32 Mesa, AZ
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My self-summary
.........................Come along quietly. It's only slaughter. .........................

I am the catch -- what-wise.

Let me be a dragon with a tail for a penis that hooks into my mate's belly button and impregnates him with the seed of my love that deletes his fear of glue forever. Let me be the epiphany that imbues his skin with liquid-filled light for the thinker to feel. Open me until music screams out of my ventricles like a baby being cut from its life-bringer. Kill me with the rare brilliance found in mental patien[ce] and fire-lit scrolls. Make the sinking grow into branches that lead the children in us to truths we only remember in sleep.


This profile's theme song:

Ready? Go.


Great Expectations:

一. I expect you to know what death feels like. You have been beaten, branded, broken, abandoned, lobotomized, militarized, and betrayed by the love of your life.

B. I expect you to be dark as a result of your battles. You have a thirst for blood, a desire to violate, torture, twist, rape. You fantasize about bones breaking to know the sound taboo makes.

III. I expect you to know better. You are a source of light all the more due to your shadow. You are a child-like warrior: open-hearted with staff in hand. You choose life despite the ease of the alternative, and you kill the parasite within you daily. Fear has found its match in you.


Come on, Cupid: I'm not asking for much.
What I’m doing with my life
In reality, I'm probably regressing. After December, I plan to be crawling and expect to be bottle-fed. Bring on the fetish freaks. *lifts her wrists for the haul* But who's here for reality's sake anyway?

This year I started working with a lot of soon-to-be-dead people. I realize now more than ever how often people die.

Once. *serious face*
I’m really good at
...forgetting the parts of our interactions that you find most important. It's a superpower really. I compile all of my experiences with a person into one Rolodex file. It's like choosing only the pretzels from the party mix and then the host asking you why you didn't eat the rest of the party mix and then you saying, "There was a party?" *blinky face*

...telekinesis, a.k.a. taking things too far. I made a 6'7", 340-pound black man shove me and the horse I rode in on without saying a word. "Ask her how, folks, after this commercial break."

*huffs on her fingernails and rubs them on her shirt*
Yeah, I wear shirts -- and I'm really good at it.

Update: I stopped being good at wearing shirts.


How about "...not so good at"?

...being female. I kind of suck at it. (Har di har) I should be using my vagina to tease and catch a mate in my dewy web. Instead, I proceed with the itemized list below.
The first things people usually notice about me
The light springing forth from my fingertips? *blows out her index finger, twirls it around, and stuffs it into her pocket*

But more likely...

A. You'll send me a text message, and I'll type, "Phones are for calling." You'll send me another text message, and I'll ... nothing. *Debbie Downer trombone*

Alternate beginning: You'll tell me that I have a nice voice, and I'll see your small talk and raise you conversation that makes you question your decision-making cortex.

Deux. You'll submit and meet me at a video arcade bar. You'll try not to stare at my diastema, and I'll try not to cry that Street Fighter is all coming back to you now. We'll exit; I'll hug you like my life depends on its being the best physical contact you've ever experienced, and you'll leave thinking that you missed something -- or gained something; you're not quite sure.

47% life. You'll convince me that a breakup is inevitable for the betterment of our individual futures. You'll say that you can't understand how someone so caring and sincere can be so immature and self-absorbed. I'll cling to you like that first day, and you'll believe that you've been a good influence on me.

But I guess that's the last thing you'll notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Masticated bird seed -- it's like slasher flicks: gross but arousing.

This girl gives me a back-of-the-head boner:

I brought A Serbian Film over to one guy's place. After I left, he jilted me on account o' that I was too innocent for him. "But, but -- say what in the...?" Compared to that movie, anything seems innocent.

Balam Acab is my dreamscape. Purity Ring is my speech. And I want to make love to Esther Perel (Don't search for her; you'll only find heartache).
The six things I could never do without
Whatever I type here, I lose, so let's quit the charade, OkCupid.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I wish that there were a webspace where my former companions/lovers could go in order to bad-mouth me. That way I wouldn't have to do it on their behaves. Then I could use that energy reserve to make love to myself. I shall call the webspace "The Full Disclosure" -- after Greg's penis.

...why the last guy won't come pick up his grandpa's ashes. I swear I was kidding about the necrophilia thing. *shakes some ashes out of her pants and wipes her dusty lips*

On a more serious note
...Alice's Restaurant.
On a typical Friday night I am
...sprinkling faerie dust on my PJs and leaving the window open.

By Saturday morning, I've got no PJs left. Maybe I'm missing the point.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh, the ol' "Why are you single" question in sheep's clothing. I'm on to you, OKC. *does the fingers-to-eyes-then-fingers-to-screen gesture -- twice*

Survey says ... I probably come across as co-dependent as a means of being faithful. My id's continual push for sex and my super-ego's desire for monogamy defeat my soul's patient search for a healthy connection to surpass all connections.

It's sad really. I think it's time for a joke:

*widens her arms and does a Superstar drop to the knee* Ta-da!
You should message me if
I think that we both know that you shouldn't.

But you're a rebellious guy, so we'll manage.


P.S.: I'm also in the market for a psychotherapist with expertise in the fields of sexual compulsion and autism.

O.K., Cupid, what have you in store for my love life? A lover and a fighter in one? That's two, two times the value.

*packs up her show -- to the tune of "Little Boxes"*


-------------------------------------*dial-up bleeps*-------------------------------------

-------------------------------Secure Connection Failed-------------------------------

---------------Read user guide for penis-insertion instructions.---------------


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