41 Mahomet, IL
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My self-summary
I am an independent, sometimes to a fault, single mother and full time RN. I have been divorced since the beginning of 08, and dated very little during that time.
I have spent most of the past few years doing my best to juggle a stressful career, as a Hospice Rn Case Manager; Caring for, nurturing, and teaching my beautiful 4 year old daughter; Also maintaining a home.
I find it amazing that among this 4 year whirlwind of responsibilities, I re-discovered me, and found true self love and contentment.
I am a very busy women; I am full time mom: No weekend visits to a father's house; No Child support, thus the 40+ hours of work. Not only do I tackle the general upkeep, and repairs of my home, but I am also in the process of some home improvement projects.
Because I am so busy, I initially prefer to exchange messages via this website . I don't believe you have to be face to face to learn about someone. I do have babysitters, but I chose to use them sparingly. I am not a serial dater:)

Let's see...I think that I have covered the basics related to who I am....Onto What I am looking for...

I am looking for a friendship because I do feel that meaningful relationship must begin with a sound foundation....a friendship.
I believe that a relationship should be based on: Mutual respect, Honesty; The ability to communicate openly and effectively; A friendship, filled with chit chat and laughter, that can also endure the worst of storms that life has a tendency to brew; A willingness and desire to give it a whole hearted effort...
*Update 8/25/13* It was recently brought to my attention that I am basically looking for a man that fits a certain, unrealistic, set of criteria....Hmm... I feel that my "criteria" are broadly based, and basic...
A man that I chose to become involved with must be:
Comnunicative....and committed!
This person that so kindly shared his observation also shared this "Insight"...I am "doing good" if I find someone with a job, a car, and insurance!
I have not been swayed.......
The six things I could never do without
1. God
2. My daughter
3. The ability to provide for, guide, and nurture my daughter
4. Laughter
5. A world full of experiences that provide the opportunity for continued growth.
6.My Keurig...just one superficial need!lol
You should message me if
*If you have read my profile, and not just looked at the pictures.
*If you are not "recently divorced"; "Separated"; or "in the middle of a divorce"....let's not forget "married" or "in a relationship". Taking time, after a failed relationship, to work through the grief; re-discover who you are; what you want; and where you are going; is invaluable!