44 Deltona, FL
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My self-summary
I am the typical geek guy seeking a geek girl. I love sci-fi, fantasy, technology, and anime. I've even collected comics in the day. I play a variety of table top board games and RPGs. I love to read and have a whole room dedicated just to my library, which I call my wonderful Librarium. I'm an Xbox 360 guy and love to spend time with my more distant friends playing games online.

It's hard to describe myself further as it's not always possible to be objective of one's self I've found. I'm not sure what else to say; I own my own house, have a car, love my family, as well as loving to cook. I'm financially responsible, love to explore as much as I love to stay at home. My friends say I'm hysterical and usually the cause of the room laughing it's ass off.

I'm going to be blunt here; I am looking for girl that can keep up with me and is similar to me in likes. I want to meet that nerd goddess who has her own dice and plays RPGs, computer and board games, etc, and I am most definitely not going to settle for anything less. No union will be perfect, but that's something I'm going to hold onto and the rest can be worked out over time if we are right for one another.

Physical beauty fades with the passage of time, but personality and intelligence are timeless!

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What I’m doing with my life
Questions like this often make me take pause as I try to consider exactly what I am doing with my life. I guess the simplest answer is the best. I work full time in healthcare IT. I'm researching and writing several books, including an RPG, and several sci-fi stories. I like to experiment with new foods and recipes when I have company. I'm constantly reading and increasing my knowledge across a variety of subjects not limited to just my job as I like to think of myself as knowledgable in many subjects.
I’m really good at
Working with computers and technology. If there was anything I'm a wizard at it's working with technology. I'm also a writer and tend to fill my nights at the keyboard translating what's in my head to a format others can appreciate..
The first things people usually notice about me
The wives of my friends tell me it's my ageless eyes and my childlike laughter, but if you want to know for yourself...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have been an avid reader since before the first grade. I vividly remember reading all the Nancy Drew mystery novels, the Tombson Twins, as well as the Three Investigators; all mystery novels, all by the time I was in second grade. I've been a member of the Science Fiction Book Club now for over 15 years, no small feat, so my collection is easily several hundred books, primarily sci-fi and fantasy, though there is a bit of history, some science, and most definately art books from famous sci-fi/fantasy artists.

As for music, I prefer new age and interestingly enough 80s and metal bands, preferably finnish and goth, in the flavor of Savatage, Epica, Kamelot, Leave's Eyes, Nightwish, and Sonata Artica.

I love movies, specifically fantasy and sci-fi, with the occasional mix of thrillers and mysteries. I have over 1500 DVDs in my movie collection and that doesn't count the netflix movies I rent. My inner child especially loves the Harry Potter films, while my older hardened adventurous self gleams the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I don't mind horror movies, but don't really like to watch them alone as there is no one to share the excitement with, or for that matter to hold me when I'm scared silly. Comedies are also a favorate of mine as I love to laugh and I'm told that my laughter is contageous!

I'm definately a sci-fi geek! I love StarTrek more then StarWars (though I'm still a StarWars geek!) and absolutely love the Stargate series, both the movie and the TV series, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. I loved Serenity, Farscape, and Babylon 5 while they were on and wish the the first two would have had a chance to run their courses like Babylon did.

I also love anime and manga, I find that the japanese are able to tell stories through their animation and manga styles that rival anything Hollywood is able to put out and take great enjoyment in watching them.

As for favorite foods, well it's not too hard to guess that asian cooking, primarily Japanese, is my favorate. Nothing beats the sushi bar with friends, though occasionally I do enjoy some home cooked Mediteranian food.
The six things I could never do without
1) My family
2) My friends
3) My books and movies
4) My Computer
5) Sci-Fi
6) The Internet!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I used to ponder on life in general, but realized it really doesn't mean anything anymore; I'm more focused now on new technologies and making new friends as I just take life one day at a time.
On a typical Friday night I am
I joined a great group of people that host game events all week long and it's been a blast getting out and meeting new people! Lately on Friday nights I'm happily gaming with my friends and have made some wonderful new friendships in the process!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Total Nerd! :p
You should message me if
If you are a nerd goddess who understands that you don't touch another players dice and love role playing games, board games, video games, etc. Someone who understands what cosplay is and has an urge to attend conventions.

Bonus points if you know what GenCon is!