32 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
I can heal people with my mouth.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm learning to be a better man than I assumed I already was.

I'm looking for entirely new things to do in a city I was born in. I'm looking for a relationship, but more I'm looking for affection. And I'm ok with all the shades of relationships possible.

I want more love in my life. More life and joy in my home. More laughter, fun, and things to look forward to. I want to share the life and the space I've created with someone who can appreciate it.

I've also decided that I'll never be fulfilled until I have my own small business. Its the kind of plan that can adapt to the location. Whatever the secondary business is - a cafe, an apparel shop, a gallery - I will run my design business in the same space. This relates to the person I want to meet becasue maybe someday they will want to be involved.

I believe in the saying behind every successful man is a fantastic woman...and vice-versa.

I mentor Jr. designers and other creative people looking to develop certain areas of their skills when I can, and generally strive to nurture creativity in ways I never got. Awwww...
I’m really good at
Learning people. Their "language", their mannerisms, their like's, their people, their story. I'm good at supporting people's ambitions, or just helping to define them better.

I'm good at learning a (my) woman's body. Its much more dynamic and fine-tuned than a man's. Its connected to her brain in ways that don't really have words. I'm not calling myself an inamorato. I'm saying that caring for someone means understanding her body, and understanding that there is no plateau for that knowledge. It keeps changing. Its one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment in the world to please a woman. "...with the utmost skill and the utmost courtesy." - Jesse James

Manifesting dreams. I can take an idea and help make it feasible, given time, and being met halfway. I just know how to convert good, seemingly wild ideas into reality. its easy if you frame the problem with basic understanding of mortality. This is our time, it doesn't get any longer or better or more fertile. if you / we want to do this thing, pick up a pen with me.

Giving the perfect gift. I'm the best at this, hands down. Its my profession to figure out what people want and need, so I'm usually dead on, and I love that feeling.

Being an immortal fuck.
The first things people usually notice about me
I carry myself well. I always smell great. I can raise the temperature of a room by 1 degree, or lower the volume of a crowd with telepathy. Sometimes people think I'm intimidating becasue I'm kinda muscular and I like to shave my head to save time and money. Other times people maybe think I'm gay becasue I dress well. I dunno - but I'm not going to become a scrawny, shitty dresser to get laid. That's not my life. I like my body and I like clothes. A lot. i like being able to scoop my girl up, roll her around, and make her feel safe. I'm old school like that.

I'll either be the most talkative (sometimes sarcastic and off-color) person in the room, or the most quiet and attentive. I avert my eyes a bit when Im listening to someone intently as it can be distracting to lock eyes. I'll loose the plot pretty quickly by staring into a woman's eyes or at her mouth when she talks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pretty unfair question. This is like asking which parent must die. Well...Japanese culture affected me profoundly as a kid. Enough so that I wound up living there as an adult. Then that experience - the food, the music, teaching, DJing, the courtesy, respect, the austere nature of things - that formed a great deal of my taste, and taught me the invaluable ability to "fake it until you make it"

My grandfather was a Science Fiction writer, and a conspiracy theorist. It was everyday table-talk, but I nursed my brain on it. He taught me so much. So I seek out art, writing, and film that reflects those ideas.

For example - when I was a kid my grandfather told me that we were all asleep somewhere else, participating in a collective-unconsciousness...and I believed him. Even my dad would tell me that the Good Year Blimp was a spaceship and pretend to call the News Paper. He would take me around in his different sports cars, blazing up the cliff-roads to Big Sur with one tire kissing the edge. Beautiful things, fast and dangerous things attract me. Cars and bikes, nature, the sea, all the profound primordial beauty that surrounds this tiny city - all mixed with a bit of good-natured terror, and a constant magnetism to get out and fly for the headlands and the coast are all a side-effect of that.

Racing is in my family's blood. Machines, speed, competition. It makes for a different sort of poetry. But art, literature, and deep appreciation of beautiful objects is also deep in the core of who we are, and who I am as an individual. I find structure and hierarchy in everything -from the way clothes fall to the ground to cars crashes. I'm a witness and a collaborator to all these expressions of physics and "gestalt".
The six things I could never do without
1) My taste, sensibilities and appreciation for beauty.
2) The power to communicate in my own way, through speech, and writing.
3) The ability to change, and be wrong.
3) Confidence to roam, and a home to come back to.
4) Touch. Affection. The hushed language of bodies.
5) Fearless honesty, everyday transparency, and loyalty. I give it, and expect it. Loyalty means safety.
6) Kindness. On any level. In a conversation with a stranger. In the basic civility on the street. In the surprising random selfless acts that I enjoy giving, and without expecting it - receiving (is that a bumper sticker?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Newer, better or just different ideas and designs for everything. From the soles of our shoes to the buildings we walk through, to the cities they are arranged in - even mass psychology (see private thing below).

Starting small businesses. Helping existing ones any way I can. Just starting new projects all the time. Keeping things moving - refining good ideas, and deconstructing bad ones.

My little Geodesic dome / Yurt that I am saving up to build as my retreat along highway 1, jutting out of the cliffs, or the east, among the Pines. Where the fireplace will go.

Motorcycles. Riding them, designing them, learnign to tear them down and build them up again.

The right girl for me, and what that might be like - what we might DO. Create something - a home, a business, or just a project...a tree-house, a cafe, a Pesto, whatever - with someone who is collaborative, exciting, surprising, eager to learn and teach. in love they try to trap me in bed. Someone who kisses me when I'm asleep.

Old motorcycles.
On a typical Friday night I am
Game for just about anything. Like I said, sometimes I get supercharged and I'm willing to try to make the State line by midnight. Other nights I want to be still, enjoy simple pleasures.

I used to really care about music, so much so that I started DJing. When I got tired of the music scene and knocking on doors, I started my own party. The party became a label for a while. Then that scene started to annoy me so I tore it down. But who knows, I still have lots of records.

Do you like colored vinyl? If you answer that question I'll know you give a shit.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I get anxious about things that really have no name. I ward this off by keeping busy, working out, or whatever. But its there.
You should message me if
Sometimes you root for the Bad Guy. The bank robber. The assassin. The drug lord. The Tyrant.

You made it this far and enjoyed most of what I had to say.

You are remotely attracted to my photos: Look I don't take good photos. In person I'm much better looking. Why don't people just take candid shots? I cant sit still for that countdown and I always fidget and mess it up. Its not REAL.

You are at a minimum CURIOUS about motorcycles. I love to ride, it changed my life. Its like seeing the city, the country, little towns, the sea-side, and the woods like a bird. You can smell everything...SEE so much more. I never show off. Riding is about trust. I don't run with packs. I go my own way. Its a skill I worked to cultivate, and something I love to share.