38 Reading, PA
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My self-summary
I'm just browsing profiles because I'm not going reach out to anyone with a message because they always go unanswered no matter what I write, so why waste my time chasing after people. I know this should be my self-summary but, I don't think any women really care if I'm a nice, sweet & caring gentleman. I get tired of being all sweet & nice when women don't take it to heart & they overlook me anyways. Quite frankly I have almost completely given up on finding "love", I feel like I'm one those guys that gets looked as a mark for scammers only & all the real women could care less about me because I'm not some rich hunk or a-hole that they will always fall for. I would like to find a woman that will be addicted to me & vice versa or at the very least, a woman that will feel bad for my bad luck plight & would like to change that instead of messaging me to criticize my that will make me want to be more positive how? I want some woman to say "you're a handsome guy, you a deserve a chance!" instead of "you need to be more positive"... Hello! My love confidence is down! Ladies help me get that back up!

I am actively wanting a relationship that does involve sex but that's not all I want, I want companionship too, I want a woman that takes care of herself, is playful, flirty, likes being sexy for her man & only her man. I prefer a woman that doesn't smoke or drink & doesn't do any drugs either, I don't do any of that stuff so why would I want to bring those elements into my life? Also I would prefer a woman that doesn't have any kids unless we've already known each other for at least a year. The ONLY exception to that is if you have kids that are old enough & understanding enough that I'm not a right away new dad for them. I don't want to be involved with someone romantically that has baby daddy/ ex-boyfriend or ex-husband problems that involve custody issues, I can do without that. Even if things are "cool" between you & your ex, that doesn't make it any less awkward for me & I rather be with someone I can possibly start a family with than someone that has that through someone else already.....

I'm keeping an open mind as far as distance & location of all woman I view on here. I don't totally want a long distance relationship however I feel like if there's someone meant for me out there, she could be anywhere & I have to at least take it into consideration. I also am looking to video chat with potential mates at some point since the online dating world is filled with fake profiles & I don't want to be catfished again. That doesn't mean I automatically want cyber sex, it means I need to see that you are who you say you are & want to get comfortable with you before meeting you in person.
What I’m doing with my life
Figuring it out.... I recently started a new job working at a distribution center for a telecommunications company doing order picking, packing & shipping. It's a new beginning for me & a change of pace from my jobs of the past. Also it's been a year & a half since my last job laid me off on account of them going out of business & closing down. My next step is to build this new beginning into a career & get my own place hopefully early next year....
I’m really good at
I'm really good at having chemistry with women I can never have because they have boyfriends, they have kids with a boyfriend, they're engaged or already married... that has ALWAYS been my luck.....
The first things people usually notice about me
Well in the world of online dating, women seem to notice me as some gullible mark to try & scam me, they try to use my sweetness & niceness to their advantage. In the real life world, most women in the Reading area around me don't seem to notice me because most of them are spoken for in some way, shape or form, or they fall for guys that don't treat them right & that's all they're attracted to because they don't know any better.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This part is what you message to others on here to get to know someone, therefore filling this out is stupid....
The six things I could never do without
I can never do without my MP3 player, my job, my car, having my own dog, my family & a beating heart
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
At home relaxing....?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm cursed, I haven't had an actual girlfriend EVER! I have had a few dates here & there but nothing beyond that, those women wind up either going into the military, getting busted for shoplifting or meeting someone else & getting married to them a few months after going out with me...
You should message me if
Since the ONLY way my profile gets viewed at all on here is if I view someone else's first, that means no one is attracted to my profile on their own & since I'm just browsing on here, I have ZERO expectations that anyone will message me other than to criticize me or (in their minds) help me write a better profile like I want help from someone I don't know & doesn't know anything about me...

If by some miracle there is someone willingly wanting to message me on here because they're interested in me, as friends or whatever, at least be genuine about it! I'm tired of having back & forths with women that only last a week & then nothing! Those messages will get deleted! I can understand people are busy & I'm nowhere near the front of any woman's line on here either but at least have the courtesy to respond & let me know you've moved on past me already!