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41 F Reston, VA

My Details

Last Online
May 19, 2009
Hispanic / Latin, White, Other
5′ 9″ (1.75m)
Body Type
A little extra
Not at all
Agnosticism, but not too serious about it
Gemini, and it’s fun to think about
Dropped out of space camp
Art / Music / Writing
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Seeing Someone
Relationship Type
Has kids
English (Fluently), Spanish (Okay), French (Poorly), Other (Poorly), Ancient Greek

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My self-summary
I'm moving out! My new account is under HypogeanAngel, if you want to get in touch with me. This account will be disabled shortly. So for now the other account is just a copy of this one. This one, however, will no longer be updated, whereas I update the other one more often than is probably healthy.

I'm looking for some incredibly good friends. Someone to talk with primarily online. Possibly hang out with offline too, but since I'm a hermit I'm not too sure about that. But seriously, I can't stress this enough. I am *not specifically looking to meet people offline*. I don't think people read this when they skim my profile because the last few messages I've gotten have been "U seem cool. Lets meet for coffee!". The last thing I want to do is meet you for coffee. Can't we just be friends?

I enjoy joking around and laughing. A lot. I hate being made to take stuff seriously because really, there's only so much serious stuff a person can take. My sense of humor can best be described as dry. In fact, I'm using it right now. I also use a lot of hyperbole and parody. If you don't know me well you might not know it's parody. It's okay to ask. I can also be downright silly, but that's sorta spontaneous and I can't quite conjure it just editing a profile. You'll just have to catch me some other time. :P

There, now I've put a smiley so you know how just fun and exciting I can be.

I was born and raised in Washington DC, which is neither in VA nor MD as some people seem to think it is. I sold out several years ago and moved to the boondocks and I still have mixed feelings about this. On a more or less related note, I'm not looking for local people. Local people are right outside my door - some are even right in my house! When I'm on the World Wide Web it infers, at least to me, that I'd like to meet people all over the world.

I'm polyamorous - the normal kind, not the fetish kind. All this needs to mean to you is that I expect you not to go into some jealous rage on me, and in return I'm not going to go into some jealous rage on you. Ever. Strictly speaking I'm bisexual but I love love LOVE men. Women are fine too. But men are my soft spot. That said, I'm intimidated by couples. As much as I may fantasize about being tag-teamed by, say, really hot legally-aged twins of either gender, I am not up for the Husband & Wife Duo. I just feel weird mixing apples and oranges. We can still be friends.

I score INTP pretty consistently both with shrinks as well as the dorky online tests. I don't necessarily agree that I am INTP, although it fits pretty well. I could also do ENTJ, but if a gun were held to my head I'd have to describe myself as INSTP. If you just said to yourself, "Wait a minute, there's no INSTP!", I'm going to think it's adorable how much of a rule-follower you are. Don't get me started on Enneagram! 5w9. What!

I love geeks. So far any flavor of geek seems to be fine with me. I am also a geek, but not the sort that one tends to think about when one thinks of geeks. Maybe I'm more of an UnGeek.

I live under a rock. I don't go out much and I don't really keep tabs on what's going on in the external world, although I do plan to take it over someday. I don't care for polytricks (politics).

I'm into honesty and communication. This doesn't mean I'm going to corner you so we can talk about our feelings, it just means I'm going to be completely real with you and I will expect you to be real with me, too.

I'm Obsessive/Compulsive. I have to analyze things. So like, you could tell a joke or form a hypothesis and I'll get it and chuckle (or appreciate) and all, but I still have to dissect it and come up with something else. That will ruin it for you because you'll think it totally went over my head and feel you have to explain it, but it didn't and you don't - I already got your joke or grokked your hypothesis; I simply moved on and began dissecting and what-iffing. Sometimes I overcompensate for this by joking maybe a little too much, but I do it too dryly and get taken too seriously/mistaken for not having a sense of humor in return. This is annoying and I'm not sure what to do about it.

I like to call myself Agnostic, but I'm really a Nihilist. I'm also a Pacifist.

If we have a high-ish enemy score and I looked at your profile, that's probably why - just wondering! It kinda blows my mind that I'd have an enemy. Other reasons I'm checking your profile: Low enemy score, or I'm trolling for new authors or artists or tests to check out or you were in my quiver. If I've checked your profile more than once in a short period of time, it's because I'm a ditz and forgot just that quickly.

I don't believe in legalized marriage and I can't have any more kids. If that's just fine with you, please continue reading:

Esta cosa me dice que tengo que tener algo en dos idiomas. Bueno, aqui esta.

I am an irreverent angel, a verbal pyromaniac, and I Rock
What I’m doing with my life
Working like a fiend on the books, stories, commune, websites and non-profs. Studying religions to better my church. Raising kids (mine and yours), collecting music and literature, trying to get my act together. How about you?
I’m really good at
Analyzing/Informal Psychology.
Doing everything but what I need to do.
Conforming rules to fit my own standards.
Writing/Editing/Reviewing/Fact-checking, constructive criticism; I also make a good Muse.
Being Responsible.
Knowing Myself and being honest with this knowledge.
Putting stuff in order. Compulsively.
Knowing where apostrophe's go.
See, that was a joke... oh nevermind, you had to be there.
Staying calm and reacting appropriately in emergency situations.
Dealing with difficult people.
Forgetting stuff that other people consider important.
Remembering stuff that other people consider trivial.
Creating languages, mastering dialects and vernaculars, spelling.
Loving people for who they are. No matter who they are.
Understanding stuff, no matter how weird it is, and making it sound logical even if it didn't start out that way.
Turning that frown upside-down.
Putting brackets around random words.
Playing Stalker Tag.
Making OkCupid better.

Things I'm not good at:
Getting out of the house for its own sake.
Technical terms.
Getting in shape.
Making Money.
The first things people usually notice about me
I seem to be pretty dominant even though I'm quiet. I really can't help it; I tend to lead from the back.

Sorry, this Dominance thing does not carry over into sexual activity.

I'd actually *prefer* not to dominate. But I haven't found the man or woman who could dominate me; I need someone who's more of a "mastermind" rather than aggressive or physically abusive and those are hard to come by.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: "Finnegans Wake", by James Joyce is a favorite. Chinua Achebe, Neal Stephenson, and lately Robertson Davies. And hey, Bathroom Readers are always good for short-term entertainment. I really spend a lot more time writing than reading these days.

Movies: The Saint, Usual Suspects, Grease (don't ask), Boondock Saints, Smokin Aces, Fight Club, Southland Tales, Blues Brothers, the original Night Of The Living Dead, Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Red Violin.

Music: Anything. Really. Right now favorite genres are Soca, Classic Rock, Funk, Trance, "Downtempo", Soukous. I am a Funkateer. Artists I like a lot are Tosca, Yellowman, Machel Montano, Blackalicious, Donna Summer, Cyndi Lauper, Aterciopelados, Orishas, Bootsy Collins, Conjure One, FC Kahuna, Goldfrapp, Meiway, Etta James, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Rose Royce, Jesse Johnson, De La Soul, Fried Funk Food, Handel, The Rolling Stones, Isaac Hayes, Funkadelic, Kosheen, The Who, Aerosmith, Oku Onuora, Linton Kwesi Johnson, the Teddybears, Thievery Corporation, The Brand New Heavies, Young MC, War, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Rupee, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, James Brown, Tito Puente, CSNY, Gary Numan, John Holt, Papa Wemba, Dusty Springfield, DJ Food, Al Green, Faithless, Parliament, Sugar Minott, Bar-Kays, General Trees, Alpha Blondy, Mandrill, DJ Rap, Michael Jackson, The JBs, Bloodstone. I'm not listing all these people/groups to be pretentious; I'm doing it because music is a good starting point of conversation, and conversation is how we get to know each other - whether you love, don't love, or don't know any of these guys, it's all a potential conversation-starter.

Food: Anything. Obviously. I guess just about any kind of salad is pretty high up there. I seem to have an aversion to most fruit, though.
The six things I could never do without
Gel pens. Six of em. First choice black, second choice any. Paper would be nice too, but I wouldn't want to put you out.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Too much. So whatever's at the top of the list at the time is going here, and then as it gets old but still relevant(?) it's going in the journal.

Sex with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Why people only want to meet people in their own area when the medium they've chosen gives them access to the entire World.

And for that matter, why all the profiles I see no matter where they are in the world are in English. And why there are never any in any other language. I really find it hard to believe that as open as okcupid's supposed to be, we're only allowed to see one language posted at a time? That can't be right...

Becoming so non-judgemental that I just don't care about anything anymore - like on the questions where they say "how important is the other person's answer to you", I almost always say "irrelevant" - I mean really, why would it be relevant? It's not like I'm going to love someone less for having a different opinion, or love them more if they share mine. Strangely I get scored "more selfish" for this.

Minor Annoyance: "How well do you know the 80s" tests written by people who don't seem to have been there.

Okay, I really don't spend that much time thinking about these things (except for the sex). They cross my mind sometimes when I'm here. Which is often, when I'm procrastinating. Which is often.

If you really want to stump me, ask "What do you do?". That question is so profound I just blink and if I don't change the subject or ignore you outright I'll be stuck for days. Better yet, just please don't ask this. If you want to know what I "do", please refer to the "I'm Really Good At" and "On A Typical Friday Night I am" sections; the others may help you, too.
On a typical Friday night I am
Rejecting everyone in my quiver because they didn't hit me up first. And working, of course. That means I'm probably spending time with my kids, writing, archiving music, emailing, designing/planning a website or logo for a non-prof, halfassedly watching some cop show/horror flick/documentary on TV, hanging out online, playing a video game, or... I could actually be at my other job, cuttin' up and/or still working on the above stuff, minus the TV and internets.

...Apparently I'm supposed to be saying "There is no typical Friday night!". Like, oh em gee, I'm so totally spontaneous and my life is so wacky that even I don't know what I'm doing til I'm almost done! Nah. My work time is pretty predictable, Friday-wise or any day I don't have off, really. If it's Friday and I'm not found doing any of the above please send a posse out after me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was "warned" by okcupid once because I put up a picture that wasn't me. It was a painting of a flower by Georgia O'Keeffe. They were right to remove it; it was obscene.

That wasn't really private, was it? So here's something else: I'm a celibate (by choice) nymphomaniac (by affliction). Can't wrap your head around that? How do you think I feel??

Hmm. Now that I've divulged, that's not terribly private either.

I am an Angel, and I can help you.
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi girls
  • Ages 27–68
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
There is no "if" - you should message me! Above all, because having one more friend never hurt anyone.

But you want ifs? Do you really? Here you go:

-If you've read my profile.

-If you can explain the Meet For Coffee Thing.

-If you are female and think I should be more of a lesbian.

-If you know yourself.

-If you too are just trying to figure everything out.

-If you think you can talk me out of my celibacy,
and it won't involve begging or cajoling.

-If you think you're a lot like me.

-If you think you're nothing like me.

-If you don't feel threatened by the fact that I pose no threat.

-If you remember hanging out at Hains Point.

-If we have a very low "enemy" score.

-If we have a very high "enemy" score.

-If I'm in your Quiver.

-If you are a priest, rabbi, shaman, or any cleric of some sort.

-If you are either black, white, green, brown, purple, red, yellow, or any combination thereof.

-If you are male, female, transsexual, or androgynous.

-If you are homosexual, bisexual, straight, egosexual, asexual, or undecided.

-If you are between 0 and 120 years old. Or if you exist outside of time.

-If you think 'Political Correctness' sucks.

-If you want to help me take over the world, or compare notes about how it should be done... I'm not sure I'll divulge too much about this, though.

-If you think you could teach me to socialize at the "no sex" level.

-If you think you could fix me or I could fix you.

-If enjoy discussing Meyers-Briggs, have formed your own Personality Type Theory/ies, and/or you are ENTJ or ENFP.

-If you want someone to rant or rave with about anything.

-If you want someone to argue or debate with about anything, or need a sounding-board to test out a hypothesis.

-If you're able to be honest without being rude.

-If you make friends for life. Or at least they'd have to fuck up pretty bad for you to dump them once they're in.

-If you are very religious, and able to engage (or better yet, enjoy engaging) in respectful conversation regarding your religion.

-If you walk your talk.

-If you can tell me how to change the Spanish part of my profile.

-If there's someone or something you need help analyzing.

-If you enjoy theosophical debate.

-If you need good advice without the bullshit.

-If you speak Twi.

-If you are literate, or aspire to be.

-If you're doing an unofficial study of how the okcupid match %s work and want to compare ours. Or official study, what the heck.

-If you are interested in the idea of a non-religious urban commune or group home setting.

-If you want to help me not completely forget my Spanish.

-If you would like help with your English - It's okay, I used to teach ESL.

-If you want to confess.

-If you think people should be nicer.

-If you understand the concept of Loving Everyone Unconditionally, and you love me.

-If you're willing to help me brush up on basic networking stuff - let's say I'm trying to get certified, for instance.

-If you are patient and think you can get me out of the house without begging or cajoling. Bonus points if you think you could do this, are nearby, and would like to be my walking partner.

-If you think you could dominate me mentally. This is *not* the equivalent of being more intelligent!

-If you want to hire me.

-If you need something edited or written.

-If you want to discuss music.

-If you want to turn me on to something I don't know about, music-wise.

-If you'd like to get into a particular genre and don't know where to start.

-If you want to play "Name That Tune".

-If you're tired of me stalking you. This may not solve the problem, though.

-If you can't figure something out.

-If you type vernacularly.

-If you want a different take on something.

-If you want to turn me on to something I don't know about, other-wise.

-If you're a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Atheist and want to debate - I can take any side.

-Actually, if you want to debate anything at all. Just tell me what side I'm on and I'm there.

-If you're looking for something new, or just obscure.

-If you have an idea for a story I could write - any genre.

-If your reasons not to message me don't outweigh the reasons I've given you to message me.

-If you would like to set me up for life by giving me US$250k, I'm totally open to that, too.

Please feel free to IM me. If I'm around I'll definitely respond. And um... not that this has happened or anything, but if I don't respond after a few minutes it's probably because I'm not around. If I return to the computer to see that I've been cursed out or greeted, spoken to, and then rejected for not having responded immediately, I'm going to assume you messaged me solely to let me know you don't care to be friends, and that's pretty weird. If however you are clever enough to realize that just because it seems like I'm at the computer 24/7 I may not be in actuality, I'll definitely respond favorably or at least neutrally when I return even if you're no longer online.

OkCupid says I'm "Very Selective". OkCupid doesn't know what it's talking about.


If you have written to me and I haven't responded to you within two or three days, poke me or something.

Plz seed k thx