48 Kirkland, WA
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My self-summary
Thank you for reading. At the moment, I am on a sabbatical (sorta-kinda) from dating. Wrapping my head around drastically improving my fitness, and tracking all of that quite closely via various gadgets and diet plans with help from a good GP some months ago. I am officially ‘fat’ and don’t like it very much, I’ve decided past few months. That’s just how I roll: a bit self-indulgent, until I’m not. Time to fix that up, and seeing a lot of improvements with a fair distance to go still.

Also making a career-shift of sorts, which will be stressful for a couple months. I’ll never have “money problems” in my life, thank heavens, but a man does need to be happy in his career to be happy with a partner. I think most ladies know this about us, yes? A different perspective from most women. That will sort itself when it does.

Frankly, if you’ve gotten this far and find some of the above interesting, do drop me a like or message or whatnot anyway. Stranger things have happened, when a man’s not really in the zone or game or whatever they call it to properly court women. I’m about as emotionally bare as can be these days, and will be back with vastly more verve and vigor in the spring of 2016.

Surprise me, though, if intrigued.
What I’m doing with my life
Really, the self-summary up best?
I’m really good at
"Nothing happens to a man he is not fitted by nature to bear." I am an outstanding friend to a few, fantastic motorcycle rider, tolerable writer, and exceptional program manager and organizer.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I voraciously read the financial pages, if that counts. Music? Old White Boy rock, as one person phrased it. Food: yes, and plenty of it, a trend I'm radically fighting, see 'Summary'
The six things I could never do without

2. Pets, preferably cats: I have two. A man who can't care for a living (something) is probably not too useful to another human either.
3. Gadgets, and high-speed Internet. Yes, that guy-thing. You have shoes, I have Android.
4. Toys that go vrooom! and vent hydrocarbons. I cull the herd every few years...
5. My (very few) close friends. I have no immediate family.
6. I get great kicks from occasional motorcycling and sports car jaunts: would be hugely helpful if you'd participate, or at least have my back that I will periodically indulge this. my No. 1, perhaps?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Next big career move: I'm on (temporary) sabbatical. This is stressful. I'm embracing more boldness and intrepidity in my career aspirations.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday is usually my quiet evening in. Not absolute, though. But in spirit of the question, I prefer 'in' to 'out' but surely do have a great time in either.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Why do people hide cosmetic surgery? Had a bunch of porcelain veneers installed January 2015. If I need more, I'll get more. Perfectly white teeth are a social "expectation" to those of means, past ten years or so.
You should message me if
If...childless and happy, or kids are older/out of the house. Important, please! don't need to be 'saved', need a 'sponsor', or otherwise believe a man is an ATM machine. are a believer in excellence. Comfortable with intellectual pursuits, upper middle class values, etiquette, etc.

If...intelligence and ambition don't intimidate. You've also coped in an adult manner with failure, then turned around and succeeded at (something): life continually hands us a beat-down; it's how we get up again that defines both personal integrity and persistence. didn't post a picture holding a bottle of liquor, cigarette, or other vulgarity. A bit too much of that is definitely déclassé (flaunting low behavior).'ll get out of your comfort zone occasionally, meaning not living a fear-filled life.