28 Gold Coast, Australia
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My self-summary
So, you're reading my profile. I suppose I'll try and make it as informative and entertaining as possible.

The truth about me is, I like a lot of things. So many things. Maybe too many things. (Because I scarcely have the time to devote to all of them.) And I like talking about the things I like with other people.

Sometimes I worry that I talk too much, but people keep coming back for more conversations, so I have to assume my verbosity continues to remain at an acceptable level.

I like an absolutely dizzying variety of movies, and television, video and traditional games, books, comics, music and food. I'm ever eager to absorb new and interesting media.

Maybe if you're also interested in things (Even too many things.) and you'd like to talk to someone about them, there's a chance I might be the someone to whom you'll want to talk.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm planning to be a Librarian. It's taking a lot more effort than I thought...

Oh, you meant right now? I'm sitting in a recliner, watching a movie or playing a game or reading a book. I could also be asleep. Or, maybe, I'm hanging out with a friend. Or maybe not. I mean, they aren't doing anything and I'm certainly not doing anything. But it's difficult to organise sitting around not doing anything together.

The internet, eh? Bringing people closer together.

Anyway, what was I saying? Librarian. Right. I've done one degree. Yes. It was an ARTS degree. Don't look at me like that! Now I'm doing my Masters in Library and Information Science. Hopefully, this one will be shorter. I am doing it at home, from my recliner.

Then I guess I'll be a Librarian and I'll Librate all over the place. The amount of books I lend throughout my circle of friends should qualify me as is, but nooooo. They want me to be ALIA certified to work a real library job.

I don't even remember what ALIA stands for. I imagine the L is for Library, and one of the As is for Australia. Maybe both of them are? The Australian Library Initiative of Australia. I like that, and I would be honoured to be part of their esteemed ... Initiative.

Anyway. Right now I'm studying from home, for a given value of studying. Soon, I'll be a Librarian. When I'm not sleeping or reclining. I'm pretty sure that's what I was trying to say.
I’m really good at
I am good with words. Whether it's a late night deep and meaningful discussion on the unknowable depths of the universe, a frantic roleplaying session where the fate of some turn of the century urban sprawl rests on the iron shoulders of my steam powered robot and my ability to lie fast and hard, or an evolving piece of fiction that haunts my dreams and coerces my typing fingers upon waking. I like writing them, I like saying them, I like learning about them, and sometimes I like looking at them and trying to rearrange them into other words.

I think my favorite word is Tapioca. I find it fun to say.
The first things people usually notice about me
Upon meeting new folks, I'm often kind of awkward although I take solace that I'm not sitting up on the spectrum with some of my lovably autastic friends. I might be louder than usual (And I'm generally pretty loud.) or quieter than usual (Which is bad for me as talking represents one of my strengths.) or when dealing with your run of the mill Joe Average who couldn't tell Samuel Vimes from Gordon Freeman I admit can be a little elitist and standoffish. If I don't get to know them, I guess they could see me as that weird awkward nerdy guy forever. And I don't want that.

Occasionally, it'll just take a while to get comfortable around somebody new. Sometimes it'll take extended periods of silence and quiet contemplation. Sometimes we'll suddenly and unexpectedly bond over a single shared passion or experience and it will be as if we'd always been the bestest of friends. It makes me sad when I meet somebody, make a bad impression, and never hear from them again.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So I can talk at length about all the things I love... and it looks like I have, in fact, done that. So I guess I should add a shortlist, here is the contents of the wall of text below, only in brief.

Books: Everything by Terry Pratchett, Starship Troopers, The Witcher series, Robert Jordan, Raymond E Feist, Jack Whyte, Patrick Rothfuss
Tv: Supernatural (S1-S5), Fringe, Buffy, Angel, The Unit, Scrubs, Community, Psych, Black Books, Rome, Game of Thrones
Movies: Taken, A Very Long Engagement, Gran Torino, Zombieland, The Untouchables, Zatoichi
Games: Arcanum, Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft (Recovering addict.), Bioshock / Infinite, Bastion
Music: Frank Sinatra, Classical, Blind Guardian, Classic Rock, Anime OSTs Esp Yoko Kanno, The Ink Spots, AC/DC

If you haven't at least tried the Discworld series by Sir Terry Pratchett, O.B.E, then we might have a problem. The problem is that I can't be held responsible for pestering you to read the Discworld series by Sir Terry Pratchett, O.B.E. They are arguably the best things ever written in the history of the world. Ever. It's better than the BIBLE, and as a mildly religious fellow I think I can be eternally damned for saying stuff like that.

Not that, when I think about it, the bible makes for terribly riveting reading. Lord of Hosts may be infallible, but his Holy Ghostwriters weren't Carnegie winners if you know what I'm saying... (With jokes like that, how am I not already a Librarian. Seriously.)

When I'm not reading a new Pratchett book, I'll often stop to read other things in the genres of Fantasy or Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi to the Layman who didn't waste a few years on a degree in Creative Writing.) Jack Whyte writes some killer historical fiction... as much as King Arthur can be Historical Fiction rather than done to death folklore. His Camulod series is well worth a read regardless of how you feel about the once and future king.

I came to Starship Troopers late in life, but I'm already looking forward to it being returned to my care so I can read it again.

I recently read Patrick Rothfuss' Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear. They instantly soared into my top ten list.

I'm always looking for good steampunk novels. Because while I love the genre, so far I haven't read any. Good ones, that is.

Movies! I like Sci Fi movies more than fantasy movies. Apart from a good few, Fantasy movies tend to be let downs. My top ten movies, across all genres, in no apparent order.

A Very Long Engagement, Sunshine, Taken, The Untouchables, Princess Mononoke, Gran Torino, Boondock Saints, Inception, Zombieland, Outpost.

What can I say, I have many and varied tastes. I'll watch anything, enjoy most of it. I measure my media in TBs, of which I have watched less than half. This may take a while...

Music? I'm kinda... retro. Like, real retro, not hipster retro. I have an extensive Rat Pack playlist, and I know most songs by Al Jolson and The Ink Spots off by heart. I am a major fan of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. That stuff sent me to sleep as a child and has continued to soothe my frayed nerves ever since. Then I have a long classic rock playlist. Not quite so retro, but it wouldn't look out of place on an 8 track. I stole most of them from the Supernatural soundtrack. I got a bunch of anime OSTs in there, regular western movie OSTs, some Muse, Blind Guardian etc etc. While my favourites are a little off, I will listen to basically anything. Except rap. Legitimate excuses to listen to rap are few and far between. Except Professor Elemental and MC Frontalot. Those guys are classy.

TV? I'll watch most things, though if a show is mediocre I won't give it my full attention. If it's really mediocre, N.C.I.S I'm talking to you, I won't even bother. Michael Weatherly, you were cooler in a wheelchair with fashionable stubble. My favourites include amongst their number: Supernatural, Fringe, Buffy, Angel... okay, I guess I'm seeing a theme here. I like monsters as much as I am terrified of them. What can I say. I'll also watch anything by Joss Whedon, or anything that has people in it who have previously worked with Joss Whedon. I don't care what anybody says, Summer Glau was GREAT in Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I do like some comedy. Scrubs is my favourite but I've been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother recently and I'm also devastated that they canceled Better Off Ted. Community was good for a while. And Arrested Development is back again in a few weeks. I can't wait. (Turns out, I could wait. And it was worth it.)

Computer games are something that I am generally pretty bad at but do anyway. While my high school sweethearts were Baldur's Gate and Arcanum (Although there are a few other highschool sweethearts who are unhappy they've been trumped by videogames...) , I've also developed feelings for Team Fortress 2 for obvious reasons as well as the more recent Bioware properties like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. And I can't get enough of Isaac Clarke. He's a pretty great guy. Probably went to space university.

It's come to my attention, though, that my favourite game of all time is Bastion. It's not a long game, nor is it an expensive one, so if you take one thing from this gargantuan wall of text, it should be 'Play Bastion.' It has amazing art, amazing music, smooth, smooth narration, super fun gameplay and an excellent and honestly heart wrenching story all woven together in ten hours of action RPG excellence. Seriously. My highest recommendation.

I roleplay in real life too, outside of computer games. I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise. My favourite genre in which to roll the bones is Steampunk. I adore steampunk. The gritty union between alternate technology and magic just does something for me. My creativity runs wild. Sometimes it causes accidental injury. Privateer Press publishes a roleplaying setting, The Iron Kingdoms. I know about as much Iron Kingdoms trivia as I do real life trivia. Go on. Just ask me. I used to hang out sometimes at this Steampunk themed nightclub event up in Brisbane called Promethius bound. It's the only way you could coax me into going to a nightclub, but the looks you get there and back due to the quasi-Victorian outfits and weird technological accouterments is worth every minute in that stifling underground hole with loud music and the smell of stale beer.

My tabletop life isn't restricted to Roleplaying. I enjoy boardgames, from titles as simple as Articulate and Pictionary to as complicated as Arkham Horror or Puerto Rico. I used to play Magic: The Gathering, but I managed to wean myself off the cardboard crack some years ago. I've been playing Warmachine for about seven years now, but I also have starter armies for Heavy Gear, Malifaux, Flames of War, Uncharted Seas, Confrontation, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Firestorm Armada and Tau from Warhammer. (Technically not mine. A friend joined the service and left it in my garage.) I want to be in a position to throw down in any game somebody wants to play, and am always happy to learn new ones.

I like anime and manga too, but have been out of the anime loop for a long time. My favourites include Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, Trigun, Cowboy bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Stellvia Of The Universe, FLCL and a TB more of runners up. I've been gradually re-imersing myself in weeaboo culture, mostly by catching up with all my old anime friends I drifted away from a little. Slowly, but surely.
The six things I could never do without
My hardcover signed copy of Nightwatch by Terry Pratchett.
My box of dice.
My computer, and all that entails.
Something new to watch, read or listen to.
My broadband connection.
I guess my classy New King James has got me through some stuff too.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the apocalypse. Yeah. I said it. The end of the world really, really worries me. I've read my Max Brooks, watched my Romero, paged through my Robert Kirkman. I've got a knife-broom, the ultimate zombie defense weapon, sitting beside my desk in case of apocalypse. Now while I'm firmly grounded in reality enough to understand the slim likelihood of some doomsday event (And the unlikelihood of me surviving the catalyst of any apocalyptic scenario), that doesn't mean I shouldn't spend a little time preparing. Those zombies sure aren't going to kill themselves...

Now I'm focusing on a writing project. For a given value of 'focusing.' I guess. I've created some characters that are so very real to me that sometimes when my mind wanders they have conversations amongst themselves on their own accord and I just write those down in a text document and every now and then I make sure they are in the correct order. Eventually I'll have enough for a book.
On a typical Friday night I am
Wishing that some form of shenanigan was happening. I'm not a drinker, so this means I have to get creative. Be it as simple as playing board games into the early morning, or as complicated as getting lost on Tambourine mountain looking for a great place to set up a telescope, sometimes a Friday night spent with my recliner and a movie just doesn't cut it. Other adventures include driving until we get lost then wandering around in dark forests, setting bonfires and staring idly into the flames or heading down to the local pub for a Trivia Night...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have enough space between my big toe and index toe to add an entire other toe on both feet. Unsurprisingly I find thongs very comfortable.

My family has a curse where the males eventually end up being referred to by a shortened version of their middle name. I am terrified that people will learn my middle name and shorten it.

I am irrationally afraid of Zombies, Velociraptors, Bears and Sharks.

I sat through all of Epic Movie. It wasn't as bad as everybody insisted.

I often hold long conversations with animals. While I do not posses the ability to communicate with them, this has never stopped me. People witnessing such conversations are alarmed and confused when I continue as if said animal had answered a question or refuted a claim.

I occasionally grow seasonal beards.

A few months ago some friends took me to a sports game. And I watched while my 'home team' played sports. And I cheered. Loudly. I'm so sorry.
You should message me if
You live down under and didn't run away after the first wall of text. Maybe the goal of this site is to get into a relationship, and it's been a while since I got my last radical heart-ectomy, but I'm more than happy to friend like there's no tomorrow if that's all you're looking for.