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My self-summary
The first things people usually notice about me
I am an aspiring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, so if people are noticing me or something about me, I am doing something wrong. I should be one with the friggin’ night! Cowabunga!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So I find it hard to name specific books or movies, I tend to think about it way to much, so let me just say, as far as books are concerned, I go more by authors.

I love minimalistic writing and transgressive fiction. They mostly are filed under “satire”. And mostly the books are rather mainstream, nothing too exciting: Palahniuk, Easton Ellis, Janowitz, McInerney, Hempel. Auster, Ayn Rand and Hornby are on my bookshelf too. And lately I read a lot of biographies and non-fiction stuff like Hitchens, Kurzweil, Dawkins, Rushdie.

Movies are the same deal, I tend to watch movies from the same directors: Nolan, Malick, Fincher, Woody Allen, Boyle, Mann, Gus Van Sant... Here are some DVDs/Blu-Rays that I watch at least once a year: Lost in Translation, Ali , Auberge Espagnole, Les Poupées Russes, Point Break, American Beauty, Rules of Attraction, Remember the Titans, Peter Pan, the Last Samurai.

This is getting way too big and I lost half of the people already due to sheer boredom. I want to thank the peops who bore with me until now... all two of them!

I have no cable, but I do watch TV series on DVD: currently I have a weird fascination with Suits. And I am completely head over heels for Community. Not to forget the brilliant Madmen and VEEP.

I do listen to every genre of music except gangster rap. I do have an extensive collection of movie scores and some CDs of singer/songwriter, such as Imogen Heap and Damien Rice.

Food: Since last November I stopped eating food containing gluten, dairy products, sugar, coffein (chronic tummy ache, don't ask, eurgh) and I am becoming really good at preparing all sorts of Sushi, steaming vegetables properly and tracking down rare herbs, nuts and oils.
The six things I could never do without
Deep sleep! I have a new found respect for good, deep sleep. Lately I found a way to sleep properly and I never want to go back. Heaven!

Podcasts. I started to listen to bunch a few years back.... I can’t be without them anymore. In the same breath I want to mention that I can’t do without my new earplugs anymore. It is the first time that I bought some expensive ones. They are like marshmallows for the ears! And unbreakable. Heaven!

12.00 PM and 14.00 PM movie screenings. Oh I don’t want to imagine a life without those empty cinema sessions in the noon. What a perfect way to hide a bit from the world and own twenty rows of seats. Heaven!

A dry pair of socks! I love the rain, I love the sound it makes when it hits my bedroom window, the car roof, the pavement, my umbrella or hoody. I love those little storms by night, when the falling raindrops and the wind rushing through the canopy are composing a little song for me. I don’t mind if the symphony ends in getting my hair wet, my face or jacket moist. But if my feet get wet, I get grumpy.

Ground black pepper and a freshly squeezed lemon. It transforms every meal into a little masterpiece!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the NARCOTIZATION EFFECT. I first read about the effect in a book of Chuck Palahniuk: Stranger Than Fiction. (Under Portraits/Dear Mr. Levin)

Now, for Mr. Palahniuk story telling is a never ending cycle of fact and fiction, and even the subtitle (=True stories) suggests that these little essays (and thus the following little fragment of a story) might be true. And for some reason, I am convinced that this study exists, although I could not find it on the interwebs.

But well, read it in the simplistic words of the nihilistic genius himself:

In college, we had to read about people shown pictures of gum disease. These were photographs of rotten gums and crooked, stained teeth, and the idea was to see how these images would affect the way people cared for their own teeth.

One group was shown mouths only a little rotten. The second group was shown moderately rotten gums. The third group was shown horrible blackened mouths, the gums peeled down, soft and bleeding, the teeth turned brown or missing.

The first study group, they took care of their teeth the same as they always had. The second group, they brushed and flossed a little more. The third group, they just gave up. They stopped brushing and flossing and just waited for their teeth to turn black.

This effect the study called "narcotization."

When the problem looks too big, when we're shown too much reality, we tend to shut down. We become resigned. We fail to take any action because disaster seems so inevitable. We're trapped. This is narcotization.

I think I suffer from a similar effect, but slightly modified: I shut down when faced with sheer beauty, utter perfection. Why bother traveling if you are not capable of seeing every single place worth visiting, why write if you will always look like an amateur compared to the true masters? Why even start reading a book when you never will be able to read all the books you want to experience? Is watching a mind-blowing movie a second time a missed opportunity to enjoy another movie instead? Why wasting time with people you clearly won't see ever again in your life...

Usually I manage to shut my brain up, and move forward despite being a bit overwhelmed by the little details.

But I do spend a lot of time thinking about the true worth of the little things I avoided and the little things I embraced...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I beatbox in the shower... and I think I am awesome at spitting 'em beats!