30 Austin, TX
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My self-summary
I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the heavens. Although I have taken the form of Caius JLOnius, I am all women as I am no woman... And so... I am a GOD!

I am an asshole... SO fucking what? Fuck that down to earth/laid back bullshit.... gwahahaha! hmmm, i have dark/twisted/grotesque sense of humor... I laugh when fat people fall, I laugh at retards, all jokes really... i just dont care...
I guess I can be quite the asshole... Oh well...

I'm desensitized... I'm dark.... I'm evil!
I am all... I am everything... I am wicked... I am the devourer of souls... I am lust... I am ageless... I am everything...

I don't wear make-up(I have very rarely). I don't wear deodorant. I don't wear perfume. I don't smell bad. I just smell like me. Mmmm, pheromones!

I have mostly male friends so yeah, I drink it up with the boys... One of my best friends is a WW2 veterans wife in her 80's and she can still drink beer like a champ at the VF!!!! She is exactly like me. I hope I'm as rad as she is when I'm that age... If I make it to that age! Hah! I live the GG life!!!

Drink, Fight and fuck~
What I’m doing with my life
Fucking shit up TEXAS STYLE!
I’m really good at
Fucking faces up with my bare feet! Chugging a big ass beer, blowing O's with smoke, procrastination... Other stuff to... I'm a jack of all trades, but a master of none~
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know, I don't care....


I've now been told my that my eyelashes standout.... Weird~
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
pop-up books, ASS: the movie (it won 8 oscars that year), pbs type of shit, traffic noise, and pornographic food...

but really... I love metal- 666 style!!!
Burzum, gorgoroth, impetigo, cannibal corpse, rotting christ, nile, brujeria, deicide, Mortician, Morbid Angel, impetigo, Bathory, morbosidad, Ceremony (haha!), Panteon(puro brownsvillle metal), nunslaughter, beherit, mayhem, This list goes on and on south of heaven...
classical music like vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Rachmaninov .. Classic rock: heart, the zombies, the doors, hendrix, donovan, Jefferson airplane, Simon & Garfunkle, the byrds, the grass roots,
old: Aretha Franklin, ray Charles, the temptations, Frankie valley, Etta James, the rat pack, buddy holly, richie valens, santo & johnny, benny goodman, long long lists on all of these....
punk... Reagan Youth, kegcharge, konflicto, a lot of thrash, nerve damage, the buzzcocks, DI, Suicidal, the drop kick Murphy's, some descendants, the mentors, all hail GG fucking ALLIN.... Yeah....

Also, I like what I fucking want to like: the first TVOTR album, portishead, talking heads, queen, nine inch nails, tool, some van Halen, some 90's alternative, depeche mode, the cure, Bauhaus..... I love music! Love love love it!!! I'd rather go blind than deaf!!!! But METAL will always be my first love~

I can't help my bipolar taste in music. But I grew up with a hippy mom, a rock n roll father and a very new wave older sister!!! buff style...
Zardoz, Caligula, Cecil B. Demeneted, harmony korine, john waters, Gary Oldman, Pi, zombie flicks, horror, porn, anime porn, Gummo, apocalypse now, a streetcar named desire, Suburbia, slc punk, love in the time of cholera, gael garcia bernal, SAM ROCKWELL, lawn dogs, the abyss, nothing but trouble, the burbs, the gremlins 1&2, gone with the wind, the devil and mrs. jones, pride and prejudice, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!!!stalag 17, idiocracy, DeadAlive, CatSoup, the 5th element (SFW), SFW, nowhere, sid and nancy, the salton sea, a dirty shame, miss march!!!!! the doom generation, nowhere, the last mistress, welcome to the dollhouse, the man from nowhere, full metal jacket, memories, trainspotting, memento, the way of the gun, last temptation of Christ, fuck me....this list will go on forever to

I love red meat! no vegetarians allowed! I'm also really really fond of spicy food!! The hotter the better! I did a wing challenge and won!!! refused the milk!!!! Ghost pepper madness!!!!!

I'm a hopeless Douglas Adams fanatic.... i read a lot of everything, horror, theology, history, philosophy, thriller, pornographic reads, Lewis carol ( although after reading his biography I don't think I want to read his shit anymore:/ ),Mark Twain! Pride and prejudice, pride and prejudice and zombies, Slaughterhouse 5, sci-fi, fantasy, the truly disturbing, marquis de sade, Jane Gaskell, Isaac Asimov, manly p. hall, stephen king, the age of innocence, lady in the tower, stardust, the zombie survival guide, the satanic bible, an American tragedy, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DESTROY MYSELF..., ......, ...........................Fuck~

Tv: the X-files, spongeBob??? Ren&stimpy!! Beavis and Butthead, Southpark, Archer, Sealab, AQUA TEEN!!!!! TrueBlood, Spartacus, United States of Tara, game of fucking thrones!!!! Boardwalk empire, desperate houseSluts and Grey's anatomy( so fucking what?), HOUSE, hell on wheels, walking dead, shameless, lost, bates motel, law & order: SVU...
And I'm ashamed to say this, ::sigh::: but I've been sucked into Duck Dynasty... Oh well. So fucking what...

Buit motheFuckers BUIT!!!
The six things I could never do without
Southern Comfort, Kools, good good music to good good movies, cayenne pepper, good good times and good good books...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the zombie apocalypse
On a typical Friday night I am
Fucking FIRE
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate pop, broadway, musicals, radio rock, i hate hate hate nickelback and U2....fucking disgusting music....I especially have passionate hatred for tejano: I'd rather be raped through every orifice in my body than listen to that filthy fucking pachanga music!
You should message me if
If you want...

----->hipster douche-bags fuck off!
----->religuloids fuck off!


Edit2015: if you think we'd get along, message me. I'll send More recent pictures of myself via txt or message.