30 Calgary, Alberta, CA
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My self-summary
Wow! online dating today..****pics, hookup requests "netfix and chill" ect.. it's pretty sad that a lot of you except this as a connection (or the closest you will get to one) Don't bother me with this crap, please and thanks, not looking for a man child. Call me a hopeless romantic or even classy for that matter but if that what this generation calls romance.. I'm really not interested :D

I'm Tamara, born and raised in Calgary. This site was pretty awful last time I checked, so I'm going to be checking my messages a lot less often so If I don't get back right away, sorry about that.

I'm looking for something substantial and real,. I'm single right now because I personally would much rather be single than with someone that doesn't fit,, if I dont find it here then thats fine but I've heard this online dating stuff is worth a shot, stranger things have happened. He would need to be considerate, trustworthy and affectionate. Must be funny/ sarcastic sense of humor, be intelligent, witty and be willing to put the time and effort into having a relationship. he must be looking for a relationship and must want kids someday, I'm up for most things from a roadtrips, go carting, the flea market, I just like to get out iand do most anything (although I'm a bit of an introvert). I also love to go see live music, I like all kinds of music but my favorites would be blues,rockabilly, older country and classic rock.

About my dog (because it's sort of important for men who have pets) She is a Pitbull x Cancorso Bullmastiff, she is a rescue and shes great with people/kids but not good with other animals I adore men that love and have animals but my dog is 6 now and she was abused and very sick when I got her, she was fine and well socialized for a long time and then got attacked twice within a year, I would love it if your dog/cat and my dog could could be BFF, It's just not going to happen. She has always had a heart condition and at her age and breed, I'm not putting her though anymore extreme socialization or stress. So i'd prefer to meet someone that loves dogs/animals but doesn't have one at the moment. And I don't want your dog training tips,The fact that maybe more animal aggression training could possibly work isn't the point here. So myob thanks :)

I might be vegan, but I'm not preachy,and I'm not a total health nut. I don't tell people what to eat and if you order a steak while we are out I'm not going to throw red paint on you. it just means that I won't be cooking it for anyone lol.) or if you're disrespectful about my diet.. it works both ways.

I used to get back and say thanks for the msg, not interested or something like that, but men get super nasty on here when you tell them no, So If I didn't get back this could be the reason;
- You asked me what type of dog is he? (clearly in my profile)
- You sent me a msg saying HEY!, HI or emojis (Was I sposta swoon?)
- You just simply commented on my tattoo (You probably didn't even read any of my profile and just looked at my pics) and the only reason I put it on is for people who aren't into tattoos.
- You seem "O.C.D" or extremly materialistic, I find people who are fake O.C.D are really just controlling and condescending in my experience, So I'll need someone with a more "go with the flow" attitude in a relationship.
- You don't have a picture (it's not shallow for me to want to see who I'm talking to or to need to be attracted to who I'm dating)
- You don't have any sort of grip on how to form a sentence/ words (seriously though, spell check is here to help you!!! Let it help you!!)
- You're a D.J., a gangsta, or have 420 0r 69 in your user name.
- You're looking for a hook up or "cuddle buddy"
or because I just plain don't think we would work out, I'm allowed to make that decision.

I know I sound really serious about a few things here but thats because I am, i'm looking to find someones whos a good fit and not just for a month. Thanks -Tam
I’m really good at
A lot of things, I'm pretty handy and creative.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Horror movies, Video games, Animals, Live music, Blues, Rock, Rockabilly,Reading, Acoustic, Imgur, Vegetarian (but you don't need to be), Cartoons, Documentaries, Walking dead, Dexter
On a typical Friday night I am
Either out playing pool or watching some thing with my pooch.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmm.. I'll get back to this one.
You should message me if
You're not looking for a one night stand and we think we may have something in common.