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My self-summary
Married Polyamourous Fat Genderfluid Atheist Bibliophile Nerdfighter Agoraphobic Gamer Creative Feminist ISTJ


My primary purpose for being here is to foster more social interaction, and through that a greater support network.

I think that could be said for nearly everyone here, but maybe not quite worded in that way. :Pbbbt.

Getting to know someone is done by sharing experiences and stories with them, not by simply assessing their height, weight, religion, race, and favorite foods. With that in mind; the information listed here can still be used as a starting point, or a way to quickly identify deal breakers.

My favorite ways to share experience are conversation and gaming.

Nevertheless -- I'm a sedate bookworm turned gamer-recluse. My ideal style currently lies somewhere between a frumpy professor and Cyndi Lauper. The reality is more like a jumble of secondhand t-shirts and brightly colored pajamas. Boop.
What I’m doing with my life
Being a home-body while reviewing the household budget, playing video games, learning new recipes, and planning.
The first things people usually notice about me
I never know what to put here, so here's a story:

A classroom of adolescents are asked to print their name at the top of a blank sheet of paper, place it on their desk, and leave their seats. The object of the game is to mill about the room and write one word on each sheet a paper. One word that you would use to describe the person named at the top of that paper.

Nervously, a rotund girl in the back bites her lip, looks at the male occupant of the desk beside her own, and attempts to dredge up the courage to not barf. Her stomach always roils during group projects and these, "icebreaker," exercises. While the teacher is still trying to encourage students to break their usual cliques, the girl indicates wordlessly to her best friend/huge crush/nearest neighbor that she will write a word on his paper, now, before the assault begins.

Trading papers she tries to imagine a whole person in one word. Part of her mind wanders off down a road that considers if it's even possible, while another part is listing known adjectives, and the final more embarrassing and compelling part is simply thinking of him. "Handsome..." She would die before ever letting him know how she felt. "Kind..." Actually, she thinks she may be dying just thinking about it too hard while he's in the room. "Smart..." It could never go anywhere anyway.

Deciding that, "smart," is the least likely to offend or give away her true feelings, she writes it carefully at the top of the page. Looking over at his progress, while the teacher drones on in the front of the room, she notices he has yet to write anything on her paper. As he looks up and notices her attention he scribbles something down quickly and hands it over.


Her mouth hangs open in pure terror. She reads the word again, and detachedly contemplates how terror is probably not the way a person usually responds to this sort of thing. Correctly reading her reaction, though not her reasoning, he quickly reaches over and erases the word replacing it with, "Nice." Blushing, he leaves his seat and works his way around the room while avoiding eye contact.

After the exercise she is left with a list of words, the first entry being an eraser smudged, "nice," while the rest are typical and amuse her in a wry sort of way.


The list goes on, but it's more of the same. She's both happy and sad as she realizes no one really knows. No one knows she doesn't bruise easily, and the ones that do appear are covered by her secondhand over-sized clothing. Because, even at his worst, Daddy knows better than to hit where people can see. No one knows she loves school so much, because she's afraid to go home. No one knows, and she's proud of it in a way. No one knows that she believes if she could just be smarter, nicer, or prettier, he wouldn't hit her anymore. If she could just love him harder, he'd get better.
The six things I could never do without
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing board games with a cup o' coffee or tea. Perusing the internets and doodling. Chatting online or in-person about nerdy things with friends. Reading a novel. Eating dinner late with my spouse after a run to the grocery. Giggling at atrocious puns. Playing Minecraft. (Basically, ya know, just living.)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My Steam ID, usually. Oh, and that long-ass story I wrote up there. What's the best way to use this space? Cause I don't get the point of it.
You should message me if would like to do so. like to discuss answers to match questions. can tolerate and/or appreciate occasional goofiness. would like to play some video games. want to send some puns.