54 Brooklyn, NY
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My self-summary
Here are a few tidbits that I hope will pique your interest:

* I love having practical jokes played on me.
* Back in the day, I saw Led Zeppelin perform live at the LA Forum. They were so loud that you couldn't tell what song was being played. But we really didn't care, because in the end what mattered most was that we got to share the same space with those four legends!
* My daughter sometimes refers to me as "Baby Brother".
* I am in total awe of the office of the President of the United States.
* Still to this day, MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech sends chills up my spine.
* I once witnessed a seagull swallow an entire chicken bone whole.
* The Pieta, by Michelangelo, is hands down my favorite piece of art.
* I will forever be an admirer of Katherine Hepburn.
* Don't much care for the color Orange, except when it is placed next to Purple.
* I sometimes refer to my daughter as "Oatmeal."
* My conscious memory goes all the way back to when I was two years old.
* I own a pair of plaid pants (orange... go figure), and no, I do not play Golf.
* I love to give flowers to people I care about.
* Geoff Peterson
* I am an avid practitioner of the lost art of sauntering.
* I have a secret desire to stage dive/crowd surf, but fear that the people in the audience would take one look at my 6'-1" frame hurling toward them and choose simply to let me go crashing onto the ground!

Still with me?

A thumbnail sketch:
* I am a California (Los Angeles) native who grew up immersed in the surfing/skateboarding/rock music culture of the 1970's. From mid high school to the present, I have followed an artistic career path which exposed me to the disciplines of music, television production, interior design, fine art drawing & painting and finally, the wonderful world of photography, which I absolutely adore! One of the things I have learned is that sometimes it can take quite a while for one to find their ideal career path/life's work. In the mid 80's I got married and soon became the proud parent of a beautiful baby girl! My marriage lasted for 17 years until 2002, when my wife and I decided to separate. Since then we have managed to stay close... yes a break up can have a decent ending.

A closer look...

* I am an incurable romantic who would love nothing more than to take a nice leisurely stroll in the city, (at night & preferably with a companion), doing a bit of window shopping, or perhaps spending some time down by the ocean, (again, with a companion). Being a southern CA native, the beach became my religion long, long ago.
* A beautiful smile is my own version of Kryptonite, ie: I am immediately reduced to a puddle!
* Sundays are meant for only one thing- relaxing in a favorite cafe poring over the New York Times.
* Everyday is a great day to explore, always on the lookout for something new & interesting.
(If you've noticed that I often use the words "leisurely" and "relaxed" there is a very good reason; I try, as much as possible, to conduct a calm lifestyle. It just feels so much better to be in that mode.
* During the superbowl or the world series, you would more than likely find me at the Met.
* I am an avid people watcher and find the citizens of Gotham to be a never ending source of inspiration.
* My heart was formed in Southern CA., but my mind will forever be nourished by NYC.
* I've spent many years studying psychology, in both individual and group settings, and have found the journey to be incredibly enlightening, one that has no conclusion.
* The holidays are my favorite time of the year.
* I am a complete open book in terms of getting to know.
* I love to have deep & meaningful conversations about a whole range of topics: Art, Movies, Music, Architecture, Psychology, Culture, Life, Love, Relationships, Parenting & Children, but am also very good at just plain chilling out.

* A few of my favorite words... one's that I aspire to-
Communication, Honesty, Commitment, Investment, Compassion, Empathy, Fidelity, Humor, Appreciation, Love, Patience, Manners, Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Improvement, Compromise, Intelligence, Humility, Optimism, Passion, Intimacy, Tenderness, Nostalgia, Sentimentality.

* This is, by far, my favorite combination of words:
Listening/Talking/Sharing & Connecting.
What I’m doing with my life
* For the past 10 years, I have been operating an Event Photography / Photojournalism / Social Documentary business that keeps me very busy. I divide my time between New York City and Washington, DC., with an occasional trek up to Boston.
If I'm not photographing events or creating documentary portfolios, then I'm marketing my work to potential clients. This is a real challenge for me, as I am not a natural salesman.
Is it possible for Art & Commerce to exist side by side?
Stay tuned...

* A long term goal of mine is to become bi-coastal, dividing my time between New York & Washington, DC., San Francisco & Los Angeles. This depends entirely on building a healthy client base on each coast, thus, I am slowly planting the seeds...

* I am the proud parent of a quasi Brooklyn hipster who is, quite honestly, the joy of my life. We spend as much time as we can talking, listening & sharing. I must say that it continues to be very enjoyable watching how her adult life is unfolding.
I’m really good at
* Making pies
* Grilled cheese sandwiches w/ avocados (sourdough bread only!).
* Enjoying a great Mexican dinner with, of course, a margarita or two.
* Using way too many commas in my writing.
* Being talked into going to the beach.
* Watching my favorite movies/listening to my favorite music over & over & over again!
* Making funny faces - (only if I have known you for a while!).
* Driving through the city, esp. in mid-town, without ending up as a pile of dust on the side of the road! Cabbies beware! HaHa
* I'm sure you will love this one... asking for directions when I am lost!
* Relating to young people.
* Over-analyzing - (both a blessing and a curse!).
The first things people usually notice about me
My Moustache.
It seems to have a strange, hypnotic effect on youngsters 12 & under.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Annie Hall, American Beauty, The Constant Gardener
Rust and Bone, Traffic, Raging Bull, The Deer Hunter, Serpico,
Love Me If You Dare, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Shakespeare In Love, 21 Grams, Stand & Deliver, American Me, Unbreakable, Shawshank Redemption, Good Fellas, Amores Perros, Searching for Bobby Fisher, American History X, Jungle Book, The Birdcage, Rain Man, Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, Z-Boys & Dogtown Documentary, Jaws, Dial "M" for Murder, Rear Window, Wizard of Oz, The Matrix.

T.V. Shows:
Law & Order Special Victims Unit, (with Chris Meloni), Monk, Seinfeld, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, Charlie Rose, Front Line, The Daily Show, 2 1/2 Men, The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson, 30 Rock. When I am in the mood for politics, I like to watch News Hour & Washington Week in review.

I am a die hard fan of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
Love Garrison Keillor. God broke the mold after he created him!
Fresh Air w/ Terri Gross

Led Zeppelin, Bill Withers, Lady Gaga, The Verve, Eagles, Nirvana, Bee Gees, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Gwen Stefani
Elton John, Rage Against The Machine, George Michael, Burt Bacharach, Sammy Davis, Jr., Van Halen, (Roth Era), Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Queen, Black Sabbath, Carpenters, Joe Pass, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Jose Feliciano, Johnny Mathis, Miles Davis "Kind of Blue", Luther Vandross, John Coltrane w/ Johnny Hartman, Vince Guaraldi
Wes Montgomery, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton
* I'm a really big fan of the large jazz big band, ie: the Johnny Carson show. It's very important that every once in a while you get your foot tapping to a really solid groove!
Charlie Parker
Super Sax, (Charlie Parker tribute band)
Toots Thielemans, (jazz harmonica)
Tony Rice, Earl Scruggs
Christopher Parkening
Giuseppe Di Stefano
Mozart's Requiem, Rodrigo Guitar Concerto,
Debussy's Claire de lune, Bach's Prelude in C
Gregorian Chants

As far as food goes:
Mexican, Indian, Thai, Spanish/Tapas, Italian, Sushi.
Home Made Peach Ice Cream
Sugary/Salty Things
The six things I could never do without
The ocean
Drinking Water
Air, Food, Shelter & Health
and finally... My Blue Sweater (circa 1982)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Past, Present & Future and how NOT to spend a lot of time thinking about the Past, Present & Future! People's motivations for doing what they do. How I can improve my relationships with both family & friends. Further refining current & future life goals.
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing at home with takeout watching one of my favorite t.v. shows Monk.
Heading out for a film or perhaps a favorite restaurant.
Celebrating getting through another week in tact!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Once, when I was little, I stole what I thought was a Chunky candy bar from the local grocery store. But when I brought it home and took a bite out of it, I immediately realized that it was a hunk of yeast.
Yes folks, crime does not pay!
You should message me if
... you can't stand people who are either game players, verbal abusers or control freaks! I have actually met a few people in my day who were a combination of all three... needless to say, a frickin' nightmare!

* Sorry to go negative, but these three traits are one's that I absolutely abhor.

... enough of what I have said resonates with you that the idea of coffee and a meeting of the minds sounds like great fun.