32 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
I am a caricature of everything I wanted to be as a child. I'm a bohemian metrosexual. I have unlimited willpower and very little self control.

I read like it's my job. I really hate not being stimulated and need to constantly be learning. I love it when someone beats me at a game.

I climb trees higher than is appropriate. I probably feel too comfortable on a jungle gym. I play "The Ground's Hot Lava" regardless of who's watching.

I use "I" statements in sequences of three. I'm unpredictable.

The Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to society. The content on the Internet is the worst thing that society could possibly create. I spend way too much time on Facebook but cannot for the life of me understand Instagram.

Nothing gets me more excited than when a new Ta-Nehisi Coates article pops up in my RSS feed. Except perhaps when Vox puts out a new policy podcast.

I'm attracted to both women and men, but I don't think I could date a straight person. Even if our genitals are mismatched, it'll be a queer relationship. I was raised by a pack of wild lesbians and I don't understand the institution of marriage. Seriously.

What I’m doing with my life
I started graduate school last summer so none of the below is true anymore, but this feels like some kind of historical record I'm wary to edit. I still have all the energy I used to have, but now I waste most of it staring at books and computer screens and writing and re-writing papers to please a professor. I miss working with youth but I love learning.

After journeying through varying lifestyles and careers (TV spokesperson, middle-management-hack, workaholic, student, journalist), I had a totally awesome made-for-an-Oxygen-channel-movie quarter-life crisis and became incapable of working anywhere without purpose. I make a fraction of what I use to but I no longer sit in my car and think "WHY!?" on a daily basis so I'm happy.

I currently teach elementary school kids math and spelling via huge, high-energy games, and write for a local political organization like there's no tomorrow. I recently discovered RSS and it's like crack. If crack is good for you. Having steered clear of hard drugs in my youth, I'll take your word for it.

During my moments of free time, I bike, cook from scratch, dance till I'm sweaty, and gulp scotch.

I volunteer everywhere, am obsessed with local politics and think activists are super hot (which makes me.... wait for it....).

People tell me I get a lot done but I just don't watch television and I drink a lot of coffee. How could you not be out there being a part of your community?

I want so dearly to spend another half a decade in college but have zero desire to pay the current immoral and imprudent tuition rates, so I'm seeking out knowledge anywhere I can find it. Teach me. I'll return the favor.
I’m really good at

Citing myself in the footnotes.

Most Games.


Talking to Strangers.

Saving the World.

Building Community.


Super Smash Brothers
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm probably talking to you. I also probably forgot your name.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I fail miserably at reading books but manage to read through over a thousand RSS feeds a day. I find books I'm super interested in reading and then fail about a third of the way through.

I am in love with Le Sexoflex - although I won't defend it as anything other than miraculous. -

I also really like Nerd-Core Hip Hop, conscious rap, and albums describe in iTunes as "Gay Pop." I've been asked multiple times to write music reviews in the past and always refuse because I know my tastes are shit. But I shake my ass a lot.

VEGETABLES FROM TRADER JOES! And olive oil. And Sriracha. And Mozzarella. Now I'm fucking hungry.
The six things I could never do without
Internet, a bicycle, my disturbingly-close group of friends, scotch, a sense of adventure, a smart phone.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

How many ex-sex partners I can have as FaceBook friends.

Whether the system as it is benefits me unfairly.

Income distribution, regressive taxation, novel new policy tricks, whether or not we can reframe the question, if I can find a better source for my citation.

Math. And the philosophies that can be derived from it.

The man in the mirror.
On a typical Friday night I am
Man times have changed. I used to make it a rule to go out each Friday night, but grad school has made my weekends eratic at best and I'll do whatever whenever. (Although often that means reading all the time.)

Still a fan of dancing on a weekend, or grabbing a drink at Pony. Or staying in playing a game of Magic with friends.

Also what happened to Capitol Hill? I'm much more likely to enjoy getting a drink on a Monday night than Friday/Saturday when the whole place is taken over by heterosexual amateur drinkers.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't think we really have privacy these days (but god bless the ACLU for trying). I have no filter and wear my heart on my sleeve and/or as my Facebook status update.

I'm an open book that's still being written.
You should message me if're feeling courageous're up for at least one crazy evening.'re in or around Seattle, I'm not a commuter.