24 Berkeley, CA
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My self-summary
I like anyone who compels me to understand how their mind works.

I feel vaguely fictional.

INxP, moving toward xNFP.

Astrology's relation to reality is confusing at best but "Scorpio" does happen to describe me weirdly well, so, there's that.

"When I'm fucked up, that's the real me."
What I’m doing with my life
Navigating between the Scylla of overusing metaphors and the Kraken of mixing them up.

More prosaically, working with two people on building a brain-computer interface using fNIR sensing. I'm like the CEO-ish does-all-the-business-stuff person. I'm hoping we can use it to project visual mental imagery directly onto a screen for a mere few hundred dollars in parts (compare to an fMRI machine which is one-half to two million dollars). There are many other potential applications as well, but I'm most excited about its use as a tool for artists.

If we get the technology working I sorta want to bring it to Samsung because I think they have good engineering, manufacturing, & branding, and I'm fascinated with South Korean institutional culture. For now that's definitely getting ahead of myself, we're still in the engineering-a-demo phase.

(Following is outdated. Was doing this before but then some other company did a similar thing and got a buncha money from Microsoft; I hope it's good & they release it to the public sometime soon. If not I'll go back to working on it.):

I design and program a general purpose skill-learning web app. The AI makes it relatively effortless for people to learn new stuff, like Japanese, calculus, poker strategy, et cetera. It's pretty neat, not yet public though, still polishing.
I’m really good at
I'm pretty good at chess, guitar, reading facial expressions, reciting the alphabet backwards, and bragging. I'm really good at getting good at things, going meta, and going meta to get good at things, including things like going meta.

I'm pretty bad at finding lost objects, coming up with examples, and remembering what I've done recently. I think they might secretly all be the same thing on some level.
The first things people usually notice about me
Blue eyes, probably. Or stunning good looks. Aura of extreme competence and wisdom; a mysterious but palpable omen of greatness. I could probably take down a dragon if I felt like it.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Words: Dostoyevsky, Joyce, Eliot, Hofstadter, Chesterton, Carlyle, Nietzsche, Tolkien, Hesse, McCarthy, Heller, Eco, Pullman, Adams, Stephenson, HPMOR, too many philosophers to list, [...]

Audio: The xx, Elysian Fields, Tame Impala, Sleepy Sun, Velvet Underground, Flight Facilities, Galimatias, Cults, Regina Spektor, Nobuo Uematsu, Bach, Chopin, Joanna Newsom, Jakwob, Jai Paul, Tycho, Purity Ring, The White Stripes, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Bassex, Mexicans With Guns, Jamie Woon, Nick Drake, Erik Mongrain, Vampire Weekend, Imogen Heap, Radiohead, The Shins, TNGHT, Doctor P, Atmosphere, Bert Jansch, MGMT, Boards of Canada, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Jamie xx, [...] "I drowned a hipster in a tributary. It wasn't mainstream." I'll get back to this.

Video: Too many great things to list. I feel like listing only some of them would be a disservice to the ones I don't list. Confusing. I'll get back to this.

Food: Middle Eastern, Russian, Texan, Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean.
The six things I could never do without
一 Dreams.
ニ Ambiguity.
三 Things to ponder.
四 Relationships.
五 The arts.
六 Learning.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately, thinking up alternatives to modern high-initial-capital-rewarding markets as a means of distribution, especially ways to make housing more of a public good by disincentivizing monopolistic rent-seeking. The tricky part is disincentivizing regulatory bodies from being equally corrupt in their stead.

Also Hegel, Heidegger, and Western philosophy of history generally.

Before that I was pretty fascinated by paleolithic anthropology. I am amazed that egalitarian bands of about twenty humans each using stone tools were apex predators in a land filled to the brim with enormous cave bears, cave hyenas, saber cats, and packs of dire wolves. I still have no clue how humans managed that.

Before that, I was chiefly interested in metaphysics, especially theology, e.g. Leibniz and St. Thomas Aquinas, but also computationalist semi-epistemological stuff like algorithmic information theory, which is surprisingly related to Leibnizian metaphysics and could be considered a formalization of some of it.

Historically, moral philosophy and especially decision theory have been my focus, especially formal models that could theoretically be approximated & automated via "strong" artificial intelligence, especially via a "hard takeoff" AI "singularity". Those currents have taken me strange places. For a few years I was a Visiting Fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which was fascinating.

I wish I knew enough math to think about computational cognitive science but I basically don't know math. The whole "proof" conceit is somehow alien to my thinking.

Speaking of which I like thinking about aliens. And gods. And magick.

And culture, and etymology.

And thinking. And thinking about thinking. And what to think about, & thinking about what to think about.

I'm basically a thinking addict.
On a typical Friday night I am
Drinking and talking, ideally with some fencing or guitaring thrown in. And rock paper scissors.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was a lad I was brought along on sundry cocaine muling excursions. I was only sort of aware of what was going on; the envelopes full of hundred dollar bills were pretty suspicious. I met some strange people, including a few eccentric millionaires, a guy that risked his life running across busy highways for the hell of it, and the smuggler that inspired the film "Traffic", allegedly. Strange times.
You should message me if
you liked my Scylla/Kraken quip. I'm quite proud of that one.

Or if you're a smart, attractive, funny, talented, good-in-bed, charismatic, wise, all-around wonderful, perspective-broadening person that brightens the lives of everyone they meet. Or if you're literally a supernatural/celestial being of great power.

Or if you want to talk at all, 'cuz I am mostly too lazy to start conversations on here.