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My self-summary
HALT! Do not continue IF:
I'm just kidding y'all, what's goin on? If you're already confused, then well I don't know what to tell ya. I don't have a southern accent, just so you know. I just say y'all. I speak more california-like. Not like a valley girl just regular ass talking!
But I was raised in Georgia. Born in Cali. You should be aware that I basically type how I talk. I know good and well how to write properly and professionally and all... I'm just a casual gal, and well I'm being conversational. I'm not writing an essay here I'm just talkin.

Now for a formal introduction by way of luring you with my incredible dance moves.

Yes, I know. You're already impressed by my choreographic prowess.

So here's the gist:
My name is Christel Vinot (pronounced like 'crystal' and 'VEE-no')
I'm a composer (have a bachelor's degree in music composition)
I've played the cello since approx. 1997 and play in a symphony.
I like to draw. Sometimes stuff like this, and this. And if it's more to your taste, here's something more serious. Also, a delicious lobster.
I've recently ventured into the realm of video production,
primarily video editing (I have a 'Certificate of Completion' from
the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Hey it's no real degree but it's some feet in the water.) And in case you were wondering, which I know you WEREN'T, those dudes from that vid I edited are also these dudes. Watching them is like watching a visual symphony. However, as you can tell, their dancing still isn't quite as good as mine.
I'm a near-full-time hostess at a restaurant (this is for the moola since I totally support myself and all. lol barely).
I am a professional dancer. <-- This one's a lie. Although I wish I was a ballerina.

Since I'm a composer here's some of my cool music:
Escape of the Lost Fairy

And this is one of my more sophisticated and technologically advanced works. Also, stand back due to radiation.

I never really considered myself a singer but here I am singing a capella with myself:
Honey Pie
^ serious stuff ^
Not so serious stuff.

It seems like I do a lot of stuff. And well, I do. But I'm still lazy as hell.

I am passionate about kitties. Especially my big fat Gray Toad! I toadally dig the Toad. Oh, that's my cat for some reason. He's not gray either. (Update: the Toad passed away 10/29/13 RIP my loveable Toad.) My previous kitty, Star, was my best pal for like 15 years. I even wrote her a symphony after she disappeared/died. I recently rescued a kitty from a tree at a nature preserve... so I kept it. So now I have a lil kitty here with meeee yay! Her name is Reyna but I usually call her my poopy pie... or poopy pear. Or cutie poo. Whatever I call her, it always has to do with poop for some reason.

I don't pay a whole lot of attention to my cell phone. I say that because everyone I see pays a lot of attention to theirs. If there's a reason though, then I'll pay attention. But I don't normally have reasons. I just check it like once a day for messages, if I remember. It's a very lame, basic phone, because I don't care. Anyway. This is so interesting.

I know a lot of girls like to get their hair did. And their nails did. I don't get any of those things did. That's a waste of money when I can just do all that shit myself. I don't even do my nails at all though so... I hope you like short, nail-colored nails.

I don't think I could be with someone who describes himself as "normal" or "simple" or "average". Weirdness and complexity are where it's at. There are exceptions, however.

"I like to have fun." is the dumbest thing anyone could ever say. But I mean I won't judge you for it. It happens.

I don't live with my parents and it's a total turn off if you do unless you have a very good reason! I don't expect you to have your own place (I have a roommate myself) but self-sufficiency is kind of important. If I can work in a restaurant and still afford rent, car note, insurance, etc, then no doubt so can you.

Don't get offended if I don't respond to your message. It doesn't mean I don't like you. But it might mean that.
I could be starting to date another dude, who knows. It could mean anything so don't be mad or sad k? Be Sweden.

Sometimes I get emails saying someone has "chosen" me. I'm not sure what that means so I just delete them. If a dude likes me he'll send a message, so it doesn't matter, right?

Do you have a buncha pics of you in the mirror holding up a cell phone? If so, you must learn that variety is the spice of life. I mean I would kinda rather see you in your element or something. But not AN Element. Those look dumb. And just a suggestion, SMILE. No smiling pics makes you seem like a sad man. No one wants a sad man. Or a mad man. Unless it's the cool kinda madman who's all evil and intelligent and shit. Mmm... you know I used to have a crush on SIDESHOW BOB. lol I can even remember his theme music. That meloncholy horn theme all filled with evil and junk.

Do you have any pics of your abs? That's a good-girl repellent, if you didn't already know. So you're either looking for someone shallow to have sex with, or you are extremely dumb. Either way, not interested!

My favorite movie character ever is Colonel Hans Landa, the Jew Hunter from Inglourious Basterds.

I have a fascination with North Korea.

I have an obsession with fear.

I'm goofy.
What I’m doing with my life
Well listen I'm feelin a lil violated here with all these personal questions. Even though this is only the second one. Okay okay well I'm interning at an entertainment company as a video editor. Well really, they call me their "assistant project manager" now and actually pay me sometimes. Lately I've been editing a lot of their dance clients' concept videos. Meanwhile, working as a restaurant hostess and certified host trainer. Needless to say, I pretty much know all there is to know about hosting at a restaurant. I hate training though. So it sucks that I'm a certified trainer.. lol. I mean I can't say no to more money. I mostly like trying on sunglasses that people leave behind. I also tend to constantly dance, or something.

I perform regularly as a cellist in the Southern Crescent Symphony Orchestra. Listen to us play Camille Saint Saen's Arabian-sounding Bacchanale from 'Samson and Delilah'. Or Cesar Franck's dramatic Symphony in D minor! And here is the magnificent Unfinished Symphony by Schubert. We may not be perfect but man, those are people who really love to play dude. I REALLY love to play some intense ass symphonic music. Especially as a member of the thunderous cello section! Too bad our Russian concert didn't get recorded, because that was my fave. I recently composed a symphony that was performed in the fall of 2012. I also sometimes do stuff with this group called the Atlanta Cello Project. While I love performing in my symphony, I love performing chamber music the most. Unfortunately, I hardly ever get to play chamber music these days. I do lots of music and art crap. It's my thing. But video crap is also becoming my thing now. I call things I love crap apparently. As far as my identity goes, I am, and always have been, a composer first. I sound all serious. That's a bong in that pic. Yeah I be smokin weed.

I like to ride my bike when it's not broken.

I haven't ridden my bike in forever.

Oh, I recently moved from Morrow to Forest Park, w00t! Southside shawty.
I’m really good at
Composing. Especially film composing. I've written lil scores to commercials and my own movie shorts. I think I'm really good at a lot of things but that probably takes the cake. I write for all kindsa ensembles but my fave? Symphony orchestra. The complexities drive my mind wild.

My recent symphony is actually a total reorchestration of the piece I featured above, Escape of the Lost Fairy. While it keeps the same general themes, it's greatly expanded, has some altered harmonies, and also has some totally new material. Check it out:

So here, this is a fake commercial I wrote, shot, edited, did the voice-overs, 'acted' in, and composed the music for:

And I think I will also answer what I'm really BAD at, since I seem only awesome at things according to this profile. I really suck at math. I took algebra 2 in middle school because they assumed I was smart, because I was so awesome at everything else. lolz... nope. So, I took it again in high school... failed. Then took it again in summer school. We watched a lot of Family Matters. Then when I got to college... oh man, I had to take 2 math classes BEFORE the lowest level math class (college algebra) because I did so awful on the math placement test. Oh yes, and THEN I actually had to take college algebra three times before I passed it. I actually ended up going an extra semester dedicated only to math. Luckily I had scholarships up the wazoo so it wasn't a problem. So yeah, I suck. But hey I can orchestrate a symphony no prob.

(p.s., yes studies show that math and music go hand-in-hand and those who are good at one tend to be good at the other, so I dunno what to tell ya.)

Also, I'm not good at folding laundry. It's really hard and I don't quite understand it. I do it though.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't even know. I think I look kinda like a plain Jane at first, I guess. I probably think that because people are always asking me if they know me from somewhere, or telling me I look just like someone they know. Listen not all white girls look the same k? Also, I'm pretty skinny. But a good kinda skinny, I think. And no amount of food will ever change that so sorry but I won't ever be fat. lol... I said sorry. I can't help the way my DNA made me.

On okcupid, I've gotten a few good comments about my eyebrows. That's so weird, because in real life, people never mention my eyebrows... except to say that I need to pluck or tame them somehow. But I don't wanna.

Oh yeah, personality-wise, people will notice that I'm all nonchalant. I once had a manager tell me I needed to work on that and show more genuine concern for guests. I'm not sure that I have. Okay wait I think I actually have a lil... I'm not the cool rebel you thought I was.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
~ Books ~
Okay well I don't really read books anymore. But I read a lot in high school. My fave was Gravity by Tess Garretson (sp?). (dude, they made a movie outa that wtf I want to see it!) I also liked Lord of the Flies. Also, Plague Dogs by who knows. Getting Back was a good one. My apologies to the authors I can't think of and am too lazy to find out.

~ Movies ~
Inglourious Basterds is one of my faves, if not my fave. Next is Django. Another top movie is Girl, Interrupted. I think Winona Ryder is super cool! I'm a big fan of the Back to the Future's. Team America World Police, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Napoleon Dynamite, Chicago, Adaptation, 21, Coraline, The Shawshank Redemption, Conair, The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Harold and Kumar movies, Borat, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Puppet Master, and more! Oh and I'm noticing that I really like weird and obscure movies. Especially old ones. Cult films and such. And I'm into documentaries now more then ever. I think I've seen every youtube documentary about North Korea in existence.

~ Shows ~
South Park, Seinfeld, Kenny vs. Spenny (Canadian show), The IT Crowd (British sitcom about computer geeks), Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Beavis and Butt-Head, Mr. Bean, The Office, Tosh.0, Futurama, NOVA.
But my tv doesn't work anymore, and I'm all poor so no more tv for me. Sure I have internet but it's just not the same. Plus, I use my computer to do other shit WHILE watching tv... so it can't really work now. I miss it. But at least I have NPR.

~ Music ~
Primarily classical and film music. But I enjoy all music. Nevertheless, I admit I am completely immersed in the classical world and am clueless when it comes to like, bands and popular music. But watch out... every once in a while I'll know some shit. Niggas in Paris shawty. I obviously only know that song because I edited that video.

Wanna see something I really fuckin love?
I tear up almost every time I watch it. It's just so amazing... especially at 5:53ish omg... the anguish in her face rips at my soul. Guys that's what really gets me. Like, I love this shit so much I can't put it into words. All I can do is cry about it because the beauty and intensity is just too overwhelming. I'm so serial. Here's some kinda lil spoof of that cello concerto by some funny girl that makes me lol.

And now I have a new devastatingly emotion-ridden piece of music that I've just discovered. I heard it while driving on a dark, cold, drizzly, gray morning. Already in a melancholy state of mind, this comes on the radio to accompany it so
There's these little string motives that occurs at 1:30, 1:36, 1:41, 1:46, and before that too (but those were the ones that penetrated my soul), that go "short short long" in an escape-tone contour that just drive me CRAZY! And the dark brass... and the pulsing timpani... god I love this heavy Russian shit. That's Rimsky-Korsakov btw.

Here's another one that has grown on me without me even realizing it. God I love these evil ass kids
By my fave composer, Danny Elfman, who writes the SEXIEST FUCKING MUSIC OF ALL TIME.

And something I've always liked.. this is the fourth movement of an amazing piano quintet (string quartet + piano) by Robert Schumann. I've performed other movements of this piece.

~ Food ~
I mean I like pretty much all food. I am keen to seafood. I don't eat it a lot though I mean it's expensive. But yeah, anything (within reason). Particular random things I can think of are catfish, mussels/oysters, watermelon, gummie bears, fried mushrooms, tuna sandwiches, mushroom and swiss burgers, roast beef, lemon-pepper wings, garlic-parmesan wings, Sonny's BBQ pulled pork with sizzlin' sweet sauce, Waffle House hash browns capped and covered, chinese buffet, especially when they have the cheesy mussels, corn.
The six things I could never do without
I can't think of anything. I could do without anything. I mean it would suck balls with certain things but I could still do without. I guess the only thing I couldn't do without would be my life. Because then I'd be dead, and unable to do anything at that point.

You know, when I wrote the above I wasn't really thinking about the purpose of the question, which is to see what's important to you. I failed to understand that, until I had started reading other peoples' profiles and saw their answers. But I always just left my answer because I thought it was funny or something. To answer the question a lil more properly... not that I care about properness judging by my answer to the next question but anywho. I don't know if I can come up with 6 but I would definitely say that I can't do without my mom, my cat (Toad) and my recently acquired kitty (Reyna, who likes bein all gayna) OH and my laptop and the internet. I definitely can't do without those. I mean, literally I could, but you know what I mean. Oh an my cello, of course. 90.1WABE Your home for the classics and NPR newz. Music, obviously.
On a typical Friday night I am
Home or at work probably. What's so special about Friday? Why not Saturday? I feel like there would be more interesting answers. Not for me though lol.

But usually, on any given day, I'm either at work, in Atlanta editing videos, or home where I compose or waste time... and of course other random stuff like rehearsals or video shoots or misc. music/video gigs or whatev. I've also recently started mountain biking. Not like on a real mountain, just on those biking trails at the ClayCo International Park. Some are pretty dangerous though, but that's why I like it. I like feeling like I'm about to flip over or fly off the side of a lil cliff.. lol.

I don't really go out socially... or at least, it's a rarity. It's not a time thing, I'm just not super into it. Sometimes I go smoke weed with people. I'm not much of a partier, but one-on-one partying with my mate is definitely awesome.

I don't smoke cigarettes, nor have I ever. Or do any drugs, for that matter. Drugs are bad, mmk?
Weed's not a drug you know ;) lol but alcohol is though, and well I'll drink sometimes. I keep it to a minimum though... usually makes me feel lame.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not telling you, okcupid?

But in total seriousness, I do have a confession. My confession is that I'm a loner. Besides old friends who I only communicate with through facebook, I don't really have friends that I hang out with besides a coworker on occasion, and my best friend is my mom.

I've had this profile up for some years now. Why years, you may ask? Well I don't date very much for one. I've become so comfortable with being alone that I lack motivation in finding a dude, despite the fact that I so desperately desire companionship. I don't actively look... I just wait for messages and unless I'm totally enthralled by the message or the person's profile... I don't bother, sadly. Even if I AM totally enthralled... I sometimes just procrastinate in writing back and then forget about it. I might go on one date every few months, if that. If it's a cool dude, we may have a few dates before I realize he's not right for me and we just end up being facebook friends or somethin.

This doesn't mean I don't know what it is to be in a relationship. I was in a 5-year relationship throughout college. So I know what it's like to be in love and with someone you intend on spending the rest of your life with. I'm telling y'all this because you need to know that I have experience in that realm, and I haven't just been fluttering along my whole life as a single lady. I've also had a couple smaller relationships besides that. But it's been many many years since then.

Honestly I'm sorta tired of regular ol' dates. Going out to eat or for coffee and taking walks and stuff is all good but I guess I just don't feel like it's easy to connect with people when starting off that way. It's forced and difficult. And despite my loquacious profile, I'm much more quiet in “real life”. I just have lots of thoughts. I'm an intense introvert. Anywho what I'm getting at is that I want an activity partner or something. Like... I want to do something on a date. Whether it's making pottery or rock climbing or canoeing or having a foosball or chess tournament. Some kinda sport, or some kinda art. Something besides just having to talk. Because I feel like when you embark on activities with someone, the talking and learning about eachother comes more naturally, and you get a chance to experience eachother in a different way rather than just spewing information at eachother over dinner. Do y'all feel me?

I would like to share a story about me and my mommy. I will have you know, even though I love her and all... she got me a -SHITLOAD- of jewelry one christmas... despite the fact that I tell her all the time how I'm not into jewelry.
Imagine your mom getting you something like... say you never wear hats, and she got you hat after hat after hat... or ties, or whatever. Not saying I never wear jewelry, I was just satisfied with the couple of things I had. Anyway. It was so funny... after opening like, several presents from mommy, I just got this overwhelmingly sad feeling y'all... and I started crying. lol. omg. I couldn't help that I didn't want these things guys. I just felt so bad that she spent SO MUCH money on it, and I didn't even want it. :(
But it's okay because we talked about it or something and I got happy somehow... and so we worked it out to where she'd keep all the ones I didn't want and I'd pick out whatever I liked... and it turned out I really liked a few things. So everyone was happy.

I have another mommy story. Mommy is dating a black man now. His name is TJ... and he looks kinda like my manager named RJ, who is, of course, black. Good ol' TJ and RJ. lol... so one time I told RJ the manager about how my mom's dating a black dude. Then, a few days later, mommy ended up in jail because she didn't finish her community service hours (we already knew she'd prolly have to go) and RJ the manager wanted me to work the next day, but I told him I couldn't because I had to visit mommy in jail. And he was all "what happened?" and I was all "Well, I told you she started dating a black dude..."

Despite me being an agnostic and not believin in god or religion and all, I feel pretty at home in a church. Being a musician, I play in churches on a regular basis. Plus I think they're often architecturally stunning and atmospherically dark yet magical and mysterious. I can dig a church gig.

Okay well here, this isn't private or anything but maybe someone will relate or think it's cool... anyway, as a kid I played a lot of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy for Super Nintendo. I mean it was my favorite thing.

Anyway, I still play it sometimes on my computer. Here's a couple a screen videos or whatever you'd call em of me playing:
Castle Crush
Parrot Chute Panic

Cool or lame? You be the judge.
Oh, and read the video's caption on Castle Crush to learn more about me.

And listen, when it comes to these DKC screen videos (oh, there's more!) I'm just trying to survive okay I'm not trying to get all the fancy hidden shit alright just deal with it. Occasionally I might attempt but that's because I just forget that I don't mean to. But as you will see, I'm a skilled survivor.

And I think it's exciting to die and lose your lil back up guy, because then any lil thing could kill you dude your life is on the LINE. It actually gets my heart rate up knowing that at any moment... it could all be over. OMG am I lame for being so thrilled by that?

Watch the documentary Blackfish and you'll see what I mean if you don't already.


I will leave you with what is the most amazing thing I've ever seen/heard in my LIFE. Now I used to have a Danny Elfman thing here but I changed it okay... this is Pilobolus.
I’m looking for
  • Guys who like girls
  • Ages 24–31
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if're okay with the following facts about me:

I'm an agnostic.
I don't care if you believe in god, but you have to NOT care that I don't. And if you have to think about it, you might as well move it along, bub.

I'm keepin my name. Don't ask why, that's dumb. I wouldn't ask you why you'd want to keep your name. It's your name. I expect you to want to keep it.


One thing I can't stand is a cynical dude who thinks there are no good women out there, or thinks they're all a certain way or something. At the same token I hate women who say there aren't any good men, calling them all liars and cheaters or whatev. This is so insulting to all the worthy, awesome catches out there and quite frankly pisses me off.

I've come to realize that there is one main thing that I look for in a long-term mate. I believe it's the most important thing, for happiness purposes. The thing I value most in a dude is good company. Someone I can spend hours with and just enjoy them. And there's no way to determine what kinda person makes good company, because there is no "kind". It could be anyone.

My profile is riddled with links! Some of which are probably broken.
Thanks for reading, if you did. I'll understand if you didn't.

And just so you know, a profile of this magnitude doesn't just happen over night. I've been around a while.

Just because okcupid says I'm online now, does not mean I'm online now. I'm usually not. I'm just tired of getting messages from people thinking I'm about to reply right then and then getting confused when I don't. I never reply right then. lol.


update - feb 12, 2013
It's been a minute since I updated this profile. I don't like how much crap I put in it. I want to take some stuff out but I'm too lazy. lol. Too lazy to put less information. Adiosss chupacabrassss!!1!