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37 F Media, PA

My Details

Last Online
Apr 10
5′ 5″ (1.65m)
Body Type
Strictly kosher
Atheism, and very serious about it
Cancer, but it doesn’t matter
Working on masters program
Science / Engineering
Relationship Status
Seeing Someone
Relationship Type
Doesn’t want kids
Likes dogs and has cats
English (Fluently), Spanish (Okay), Italian (Poorly), French (Poorly)

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My self-summary
My webpage:

my livejournal: - friending me on LJ is probably the best way to get to know me, though I've been pretty active on facebook: lately.

Version: 3.1
GAT d- s-:+ a- C++++$ UBL++++$ P+>+++ L++$>++++ E---- W++$ N++ o K w O M-- V-- PS++ PE- Y++ PGP++ t+ !5 X+ R(+) tv b++++>$ DI++ !D G+ e* h-(++) r+++ x+++**
create your own geek code - decode geek code

I am a female (ciswoman) bisexual, pomosexual, sapiosexual. I'm a 3 on the kinsey scale. I'm out as bisexual to everyone. I use the title "Ms." and the pronouns "she, hers, her"

I've worked in IT for many years before i became disabled by a neurological condition. When I started school, it was as a chemistry major - then I was seduced away from the physical sciences by computer science. Lately, I've returned to spending more time with my first love, pure science, and would consider myself a social sciencetist / anthropologist at this point. My concentration is myths/fables so I'm really a mythologist

I'm in a committed and monogamous relationship, thou I'm polyamorous at heart. We've lived together for 15 years now, are domestic partners, and plan to be together for the rest of our lives. We recently adopted a couple of great cats with slightly funny names :D

I have lots of amazing friends, including a woman I've been best friends with for 17 years, who are a great support system. I'm very happy and I know I'm very, very lucky!

I'm very far left of center, but not a vegetarian (i'm practically a carnivore). I keep kosher, though I'm not Jewish, but because it's the most cruelty-free way of eating meat I've found - for one thing, bigs are way too intelligent to eat. Nor am I spiritual - I am an atheist/secular humanist and believe in nothing supernatural. I care for the environment which is why I support nuclear and solar energy. I tend to be somewhat obsessed with rabbits and their welfare.

I'm available on any IM system you care to use:
ICQ - 73330878, AIM - Baerana, yahoo IM - baerana_s, MSN IM -, jabber -, skype - baerana and can be found on twitter under Baerana

various labels: geek, bi, atheist, feminist, liberal, childfree, humanist

I am organized, generous, and quirky
What I’m doing with my life
Since I became disabled, I'm working on starting up an IT consulting firm - I'm a consultant with a wide range of interests, so I love the freedom to pick my own projects. I'm a professional organizer/efficiency expert, I write/customize resumes & cover letters, write web apps, help clients find and install pre-existing tools to meet their needs, and more - basically, you have a problem, I help you solve it. The disability makes doing this hard, but hopefully worth it in the end.

I'm working on a project that I'm calling "Closed Captioning the World" which, if it ever works, will basically be a visor connected to the smallest computer possible, hopefully even something like a smart phone, that converts speech-to-text for the hearing impaired/hard of hearing. there is already speech-to-text software (Dragon Speak is an example) but it's not Open Source and wouldn't really work for this. This wouldn't necessarily be for the deaf community, because this wouldn't provide a way to reply for those who cannot speak, unless it comes with text-to-speech software, which is also possible, but would be good for those with hearing loss and that sort of thing. When/if I complete it, it will be F/OSS, you'd just need to buy the equipment. I'm loving this so much because it's so close to what I started college thinking I'd be doing - next generation prosthetics. I did a lot of volunteer work with folks with mental and physical disabilities in high school and I just felt like there was no reason they should have any more difficulty opening jars or getting around or being understood than so-called "normal" people. Before I got seduced by pure computer science, I was working on an program to design electronic, almost cybernetic-type prosthetics (like the i-limb)

I've used linux since 1994(ish) - Slackware 2.1, IIRC. I've since tried most every flavor since then (even Corel Linux, which no one used and was kinda sucky, but came with a cute penguin!) I've really wanted to give more back to the Linux/FOSS community lately, so I've become more active, released more, and joined more communities.

I'm contribute to several linux or f/oss projects, including The Ubuntu Team Wiki, Ubuntu Women, the Pennsylvania Ubuntu LoCo Team, and (though, of course, Ubuntu is the OS that has my heart). I also write some of my own projects, and I write articles for geek-friendly websites, including those for newbies, and those for more experienced users.

check out my projects page for more details:

I'm also very committed to animal welfare, and I volunteer at a rabbit shelter, and do phone interviews of prospective adopters for a couple of other shetlers.

I've been doing continuing education in the social sciences - I haven't narrowed down one in particular I want to pursue, at this point, it's "Bae's unified theory of human behavior" as I study psychology, anthropology, and sociology.
I’m really good at
organizing/cleaning, listening, reading, taking care of people/bunnies/children

I love organizing and finding new ways to be more efficient. I've narrowed "what I want to do when I grow up" down to being a professional organizer or an efficiency expert. I think my love for archology's stems from my love of efficiency. I really, REALLY want to live in an archology at some point in my life.
The first things people usually notice about me
overweight (fat, not chubby), long hair (often aqua (technically "fish bowl") or another unnatural color), very caring, great listener
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Interests: Politics, Law, Philosophy, Mythology, Psychology, social psychology, Urban Legends, Anime, Entymology, memetics, the psychology of fairy tales,anthropology, sociology

activities: Reading, lego, jewelry making, toy collecting, gaming, brain teasers/logic puzzles, origami

color: hunter/forest green

games: The Sims, Trivial Pursuit, You don't Know Jack, D&D, Urbz, Rock Band, The Professor Layton series

books: Harry Potter, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Mist of Avalon, The Time Traveler's Wife, A Prayer for Owen Meaney, A Son of the Circus, A Widow for one Year, Life of Pi, About A Boy

music: Blues Traveler, Aerosmith, REM, Michelle Branch, Counting Crows, Smashing Pumpkins' The Killers, ZZ Top, opera, 3 doors down, Bob Dylan, fall out boys, greenday, classic rock

tv shows: Heroes, Simpsons, Futurama, Sports Night, NewsRadio, Red Dwarf, Coupling (UK version), The West Wing, Scrubs, mythbusters, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Bones

movies: Princess Bride, Dogma, Harvey, Love Actually, Almost Famous, Office Space, The Usual Suspects, Donnie Darko, Rear Window, Nightmare Before Christmas or anything else Tim Burton has done, Wallace and Gromit, wristcutters,

soundtrack: O, Brother, Where Art Thou?, the Nightmare Before Christmas or anything else by Danny Elfman, scrubs soundtrack

cuisines: Mexican, American, Indian

authors: Mark Twain, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Nancy Kress, Tom Robbins, Fay Wheldon, John Irving, Gregory Maguire, Fredrik Pohl, Dan Simmons, Orson Scott Card, Sheri S. Tepper, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Daniel Handler, Yann Martel

book genre: SF, but I'll read anything

My LJ interests: aclu, activism, animal psychology, animal welfare, anime, anti-astrology, anti-diamonds, anti-pseudoscience, arcology, artificial intelligence, atheism, baerana, bdsm, bisexuality, biunity, bunnies, care bears, childfree, chronic paroxysmal hemicrania, civil liberties, cluster headaches, cognitive dissonance, cold reading, combinatorics, computer security, constitution, copyright reform, cowboy bebop, cph, crocheting, digital photography, dmca, douglas adams, dragons, eeyore, eff, efficiency, equality for all, ethics, etymology, eugene tsui, eupraxsophy, f/oss, face blindness, fairy tales, fay welden, feminism, forensic psychology, forensics, free speech, frogs, futurama, geeks, gender studies, glbt issues, gnomes, gregory maguire, hacking, hayao miyazaki's films, heroes, house rabbits, humane treatment of animals, i ♥ >1, insomnia, internet law, jewerly making, john irving, kakapo, kurt vonnegut, law, lego, libraries, limited government, linux, little known holidays, logic, mad housers, margaret atwood, memetics, metaculture, microexpressions, mind hacks, moleeds, mythology, nabaztag, nabaztag/tag, neologisms, obscure trivia, opensource, organizing, origami, pancake bunny, pareidolia, patent reform, penguins, philosophy, phosphenes, polyamory, pomosexuality, post-traumatic stress disorder, pressed pennies, privacy, pro-choice, proprioception, prosopagnosia, psychology, rabbit welfare, red dwarf, religion, richard feynman, riddles, robots, role-playing games, same-sex marriage legislation, sapiosexuality, science fiction, scientific method, scrubs, secular humanism, security, server administration, sexuality, skepticism, social engineering, sociology, sock animals, subcultures, taoism, tattoos, the far side, the power of and, the princess bride, the supreme court, they might be giants, tivo, tom robbins, toys, trivia, uberman sleep schedule, ubuntu, urban fantasy, urban legends, utilitarianism, uu, victimless crimes, voodoo science, wallace and gromit, weird art, women's studies, xen.
The six things I could never do without
My boyfriend, my friends, my bunny, my computer, books, toys

I can live w/ out my collections, but I do enjoy them:
stuffed eeyores, 8" care bears, BUNNIES!!, penguins, dragons, frogs
and keychains, postcards, pressed pennies
I spend a lot of time thinking about

I am a Libertarian in most things, though I'm a registered Democrat and vote that way'

I believe the federal government should exist only to enforce inalienable rights, such as the right to travel between states, and to regulate treaties between states, a postal system and common money.

Otherwise, it should stay out of our lives!

All other responsibilities and rights should fall to the states.

Fiscally, I am very liberal.

I want good roads, schools, and health care for all, and I don't mind my (state) taxes paying for it. I don't want people to suffer, and if they legitimately can't provide for themselves, the community should help them.

I am for same sex marriage rights, I'm more-or-less neutral regarding gun control and I'm anti-drug laws (it's a health issue, not a political issue).

I'm pro-choice and strongly feminist (real feminism, which is about equality, not hating men)

I love to talk about philosophy (particularly ethics and morals)

I consider myself a Unitarian Universalist, but I see them more as a social and volunteer organization. I'm really a secular humanist. I used to be a Baptist, so I'm fairly familiar with the Christian Bible, and if you're a hardcore/literalist Christian, don't get into an argument with me, you will lose. If you don't try to evangelize me, I probably won't say much about it at all and I'll happily be your friend.

I'm a Utilitarian. Particularly, I like the works of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill.
On a typical Friday night I am
Taco bell -> lan party -> bar

book club meeting

just hanging out w/ friends, chatting and watching movies
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I often get hiccups and/or nosebleeds when I'm upset.
Nausea makes me sneeze.
I get goosebumps when I'm in pain.
I have a giant cow lick on the very top of my head. You can't ever really see it 'cause my hair is very long, but I feel it sometimes and it annoys me a bit.
I’m looking for
  • Everybody
  • Ages 18–99
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends
You should message me if
You like to meet cool, weird, geeky chicks.

You want new friends in the Philly, PA area.

If you have a livejournal and we can get to know each other that way, that's a huge bonus.