I like Art and Music, and spend lots of time creating Art and Music. at my website
unemployed looking for job
Be it job or girlfriend, I am looking for something Fair, some sort of Fair thing. So check me out in person. Meet for coffee or just meet at a hotel casino. Former hotel casino theater Photo guy for 10 years "ARCHURE" TM my stage-name. (Saddleback College 3.89 gpa).

but have car and can meet for a cheap dutch treat date

highest GPA at Mendocino High in 1971
top score on final at ITT (bachelor degree)
Saddleback College 2 degrees: lifetime Honor Society
GENIUS: I am in the 99th percentile (above 133 IQ = 99th) which is the top 1% but have tested in the top 0.0016%

*Walk thru Caesars, Statue of David, Forum Shops
*Luxor, its a sexy place (north node sidereal Scorpio)
*Stratosphere is astrologically lucky for my chart romantically
*Watch some sports event? (I am not really a sports enthusiast but anything for you)
*Listen to Hermans Hermits music? (why I liked them age 11?)
*Frankenstein monster movie?
*In depth discussion on subliminal advertising?
*What every tickles your fancy?

@ Double Coupons
@ Lets get together for a beverage and exchange pheromones.
@ 6'1" but look shorter in photos, ladies are surprised I am tall
@ 220 lbs (nutritional expert and dieting)
@ Couch Potato like to stay home and relax
@ Hear my music at my non-commercial web site
@ Hetero only, no threesomes, no I don't want to meet your friend
@ Dieting, will be more popular soon, grab me now
@ I live near Maryland / Tropicana (Reno/Spencer streets)
@ Registered Voter, Jury Duty credit, clean legal record
@ Safe driver: don't tailgate, don't go thru lights turning red
@ No Racism please
@ Astrologer sidereal (original, by the stars, not seasons)
girlfriends get free astro advice
@ Compulsive Talker (merc conj pl in natal heilo chart)
@ No Cell, No Txt, no caller ID leave a message
@ I brush my tongue (halitosis wiki)
@ I bathe with a disposable paper towel
@ smaller chest prefered but large ones appreciated
lopsided ok (most women are, common psychological complex)
@ Habitual Smile, 9 years in the casino Photo biz (by habit I smile when under adversity, only by habit by job, the public gets real rude to photographers, and I smile anyway.
@ vegetarian vegan (only eat at home). I date non-vegetarians ok (my previous long term girlfriend warned me to not talk about it and I didn't, she just got tired of me at 2 years and 2 months, she just showed up here recently at Okcupid, and had a question Would You Date Your Ex? so I answered it Yes and she had said Yes, so I wrote her, but she disappeared, I guess she meant another Ex, certainly not me).
I have around 700 facebook friends I don't even know most (so IF YOU SHOW UP, then TELL ME for cryin out loud please, else I might not recognize you, most of my new friends, beautiful ladies, get removed from facebook within a week, so I don't answer my emails often). I am guessing I probably have only 200 friends maybe?

I study Nutrition as a very good hobby to have, being very good for me. I also like the Social Sciences: anthro, psych, socio.

CHILDHOODS END: I grew up in a Hollywood showbiz family. My grandfather worked at Paramount, and my mom knew all the big stars, and I had Music lessons from Top Stars: Buck Owens, BB King, Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Tito Puente, Buddy Rich, Ed Cassidy, and Henry Mancini (and studied studied Acting, Shakespeare, and Art), and part of my childhood I was in Mendocino village, an Art town, redwood forest by the sea and on the San Andreas Fault which ran thru the high school hallway, one had to cross from the North American tectonic plate to the Pacific plate to go to the cafeteria (didn't really sink in till it happened one day, glad to still be alive). Mendocino village is south of Humboldt, north of SF. Geology dot com has a zoomable map of the San Andreas Fault


OK Cupid says 10 ladies like me. I can't afford to upgrade to see who, I just have the free options, I cant hide my searching, I cant do special searching, I don't know who likes me, if you like me just write. (2 of them now show with a STAR, I have written them but they are not writing back right now, probably due to my fiscal situation?).

WHO LIKES ME? most of my former girlfriends were non-vegetarian Sagittarians of Nordic descent who wear Glasses and drive Toyotas.

I saw the question
*Is Interracial Marriage a Bad Idea?
and made up my own question
*Is Interracial Marriage a Good Idea?
The glass is half full concept.
Also the question about
*Do you enjoy INTENSE intellectual conversation?
So I was going to ask
*Are you capable of intellectual conversation?
But tactfully made it
*Do you enjoy intellectual conversation?
but I deleted many questions I did not want to be associated with So I deleted so many questions so that I can no longer make up questions, or is that now upgraded service?,
but if you can, turn them positive, the glass if half full........

"Tell them I said something...."


POLITICS AND RELIGION (what people argue about ~college, so that is why Music and Art are my main things, I just get in my political jabs and work towards brotherhood and freedom, for animals too, you are an animal; how can you have rights unless animals have rights? your an animal too)

Morals: how can anyone who is not a vegetarian claim to have morals? (I understand, I was not raised a vegetarian, my family was not a a vegetarian, but to get technical about it, I am right).

Non Partisan Registered Voter, grew up around Republicans (the Reagans came to my birthday parties every year back when Ron was a washed up Cowboy Star (like Crusty the Clown, no one really needed him, anymore),

I am non-partisan, but I tend to lean away from the Right. I use Republican Dirty Tricks for the Good of the People and World Law "UDHR" (UDHR is a list of 30 human rights listed at the United Nations un dot org)

A 2 party political system is designed to take 2 stances and debate the issue to get the pro's and con's; its NOT a system designed to spot and crucify anyone who begs to differ in your home camp (like football or baseball);

but I can't help but laugh, opening day, Farenheit 911 at the New Orleans theater, there was a Republican heckler; and he very soon left in a total state of terror, he was running for his life, and then I breathed deep and realized I was in good company, center and back a little, and I had no idea what the movie was about except a documentary about 911, I didn't want my money back (like the heckler), I never had so much fun. Several minutes after writing this I am still in tears. I will come back and enjoy this over and over again, maybe I should move it to the top?

sidereal Astrologer (learned astrology around the Reagans as a kid in a Hollywood showbiz family)


I am not a member of any church, but am a person of morals and right (how can anyone who is not a vegetarian claim to have morals?). I believe in Karma but officially list myself as Agnostic ("unknowable") as it is more polite than Atheist ("against")

International Law posted at U.N. dot org:
UDHR Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to CHANGE his religion or belief, and freedom, EITHER ALONE or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion OR BELIEF in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Jesus was male, Jesus probably enjoyed sex.

Who is God? Your local Priest? I don't think so.

I had sex without being married.......
75% of the USA is Christian. But most of them must be unaware, that any sex, any form of sex, with or without someone, anyone, but without being married is a "Mortal Grave Sin" wiki and see the long list Gluttony, Intoxication, all of these leaves everyone as the worst sinner, so at any time, the preacher can pick out anyone and crucify him or her. Everyone is in the most serious grave violation of the Church Laws, and at any time may be declared the enemy of Christ, the enemy of God, at any time, and you know they have the personalities to do it, and do; some may shock you.

"The Hominidae also known as great apes form a taxonomic family of primates, including four extant (existing) genera: chimpanzees and bonobos (Pan), gorillas (Gorilla), humans (Homo), and orangutans (Pongo)." /wiki/Great_ape

"The closest relatives of gorillas are chimpanzees and humans, all of the Hominidae having diverged from a common ancestor about 7 million years ago" /wiki/Gorilla#Evolution_and_classification

Chimpanzees split from us around 5 million years ago, but since that time, our ancestors went Aquatic, for an extensive length of time, in an ocean inlet that once covered parts of Ethiopia and the Great Rift Valley of Africa, our ancestors lived in the water, perhaps millions of years??? which explains why we have Aquatic Mammal Characteristics: we have an extra layer of fat (ask any doctor), larger heads, less body hair, and humans instinctively know how to swim at birth, other Great Apes don't.
as per "The Aquatic Ape: Elaine Morgan BBC" (youtube just watch the intro, 1 minute)

Species Estimated number
Sumatran orangutan 6,667
Bornean orangutan 61,234
Western gorilla 200,000
Eastern gorilla 6,000
Common chimpanzee 100,000
Bonobo 10,000
Human 7,170,000,000
I DO NOT have a vasectomy. I seriously considered getting one, but they are permanently painful, and must be maintained, drained on a yearly basis (my fiscal situation is too volatile, everyones has potential, I don't think its covered by insurance, and who drains them? probably expensive, and the incompetency in medicine, and permanently painful).

I think TIED TUBES is sensational. If I had tubes, I would tie them. I would like to get a girlfriend with her tubes tied, but will settle for a date.


Transcendence is a function of the psychological Id. If a homeless person would choose intoxication over shelter (Id), then it is so. TV is a form of Transcendence, I used to watch it all the time growing up in Hollywood, but I have not owned a TV in years, but if I get to sit on the couch with you, I will watch all night if you want, or half the night

Upon the advice of two generations of top doctors (hospitals Hollywood & Glendale CA) I do drink a night cap. I had discontinued drinking for quite a while, but recently had an internal infection and currently appear to have it under control. I am so much better this year 2014 (but everytime I say something like that I start feeling pains again).

Legal NV Rx I don't smoke tobacco, but have dated smokers, and I don't do drugs, but I do smoke medical marijuana, which provides me with a better state of mind and great "Satisfaction"; it is a major thing in my life. I grew up in Hollywood, and my moms good friends (the notorious Jack Lemmon, Ed Cassidy, Herbie Mann......) were over smoking and with my sidereal moon in Pisces MC meridian, and my 1 degree orb of Saturn conjunct Neptune, my Scythian/Neanderthal ancestry (1 to 4% of Eurasians has some Neanderthal lineage in DNA HV1), and they were very into that, its in my genes, I raised in Hollywood, 3 generations of Hollywood and also in Mendocino just south of Humboldt and Eureka, and all north of S.F. and Marin where I used to live too.

smarts (1 in 100) 99th percentile = 134 IQ or greater IQ
(IQ is not a tests of knowledge, it is ones ability to reason and solve, my IQ is very "Spatial" I can see the whole picture)
But I have tested in the top 0.0016 percentile

61 units (and trade college 195 credits) all with HNRS
Bachelor of Applied Science AMT robotics/electronics ITT Technical Institute HRNS accredited US Dept of Education online
Associate of Applied Science Electronics ITT Tech HNRS
AA Fine Arts Music HNRS Saddleback College Mission Viejo CA
Associate of Science in CIM (business science div, computer op) HNRS Saddleback College Mission Viejo CA


No wonder I am lonely, I do not have either.....
HSV-1 cold sore herpes (68% USA do have it)
HSV-2 genital herpes (25% USA do have it)
I do not want to have either nor neither, so if I find the right lady for me, I would probably prefer a longer term relationship, that would be nice, if I could find a lady like that who is right for me and I for her.

Questions section: SEARCH WORD BOX or EMAIL BOX?
MY APOLOGIES I thought I was searching "Explore by category or search by word" for the word "Herpes" because I don't have them, I didn't realize I was sending a message, Im sorry, this is at least the 2nd time I caught myself doing this, sending a message saying only "herpes", and perhaps I did this a few times without realizing it. So if I sent you a message saying simply "herpes", my apologies....... and who ever programmed the page like that had a sense of humor, its often easy to confuse the SEARCH BOX with the EMAIL BOX. I am not the first

My profile PERSONALITY tab, shows such a strong sexuality. When I took the class I wanted to get more sex in my life, best to declare it attitude. I took a Human Sexuality class in college, and am very interested in sex, but I was collecting unemployment, had a job offer, right when we were getting STD's, and I was forced to withdraw and drop the class (had to accept the job offer). The college educated stance is: Sex is Good, and the USA is sexually hung up mainly due to religions oppression of human sexuality. Women need 10 to 20 minutes foreplay not up to 4 which is common. The restraints of the church are beyond human capability, finding everyone guilty of sin, I am a man of morals, I am a vegetarian vegan; so my sex life has not really been active as the PERSONALITY Tab might imply; it simply means interest in

It is better to have loved, than to not have loved at all
What I’m doing with my life
record music and post it at my website and work on Human Rights and Animal Rights at
I’m really good at
loving you
following what my professors profess
and I am good at Musical Improvisation (creativity)
also a natural talent for Art
The first things people usually notice about me
I try to smile all the time (was part of my former job). Psychologists say its good to SMILE : )
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan is my favorite book
Wikipedia: "Great Ape" fav article
Being a vegetarian vegan I cook at home for many years, into nutrition and health (low glycemic, high fiber, complete proteins, pH, and tasty food (cut the root side of the onion first, then the shoot side else you bitter the taste of the bulb), add a splash wine after cooking, add a healthy measured oil such as canola or olive after cooking. People love oil (fat) and salt, just add healthy food.

I no longer have a TV (worked night for many years) but I tend to like comedy, romance, sci-fi, but am not wild about many action guns and screeching cars and people in the movie who use a legitimate excuse for screaming and doing things one would not normally do, you would not normally grab a fire extinguisher and smash two guys on the head at the same time with it would you?

MUSIC my music I like and I enjoy Rock, Reggae, R&B, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, and very much Early Music (pre renaissance but non-vocal please). "Early Music" at youtube, non-vocal, and I like International Music, and Classical Music: Debussy, Ravel, Pierre Antigganant, JS Bach

ART: Renoir (he loved women like I do, he painted women like I would if I were that good at portraits, I am more abstract design and color and perspective), Miro, Klee
The six things I could never do without
My Rx
My Condo
Vegetarian vegan food with vitamins
My Job
My Car
and You.....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Romance and Love, Music, Art, Humor, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, I spend allot of time at Wikipedia and I share it at Facebook (major time consumer/ trying to save the world), and working on my website

////////// WHY I AM A VEGETARIAN VEGAN /////////////
(I do date non-vegetarians ok and rarely talk about it)
info source google: "Realities 1989 Robbins" // 1989 DATA has a copy, easy and quick to read, first section....

Human population of United States: 243,000,000 (1989 data)

Number of human beings who could be fed by the grain and soybeans eaten by U.S. livestock: 1,300,000,000

Sacred food of Native Americans: Corn

Percentage of corn grown in United States eaten by human beings: 20

Percentage of corn grown in United States eaten by livestock: 80

Percentage of oats grown in United States eaten by livestock: 95

Percentage of protein wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 90

Percentage of carbohydrate wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 99

Percentage of dietary fibre wasted by cycling grain through livestock: 100

How frequently a child dies of starvation: Every 2 seconds

Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on 1 acre of land: 20,000

Pounds of beef that can be produced on 1 acre of land: 165

Percentage of U.S. agricultural land used to produce beef: 56

Pounds of grain and soybeans needed to produce 1 pound of feedlot beef: 16

Pounds of protein fed to chickens to produce 1 pound of protein as chicken flesh: 5 pounds

Pounds of protein fed to hogs to produce 1 pound of protein as hog flesh: 7.5 pounds

Number of children who starve to death every day: 40,000

Number of pure vegetarians who can be fed on the amount of land needed to feed 1 person consuming meat-based diet: 20

Number of people who will starve to death this year: 60,000,000

Number of people who could be adequately fed by the grain saved if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 60,000,000


Number of U.S. medical schools: 125

Number of U.S. medical schools with required course in nutrition: 30

Training in nutrition received during 4 years of medical school by average U.S. physician: 2.5 hours

How frequently a heart attack strikes in the U.S.: Every 25 seconds

How frequently heart attack kills in U.S.: Every 45 seconds

Most common cause of death in U.S.: Heart attack

Risk of death from heart attack by average American man: 50%

Risk of death from heart attack by average American vegetarian man: 15%

Risk of death from heart attack by average American pure vegetarian man: 4%

etc etc etc

//////////////////////// 1989 DATA //////////////////////
Proportionally applicable to today's populations
On a typical Friday night I am
currently available
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 48–70
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
You want a big strong handsome intelligent man

You enjoy art, music, and nature

You don't mind a compulsive talker, and you enjoy intelligent conversation.

Its OK with you that I have a medical marijuana Rx and you don't mind me in that state (state of Satisfaction but I still need Love).

Its OK with you that I am a vegetarian vegan that eats at home only

You still have some life in you, you still feel young at heart