45 Avondale Estates, GA
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My self-summary
Simple easy going guy intrested in gameing, movies, country music and hanging out. Im usually shy until I get comfortable with my surroundings. Then I might open up and then bend your ear on any number of subjects from the normal to esentric. Im looking for new friendships and eventually someone I can connect with.
What I’m doing with my life
Im still working for the pest control company I started out with nearly 3 years ago. After spending a year in Baltimore I had an opportunity to move south so i took it. Im still single and hoping prospects and opportunites to meet new people are better here then they had been in VA or MD. I havent been here long so havent really done any exploring yet so will be trying to do some when the craziness of the summer season starts slowing down. So far im enjoying my move to Georgia.

I was in the Northern Virginia area for nearly 5 years. Im origionally from St.louis, Mo. I spent a few years in the US Navy during the First Gulf War and was stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. After getting married moved for a short Time to Del Rio Texas and then back to St.Louis. Ive been a widower scense 2003. I came to Va looking to imporve my life and make a fresh start a few years ago. Things havent gone as planed but could have been worse. Now im in pest control and have finally got a footing where I can be more independent then I was priviously. Its taken a few years but things are finally looking up. Now in my free time im basicly into Gaming, and Reading. Im also into musems and historical sights and things. My favorite tv channels are History, science, Military, H2. Im more apt to watch a documentry then watch a football game or a wrestling
I’m really good at
Im good at my job. Im in pest control. I take care off everything! Its interesting and new situations call for problem solving and completing the job. Many of the People I meet can be interesting too. Example: Me: Have you seen any activity in your house? Customer: Yes I have seen mice. Me: How recently have you seen the mice. Customer: Ummm two years ago. Me: You havent seen mice scense then? Customer: No. Me: Well for now, I dont belive your rodent issue is serious problem at the moment. However should you see any in the near future please give me a call and ill be more than happy to take care of it for you!

Im good at getting my head handed to me in Halo 4. I got an Xbox and ive been more and more into it lately. Im not really big on the bar scene. I go from time to time but dont really see how one can find the right person by picking them out from a selection of drunk I wont get dates playing Halo but it does allow me to take out my days frustrations in a safe way and its fun. Needless to say, finding a women who is into gameing aswell would be a plus. Not that gaming is a overbearing part of my life. I might spend a hour or so a day or every few days at it, but she would understand that there are worse vices to have then blowing some steam blowing people away in a make believe
The first things people usually notice about me
Im told im funny. When I get to know people I open up and it happens, or after ive had a few beers.

My nose. Especially five year olds are in this catigory. Nothing like having a little kid shout out to the airport while talking to his mom that he has seen a man with a big nose.

My willingness to help others. I dont see helping someone as a means of chalking up an IOU from someone. There will probably be a time ill need help with something...has been times and I got help when i needed it. I figure it all levels out in the end.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Im a bit of a scifi fanantic. Well maybe not fanatic but I read it all the time. I like video games and my computer. Just got Halo 4 for my Xbox recently and rutinely get my head handed to me on a regular bases but its all Movies are great. I plan to see the new startrek movie when it comes out (Im a bit of a trekie I also like historical places and museums. I live near the Manassas battlefield right now and have been to Gettysburgh. I plan to visit more places. Im a fan of Classic rock and country music. I listen to Country more than anything else ;)
The six things I could never do without
Country music, Classic rock, Scifi books, my laptop, Coca Cola, French Fries and Fried
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Country Music, Who im going to kill on Halo 4 next. What would it be like to have a colony on Mars. How awsome it would be to mine the astroids. How I would keep my lottery Winnings a secret if I ever won?...ect...ya know the important
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually at home cus im single and i work on Saturday!! From time to time, on a saturday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Curves dont scare me. Kids dont scare me. I dont have any but that doesnt not mean I dont like kids. I simply dont have any of my own and if I was to have any I wanted it to be with someone I intend to stay with and be fully involved in the situation. I never was on of these people who felt just cus one can make em doesnt mean one should be making em everywhere for the ego factor of it.
You should message me if
You have similar basic likes as I do. Are in the US and live with in a few hours drive of me.

If you live out of the country such as Africa or South America and are looking for a sugar daddy or a paycheck from an idiot over here giving you money in the hopes of finally getting you in his home while you string him along, im not it. As soon as I get a hint that any of this is going on ill immediately ignore you.