28 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
People who are hard to describe are the best people. Self-security is attractive to me and I have an unbelievably precise bullshit detector honed to a razor's edge over years of paying attention. Paying attention is my finest attribute. I see things no-one else can. A good friend told me once she'd pay money to see the world through my eyes. I recommended against it, of course. I might recommend it if you can do that sort of shamanic journeying, but then again, who wants visitors unannounced?

A teacher is giving a public lecture at a fine college, untangling the symbolism in a book. A man stands up and says, "Those things don't mean what you say! you're wrong!"
The teacher asks, "who do you think you are, to know better than I what these passages mean?"
"I'm the author!" comes the reply.
"So?" The teacher answers.

Queer, poly, kinky, picky. Switch, but actually for reals not for cool kink cred so don't get all upset if I come over all switchy because I've told you.

PS I'm super woo. Just a heads up.
What I’m doing with my life
I do medical massage for money.

I'm the volunteer coordinator for a large, recurring kink-positive play party. "Choose a job you love..." as they say. (They is confucius, supposedly)

This year I'm getting back into archery and dance. I'm not sure what new things will come up as well, but I'm always learning.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have really kind eyes.
The six things I could never do without
I'm really big on touch. My body needs it like air. it's not a sexual thing, though the two needs can be mixed. I'm learning how not to be shy about it.

I dig deep into people. I love strongly and quickly and I try to surround myself with the sort of folk my intensity feeds rather than leeches from. Those people are a part of who I am and no less a need than the food I eat.

Can't do without the woods, and the mountains. They hold my heart.

Certain parts of me are alive when I travel. I am nomadic to some degree.

I have a powerful need to be understood, and I make it my hobby and passion to understand others.

Self-expression is paramount to my sanity. I express through dance, song--music of any kind--and through projects and ideas. I write children's stories when they are inside my head and need to come out.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I try to understand humanity.

I think a lot about how I can apply genderfuck concepts to my grossly overpriveliged status. Priveligefucked?

I've become talented at explaining sexism, racism, and intersectionality to white males without making them all scared and fragile. that I pass has a lot to do with it, but I spend a lot of time putting myself in other's shoes and putting my own lived experience into words, then turning it all around and looking at it from other perspectives. I'm priveliged enough to have the experience and education to do it, so I feel it's really my responsibility. ignorance is only an accident once.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cry a lot. I laugh a lot, too.

Sometimes when the chemistry is there, I don't make a move because I'm afraid the intimacy will force the relationship to move too fast, trading the chemistry that I really enjoyed for physical satisfaction that doesn't last. I have my insecurities, but I'm learning.

You should message me if
I like connections. show me who you are and I'll date the hell out of you.

If you share an erotic love of Alt-J's music, we should meet.

Alert! I am allergic to pot smoke. It's terribly inconvenient.