27 Portland, OR
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My self-summary


I'm a laid back gaming cuddle bug. I like playful touchy feely affection with an extra helping of cheese. I'm mostly not a piss and vinegar renegade, mostly.

I'm looking for a gal to do several activities; Primarily video game, art and game development. Anime/manga, workouts, and long walks in the rain.

Sound like you maybe? Shoot me a message.

65% intellectual artist 20% child of whimsy 13% elite gamer 2% fan boy

Detailed Tooltip:

My M.O. is a simple one, have as much fun and happiness as I can provided it is not at the expense of others. If others want to join me that's great! If not that is fine too. I'm fine either way is how I roll.
I prefer more "one of the boys" ladies. Mostly because that's all I've experience with. And this type seems to generally be more interested in professional art + video games in more than a passing fancy.

I don't really care to travel, but I like exploring.

I'm not really looking for you to "understand me" to be honest I don't care if you do. I simply require that you accept me as is. Though, you are more than free to fantasize about what you'd like me to be. A sexy dante mayhap? just don't go expecting me to become your fantasy. however, I could probably accommodate a sexy dante, if you'll be my rikku. =P

I am unsure what maintenance level I am, dynamic maybe? I like cuddling and being close and lovely dovey. I would like to talk for a bit at least once a day. Maybe seeing each other once a week, hang out play games or something active together. I think frequent intimacy, sexual or otherwise is a necessity for a healthy paring. This is of course bare minimum for what I'd consider a relationship and not a friendship or acquaintanceship.
I'm looking for friends that are traveling the same direction as myself in the creative field be it video games or cinema. This is my criteria.

I don't have any 'deal makers' for friendship or partnership. I do obviously have turn ons;
video games: mid/hard core with variety! liking just zelda, mario, Halo, minecraft, farmvile, or any other now main stream game is cool. But if you can touch a wide range of games with knowledge and experience to talk about with hate or love. That gets me excited to talk with you! I've been gaming since I was five so I have played hundreds of games all of types.

Entertainment media: This is drawing, painting, modeling/sculpting, editing for video games, movies, TV. Not just a light interest in doodling for fun but an active drive to get better, and playing with new tools. Also subject variety is a thing. I'd love someone to do model/sculpting hangouts with, all my friends are 2D kinda people.

like wise I don't really have 'deal breaks' for friendship or partnership. People are to messy to say "This one thing about you kills it! I love everything else though." but I do have really big turn offs; Drugs, drinking, smoking, 'stick in the mud', pessimism/realism(commonly used to define the same attitude), negativity?, conformist(everyone needs to be like me!), entitled ignorance, Extremism, double standards, body modifications. I guess to generalize don't be a judgmental jerk. It's just not attractive.
What I’m doing with my life
Questing and Leveling up.

Expanding my 2D and 3D portfolio.

Learning Japanese (hope to learn Chinese or Korean next) I need to make friends that speak these so I can practice!

Getting distracting from my projects by my twitch art group.

Finding a better way to make money (reoccurring thing, "I make way more money now yay! Two months later. I'd like to make more money.")

I guess looking for a girlfriend/partner since I'm on here huh? Granted I don't expect anything to come of this site. But it never hurts to keep a door open.
I’m really good at
Singing random cartoon themes from my childhood, probably incorrectly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Far to many to put down. Also Favorite Video games or just games should be on that list! Here are some token favorites;

Book: "The Dragon and the George by Gordon R. Dickson"
Movie: "The Raid 2"
Show: "Sword Art Online"
Music: "The Dark Side of Phobos"
Food: "Japanese Curry"
Maya/Max 5000+ hrs
Photoshop 5000+ hrs
Zbrush 200+ hrs
Star Wars Galaxies: 5000+ hrs
World of Warcraft: 5000+ hrs
P&P Shadowrun (3): 500+ hrs
P&P D&D (1,3.5): 500+ hrs
Armored Core: 500+ hrs
Halo (all): 500+ hrs
Final Fantasy Tactics: 500+ hrs
Age of Empires: 500+ hrs
Starcraft (all): 500+ hrs
Warcraft (all): 500+ hrs
Super Smash Bros Melee: 500+ hrs
Guild Wars: 300+ hrs
Diablo (all): 300+ hrs
Freelancer: 300+ hrs
Earth 2015: 300+ hrs
Empire Earth: 300+ hrs
Urban Assault: 300+ hrs
Need for Speed: 300+ hrs
Animal Crossing: 300+ hrs (I regret nothing!)
Starbound: 244 hrs
Fallout Tactics: 200+ hrs
Shogun: 200+ hrs
Icewind Dale 2: 200+ hrs
Mass effect: 200+ hrs
Fable (1/2) : 200+ hrs
Guilty Gear: 200+ hrs
Harvest Moon: 200+ hrs
Marvel Heroes 2016: 177hrs
Fallout 4: 160 hrs
Rock Band: 100+ hrs
Warframe: 62 hrs

+ all the games that have faded from memory, waiting to be remembered!

Shit... I play a lot of games ya? Or I used to anyway.

Beetle adventure racing, extreme xg2, battle tanks 64, 1080, Buck Bumble, Pokemon Snap, dune 2000
The six things I could never do without
Warm Place I'm like part cat I think. I'll find a warm spot and curl up there to nap, more often than not on the ground.
Trees I enjoy the feel and sound of trees. Though I don't go running out into the forest at 3am to play tag anymore.
My Computer or some sort of art making tool.
Video Games Want to play them all the time, Need to make them all the time.
Adult swim/Toonami; (I carry this one in my heart) I'm super grateful to this program, I would never have got into anime without it. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw star, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tenchi Muyo!, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball (Z), Samuri Jack, Zoids. ahh good times...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Would I become a hermit if I could wield the dark hado?

Why friends and couples these days prefer to interact with their phone instead of their company. I see it with people sitting around, walking, in the car, all over. Who doesn't talk in a car!? What is there to do other than talk to your company? Oh right, your phone. It is amusing and slightly sad.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe changing my profile, I write and remove stuff depending on how I feel on the day I look at it.

madmax'in; I had a baby brother! And he was perfect! Perfect in every way!

A: Coding, B: Sculpting or painting, C: gaming (currently infested planet),

I've been on a painting binge the last week. So that is what I do at work and at home.
You should message me if
Why should you message me?
Cuz I'm awesome, crazy, and look smoking hot in a low cut dress and stilettos. I come with many amenities. Fully functional lovey hot cheese for those fondue parties and built in pun dispenser! Anime and video game collection with select consoles installed (see retailer for details). Luscious flowing locks and sleek gaming fingers that just wont quite.

Should Message me if
You have more BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! and you can tell me the blood god 's name, and number without looking it up.

Y-you don't really have to... I like talking about 40K and it's stupid amount of lore. I also like yelling WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaagh!!!!! too wake up my roomate but i digress. I just enjoy game lore and talking about games I've played in common with other people. Game design brainstorming and arting is also really fun.

So if you want to chat about video games, do some art stuffs, or you feel we could possible get along and wish to test the theory. Feel free to shoot me a message. I'm generally friendly and don't bite often.

Also don't feel pressured to write anything amazing or engaging, if you can great! I'll look forward to it. But while you craft your masterpiece you may make small talk. Promise I'll act surprised when I read your completed work of literary art. I don't expect anything more than a minor show of effort.

Me Messaging you:
If you stop by my profile, I'll typically take a glance at yours. My skimming criteria are simple. If I see more than an off handed mention of games or art I will fully read your profile. Provided I like what I've read I'll shoot you a note based on common interest. Short and simple.

and now for some music.