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43 M Redondo Beach, CA

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My self-summary
Please don't read too much into my username. Some of you have mentioned it - you're thinking about it much more than I did when I acquired it. I tried to get "Crazy4You" - it was taken. The computer added "Girls" to the end, and said that was available. I really didn't think anyone would care. I'm looking for one girl not "girls".

On a lighter note: I live in a sailboat right next to the beach! We could walk hand in hand with our toes in the sand. Add a bottle of wine and we'll be feeling just fine - drinking is not required though.

Writing might not be my strongest area. I can write ok, I think, but it takes so long to get the words just right, so they say exactly what I'm trying to say… with no more and no less. One wrong word can change the entire meaning of a thing that is written, and so I have to wonder sometimes of the things I write, when all is said and done, am I gaining ground or losing it? Would I be better off to say as little as possible? I guess that I am kind of hoping that there are those of you who will recognize the advantage of being with a person who has perhaps too much to say over a person with little or nothing to say.

I'm much better with spoken words than I am with written words, and I even have a voice like an announcer. People always ask me if I work for a radio or TV station. When I tell them I don't, they say I should. I've done a couple of small voice over type things. I think I will look into doing more of that.

I'm from California and also New York. When I was 9, my family moved from Costa Mesa to Rochester, NY (between Buffalo and Syracuse). The winters there were cold and long. I've seen it snow in September there, and in May, and every month in between. It was very rural where we moved… we lived far from the city, where the suburbs turned into rolling fields and woods and farmland. It was a totally different place compared to living just a mile from Newport Beach. One good thing about it was that the public schools there are some of the best in the Country, and that was part of the reason my family moved there. That's where I went to high school. I also learned to ski there, but I always missed the beach and the California weather.

Living back east meant that I had a chance to visit many historical places. I've seen the Statue of Liberty, been in the World Trade Center, been to Wall Street, Central Park, been to the place where George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the United States (in NYC). I've also been to Washington, D.C. many times and have visited all the Museums of the Smithsonian. I touched a rock that came from the moon (if you believe we really went there, but that's another story). I have walked up the stairs of the Washington Monument 3 or 4 times, I've been to the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the National Zoo, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (where they print money). I've been to Capital Hill, the White House. I've been to the final resting place of President Kennedy, I've seen the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and I've been to the Vietnam Memorial.
In Philadelphia, I stood in the room where the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights were signed… I even touched the Liberty Bell. There is something to be said for experiencing these things first hand. It makes you feel like you're a part of our Democracy. As a result, I have never really thought of the Government as "they", I consider the Government to be "us" or "we".

I have driven across the country 5 times... 4 times before I was old enough to drive and once by myself. I've flown across the country 10 or 12 times. I've flown or driven from Rochester to Washington, D.C. and back a dozen or so times. I've flown from Rochester to Florida and back 3 times… I've been to Cape Canaveral, Daytona, … I even went to Disney World a couple of times.

One thing I have not yet done is fly on an airplane since 9/11, and I have no plans to fly anytime soon either. Good thing I got in my fill of flying before 9/11 happened. All in all, I have been to more than half of the states but not to all of them, and there is something that I began to notice, which is that everyplace is very similar to every other place. They show the same programs on TV, if you watch TV… I don't anymore. A shopping mall in one city, looks the same as a shopping mall in another city. Stores and restaurants all look the same and they sell the same products. The cars on the roads are the same -- everything is essentially the same. The only difference is that some places have beautiful climates with mountain and ocean views, and some places have brutal winters that can last 3/4th of the year. At some point after living in Rochester, NY for too long, I couldn't take the cold anymore, so I bought a one way plane ticket to L.A., and here I am (back where I started from).

I had been back just a few months and I was looking for a place to live… I went to visit a friend in Marina del Rey where I was exposed to the idea of living on a boat. To me it seemed like the greatest thing in the world. I mean who doesn't want a boat, right? It seems like many people have a dream of maybe one day having a boat, but they never actually fulfill that dream. Most people can't afford a boat -- not one big enough to live on. However, the fact that I could live on the boat made it so it was affordable. Instead of throwing my money away on rent, I decided I would make payments on a boat instead, and live on the boat. It turns out that for the cost to rent an apartment, a person can buy a pretty nice boat instead.

I bought a sailboat that I live on. I even learned to sail and have become a confident sailor... I can teach sailing now. I also became interested in sailboat racing and started to race my boat (my home) in Regattas, and have done pretty well with that... I put together a crew and we started racing in the Wednesday night races hosted by the California Yacht Club. It took a couple of years for us to become competitive, but we eventually won the championship for the season, all 22 races. I should point out that we did this in the beginner division. It was a lot of fun and very close - it came down to the last race.

Now, I mostly sail on other people's boats, and I keep my boat tied to the dock. I can still take it to Catalina with about a weeks notice to get it ready. For the time being, my boat is basically an apartment that happens to float. The water in the Harbor is calm, so you don't really notice that you're on a boat. There's electric and heat, and water, and the internet of course. It's nice and warm on the inside, and totally private. It's also totally dry, even in the pouring rain. I like it.

One benefit of living on a boat is that I live right on the beach. There are plenty of fun things to do here like ride bikes, walk on the beach, play in the waves (try surfing if you want), paddle boarding, kayaking, etc... Everything is uphill from the beach so its nice sometimes to hike or ride bikes up the hill to go somewhere, or just check out the view - the ride home is always downhill, so that's nice.
I bought the boat in Marina del Rey, but I recently moved it to Redondo Beach, where I finally got a "live aboard" boat slip, which is kind of like the Pinnacle of boating in a way - ask me about it.

Here's an example of why I choose to live on a boat: Check out this YouTube video of a blue whale! This was a sailing lesson that turned into whale watching. The voices you'll hear saying, "turn left", are people I was teaching to sail -- it was their boat and I was steering. We were so close we felt the mist from the whale's exhale. The whale was about four times the length of the boat so it was a little scary, but somehow I knew the whale wouldn't hit us.
Watch here:

Would you like to go sailing? Sailing is awesome and a lot of fun. Sailing is just like flying, but without all the dying. :-) I'm just kidding - kinda. I like to crack jokes -

Anyway, like I said, I'm a much better communicator when I'm using spoken words. I think that the internet has great potential for finding each other, but once that happens, I think it's important to get away from the internet as soon as possible - Skype may be okay though.

I never claimed to be an author, but I am confident that I will make a good friend, partner, massage giver, cuddle buddy, boyfriend, lover, etc.

Speaking of finding each other, many of you have stated in your profiles that you think men should do the pursuing, and that you will not make the first move. Many of you think the man should make the first move... As a result, over here on the men's side, we don't receive near the number of messages women receive. I just thought I would point this out… that from a purely mathematical point of view, if you want to initiate something with me, you have a very real opportunity here… if you're cute that is. :-)

If you're thinking about it, say "hello" anyway - there's no harm in that. If you put it off for later, you might not find me again, and then you'll never know the awesomeness we could have shared. Who knows, maybe I'll write back saying I'm interested in you.

Since I'm an advocate of speaking on the phone, if you go ahead and send your phone number, I will call you if I think we're a match. Or you can ask for my number. Also, if I included my number in a message to you, don't take that as anything too forward of me... just take that as me already knowing that I want to talk to you. I'm just trying to expedite the process a little.

E-mailing and text messaging are flawed:
For some reason emailing always seems to get forgotten -- it's like there's too much time between the emails. Email conversations tend to get lost in the fact that we have other things going on in our lives.

I'm a talkative person, and a good listener... I like to ask questions. I'm intelligent and considerate. I try to be the same person all the time, mild mannered and level headed, and drama free. i'm not into people whose mood can change like flipping a switch. I like to have a good time… all the time.

I did some stand up comedy back east, and I'm thinking of getting back into it again here in L.A. (maybe, maybe not, I don't know). Just know this: once I learn what kinds of things make you laugh, I will have you laughing. So, if you like to laugh and have a good time, I could maybe be who you are looking for. Yes, I can be really funny, even over the top at times. I'm all about keeping the mood light and fun, but without missing a beat, I can also be serious, even technical, talking about ideas or inventions, politics, trying to figure out ways to make the world a better place. I also have a few invention ideas and various internet projects I'm working on.

I'm into inventions, technology, making things, fixing things. I often fix people's cars and boats. How is your car running? I also fix computers for people. Sometimes I teach sailing. These are things that I do to get by, but they are not what I really want to do. I have some bigger plans - loftier goals.

My long term goals include perhaps inventing something to make the world a better place... maybe discovering something profound, writing the great American novel is another one - Yeah I may give it a shot. Maybe I need to find someone who can write for me, because I have an endless supply of ideas. Starting a company and taking it public is another goal of mine, as well as doing something with the internet or entertainment - perhaps an internet comedy show... maybe animation. I'm also interested in building houses.

My favorite thing is sharing affection with someone I'm attracted to. I like the way it feels when it is as if there are no other people in the world. After the dust settles it would be nice to find that I am with a person who does it for me intellectually as well. That is what I want. So if you're attractive and also smart, and you're looking for someone you can share physical intimacy with as well as endless conversations about everything and anything, let me know. I won't bite, unless you like to be bitten, but I will only bite softly in any case.

Anyway, sometimes for fun, and to improve interaction on here, I click on the "Quickmatch" feature, and I rate photos (1 to 5 stars). Apparently when somebody gives you a rating of 4 or 5, the computer lets you know. So, If you get an email saying I gave you 4 or 5 stars it means I find you attractive... consider it the first move -- you have one foot in the door. If you want to make something happen, your chances are good - just saying.
[Note: if I am falling asleep while rating photos, I sometimes click the wrong button but that is rare ... maybe 1 in 200. Also if your photo is of a lake or a tree or something (not a person), I sometimes give 4 or 5 stars sarcastically - just for fun.]

So where was I? Oh yes, I like to share affection: I like a lot of touching, caressing, cuddling... in fact, you can think of me as the Mayor of Cuddletown (with a Population of 2). I like to give massages... I have this thing I do during a massage where I use my hands very softly and slowly as I trace the lines of your body - it will give you a goose-bump kind of tingly feeling throughout your entire body - it feels so good.

Maybe it is a bit too early in here to be mentioning this kind of thing, but I'm a guy. I'm not going to lie to you. I am very much interested in getting my hands on that sexy body of yours... Ooops! Did I just tell the truth? Ok, how about this instead; I'm interested in finding a lover, a lover who is also a friend.

I like to be touched and I like touching you. We can glide through life, touching, pushing, pulling, each other. I reach out to touch you, and you naturally move in towards me because you like to be touched... like a dance not necessarily set to music, where the dance-steps aren't predetermined... they just happen naturally. I like it when our bodies naturally sort of fit together...I'm looking for someone who likes to be touched. Do you like to be touched? Do you like having little kisses placed all over your body while you are being massaged? Yes? Well maybe I'm your guy! Am I being too lovie dovie right now… should I not say that kind of thing? Should I not mention that part of my plan here involves me putting little kisses all over your body? I mean, isn't that pretty much something that you ultimately want? Imagine if you invested all kinds of time into some guy only to discover at some point in the future, that the guy really wasn't into touching and caressing you… that he wasn't really into touching you at all -- suppose he would choose to watch sports on TV rather than feel the magic that can result from touch. Maybe worse… maybe he would rather go out golfing with his buddies, and leave you all alone. Well alright, so maybe you've got a great book to read, and maybe you like it when your guy leaves you alone on the weekends or at times… I would think that there are some of you who would find that kind of relationship very disappointing. Well I'll tell you what … that guy probably doesn't mention in his profile putting little kisses all over you. Well I'm mentioning it because this is exactly what I want. And FWIW, I would kind of like to see you not have your nose in a book all day long (living through someone else's story). I would rather that we live life and make our own stories.


I'm creative. I like to write and draw, and play guitar and make up funny words to songs. I recently took up painting... sort of. I painted a few paintings and they came out alright. I'd like to paint more. I like to make things, build things, invent things, learn how things work and fix things. I can fix just about anything that can be fixed. I'm especially good at fixing computers and cars. I know, I said that already.

About you:
Admittedly it usually begins with physical attraction, cause that is the way guys are wired. if you're good looking/sexy you can likely win me over with that. That will get you in the door, and you might even qualify for a free breakfast. :-) I'm just kidding - sort of. Hey, at least I am willing to admit that as a man, I'm looking for a little more than just a friend. :-)

It is basic Human Biology, and men are very much driven by instinct in this area. I am more than willing to discuss it. I'm very much willing to study the cause, and you can study the effect. I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn't mind finding someone who doesn't automatically have animosity towards men for the way we are, but rather someone who wants to celebrate it at times. Do you enjoy being the catalyst?

I want to light a fire in your soul that can't be extinguished, and that's just the beginning. Personally I would like to discover that the Kama Sutra has been rendered obsolete as a result of what we get into. And I'd like to see us ramp things up from there. Am I being too honest? Sorry, I guess I was just kind of hoping that honesty is the best policy. Perhaps for internet dating it really is not -- I guess it all depends on you.

I have always found it hypocritical, the way some dating sites try to hide and/or try to downplay what this ultimately is. Some sites go so far as to prohibit any kind of sexual innuendo written into a profile. They will delete a guys account if he has written anything that hints at sex. Yet they have no problem when a woman writes, for instance, that she wants to find a guy to have several children with. So it's ok to say that you want to have children, but not ok to say that you want to have sex… Why do we force ourselves to lie to each other? Is it because what every guy wants is just so obvious that women for the most part are sick of hearing about it? I find this whole process somewhat odd, interesting, hypocritical… it's like it's ok to hint at something but not ok to say it outright. Is it ok to allude, just don't be crude?

Sometimes when I first meet someone it takes me a little while to become comfortable around them, especially if I like the person. The more attracted I am to a person the more this is true. I'm really not sure why - I wish it weren't the case but it just is. So just know this, if we meet I wont be thinking about this at that time but maybe you'll remember this… If you notice that I seem to become not all that funny, and the things I say are very middle of the road, perhaps I'll speak in a monotonous voice, you'll know why - it's because I like you. If you happen to be feeling the same way too, at any time you can show me a little mercy by saying just two words… say, "kiss me" - you won't have to say it twice, I'll snap out of it when our lips meet… it's that first kiss that is just so daunting.

You know, I think I may have finally figured out the difference between men and woman (maybe). Perhaps it's like this: we all want the same things in a significant other… we all want someone who is kind, and compassionate… someone who is fair and considerate… someone who has morals and is therefore above the need for ill gotten gains… we want someone who is intelligent and funny… someone who is engaging, and likes to communicate, a good story teller… someone who keeps things out in the open and not bottled up… we want someone who is happy and therefore predictably fun to be around as a natural result of who they simply are…. and if that person also causes your mind race with desire, and when their eyes look into yours it makes you feel something you've never felt before… if the sum of what the other person is makes it such that you cannot keep your mind off of them, or your hands - and when they feel the same exact way towards you, that is when you know that it's perfect. So yes, I would say that we all (both men and women) want, for the most part, the exact same thing(s). The only difference, it seems, is that men and women start at totally different ends of the exact same list. Does that make sense?

So maybe it is natural that (initially) you can win me over with the way you look, because men are visually motivated. And perhaps I will win you over with words, and quick wit, and a very dry sense of humor. Perhaps that is how it starts. But just know this, where it may be true that your looks may get you in the door, to keep me interested (down the road), you will need to be a person of intelligence who has opinions and ideas of your own that you like to share with me. You should be a person who likes to communicate… someone who likes to keep things positive, at the surface, loose and light, and predictably free of drama (unless absolutely called for).

Anyway, I'm a people person - I am able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. I treat others the way I would like to be treated. I'm nice, polite, easy going, and level headed - I use words to communicate, and I think that I speak well... For instance, I never use no double negatives -- that was a joke. I'm the type of guy you can introduce to your family, friends, or co-workers, and you wont be embarrassed. By the way, I would never say (to them) anything close to some of the things that are written in here. I know when to shut up… really I do.

I want to surround myself with positive, intelligent, free thinking and open minded people who are not uptight or moody. I like people who enjoy sharing ideas freely with a lot of funny thrown in. I like to listen to various people's ideas about all kinds of things. When people feel comfortable enough to say whatever comes to mind it can get really creative, and really good ideas come from that. I am always learning about something.

I'm into free speech... Anyone can say anything to me - I don't easily get upset or offended. I love to debate things in a healthy and constructive way, and so I also don't mind if someone challenges what I say - in fact, I kind of enjoy it. I view it as a way to strengthen my understanding of a subject. If it turns out I'm wrong, I see that as a chance to learn, and become a better person. So if you ever hear me say something you think is incorrect, I would hope you are the kind of person who will let me know... though you might want to Google it first just to make sure. :-)

By the way, have you ever Googled something, to check on a fact about what a person has said right in front of them, while they are talking? Why do some people get all bent out of shape when someone Googles what they've said to see if it's correct? I don't mind it. I think it's kind of funny, and fun.

So then, please tell me, what do you think of my profile so far? Is there any value in what I have written here? Do you feel like you know me now? Does this make you want to know me more? Do you like my pictures? Do I seem intelligent to you? Or do I seem misguided and lost? Perhaps I am a hopeless romantic, or is it helpless romantic? Do I seem like I would be an honest person? Am I too honest with the stuff about wanting sex? Do you like me? Do you want to have sex with me? Perhaps we could start off slower… maybe I didn't mean to ask that question. What about this: would you like to have a staring contest with me? Would you be open to the two of us getting drunk and playing Twister, for instance? What about a sensual massage? Would you be open to me giving you a sensual massage for say 45 minutes or so, and then we can just take it from there (see where it goes)?
Are you a smart girl who is also sexy? Is it wrong for me to want both? It is wrong for me to be so honest about wanting both? Does every guy want a girl who is sexy and smart? I would think not. I would think there are guys who can't handle it when a girl is smarter than he is, and I would think this causes a lot of heartache for really pretty girls who also happen to be very smart. I'm letting you know that if you are super sexy and exceedingly intelligent, it is the latter of the two that I really crave, after my instinctual desires are fulfilled.

Let me know what you're thinking. I really do want to know.

What I’m doing with my life
Writing, designing, inventing, thinking too much, dreaming, playing guitar, wondering what I should do with my life...

Moving forward I have been interested lately in learning all the finer details involved with ways to raise capital by selling stock (start ups). The internet has brought about a new chapter re: ways securities are sold, and has opened the debate about some regulations. Traditionally businesses raising money are prohibited from advertizing the offering. However, Courts have recently ruled that a web page isn't necessarily an advertisement, so people have effectively found a way around the "no advertising" rules for selling securities. As a result, Congress ordered the Securities Exchange Commission to write up new guidelines which allow the internet as a way to let people know about offerings. This is all new territory... a way for businesses to use the internet to raise capital.

I have about a dozen or so really awesome ideas that I feel are perfect for seeking funding for, and so that is what I want to do.

I really need to get away from this online dating stuff and focus my efforts on talking part in Capitalism. I hope I'm finally getting this "profile" edited to the point where one of you will see the advantage of hanging out with me.

By the way, if you are into raising capital (start ups, etc.), you can be a part of it, even if you aren't my significant other. I've got the ideas - lots of them, that are perfect for getting funding.
I don't want to share them here, but you can ask me about them.

Another thing I started doing recently is voice over work, and they say I'm good. I feel like big things are just around the corner.

I'm a warehouse of creativity.
I am an optimist.
I’m really good at
Saving the lives of sea birds, and sea mammals such as sea lions and seals that find themselves tangled up in fishing gear, or caked in oil or other problems. They often wind up here in the harbor as their conditions deteriorate. Essentially they are facing a certain torturous death, and it is very sad to see because usually they are in their predicament due to the carelessness of humans (polution, litter/fishing gear, etc.). Depending on the situation, I may try to cut them free on the spot, but if the situation is more serious (if it is a big sea lion), I will call the guy from the Marine Mammal and Bird Rescue Center and help him locate and catch/help the animal. It is always nice to see an animal given a new lease on life.

I'm also good at math, sailing, inventing things that are needed, making people laugh, finding humor in just about anything, building things, fixing things. I'd love to be able to add online dating to this list.
I'm good at fixing just about anything to do with a boat, and all types of motors - for a while I was buying cars with no rust and bringing them back east to sell. In the process I learned a lot about how to diagnose and fix engines. Hows your car running?

I am also good at disguising my voice and/or doing the voices of different people.

I'm also good at Sharing affection... I like that more than anything. I like to give massages, and you will love to receive them from me. Would you let me give you a massage, and then decide if you like me? You can just lay there on your stomach, and I will give you the massage of your life. Even though you will be on the receiving end, I will probably be the one enjoying it the most, as I will be drinking you in, touching and caressing you. When I am doing that, I feel content - like I am doing something that matters. By the way, I have this thing that I do where I use just the tips of my fingers very lightly and slowly... It will give you a goose bump kind of tingly feeling all throughout your body. It feels really good. I will win you over with the way I touch you, both physically and intellectually, and with my quick wits and over the top funny personality.
Did you know that I am the Mayor of Cuddle-town? It's true.
The first things people usually notice about me
People often notice that I have a radio voice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I was never one for reading lengthy novels. I prefer reading that gets to the point .... magazines articles, news stories, court decisions, statutes (laws), etc., how to stuff, or DIY (do it yourself) - like things usually found on the internet.

I also like to read the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights once in a while. I usually take something (new) from it each time I read it. It seems odd to me that learning the US Constitution is not a bigger priority with the citizens of this country. I fail to see how anyone can complain about the government until they first learn what the government is. The US Constitution is only a page long - if you print it on a big piece of paper like it was originally written. It's an eye opener - it really is amazing - read the words for yourself, and you will surely realize some things that you didn't know before. Don't let somebody else sum it up for you, or tell you what it says. It was written for you at great expense. If you haven't read the US Constitution, then I would say that you should read that before you read anything else, except my profile.
I think a person's knowledge of the Constitution should be the number one factor used for determining who gets government jobs.

I like to listen to the actual oral arguments of the US Supreme court on the internet. They have been recording them for some time now, and they are interesting.

I like any music that is good:
Here are some of the music groups and individuals I like to listen to. My all time favorite band is the Rolling Stones - they rock. I also like (in no particular order) Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, the Doors, U2, the Who, the Police, Sting, Pearl Jam, 10,000 Maniacs, Greatful Dead, the Beatles, Wings, John Lennon, George Harrison, David Bowie, Maddona, Sade, Simon and Garfunkle, Peter Gabriel, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Beach Boys, Stealy Dan, Carpenters, Aerosmith (still putting out great music), Fleetwood Mac, George Gershwin, the Jackson 5... and I even like Michael Jackson - not afraid to admit it. No doubt there are some that I forgot, oh, there's one..., No Doubt.

I don't like the death music, or the stuff where they sound like they are yelling. If a band has the name "death" in it, then chances are I don't like them.

I do like some Rap - I like when they combine songs (mash ups)... I don't like Rap or any music that promotes violence or crime. I like Will Smith's stuff. I also like Eminem.

There is some newer stuff I like too:
Someone was recently trying to tell me that katy Perry was the best thing going musically. I had never really heard of her... well, I had heard her name, but I didn't know who she was or what songs she sang. The person finally talked me into checking out some of her songs/videos on youtube. I like to have an open mind. I had no idea that she had so many songs that I had heard on the Radio. I must admit she's pretty talented.

I also recently came across another girl-band called Ladyhawke. Check this girl out I think she's good:
Go to youtube and listen to "paris is burning" or "my delirium" - the video for my delirium is an animated water color and very cool to watch.

I also like a group called Empire of the Sun... If you want to see something that is, ... well I don't quite know how to describe it ... These guys crack me up in a good way, and I like the song. Tell me what you think.
Watch here:
The six things I could never do without
I don't feel like thinking about what I can't do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Most recently ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
Have you ever heard of ASMR? If not Google it. (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp. It is described as a tingly sensation that some people experience when they watch another person do something, usually with their hands, and often when it evolves the other person touching something or working on something that they own, and they use their hands in a way that is intricate or delicate. Not everyone experiences it. I have before. I was wondering if you ever have?

For fun, sometimes (not all the time) I enjoy exploring some of the bigger questions life presents us with, such as:
[Note: I am not hanging my hat, or basing my life on any of these theories or thoughts... I just think they are worthy of discussion.]

How did humans begin on earth? Did we come from another place? Are there other people/other life in the Universe? I feel the most reasonable explanation is that humans came here (or were brought here) from somewhere else in the Universe. There is a far greater chance that there is other life in the Universe than not.

Who built the Great Pyramids of Egypt and why?

Does the fact that the same side of the moon faces earth at all times challenge the laws of physics? Things in orbit tend to want to freely gyrate (rotate or spin), but the moon acts more like a glider suggesting it was designed/constructed. This is not my theory - many very intelligent individuals support similar ideas. Another amazing fact about the moon: during a solar eclipse you sometimes see a ring of fire around the moon or the moon totally covers the sun depending on the moon's distance from earth. In other words, when viewed from earth, the relative size of the moon compared to the sun is that precise. The chances of this are astronomically against the notion that the moon is the result of a random collision with an asteroid. The far greater likelihood is that something or some group designed / built it with intent. Just who this was is hard to say... perhaps it was our ancestors... perhaps it was some sort of alien(s). It is certainly interesting to note that all of the worlds religions say that something built the universe.

Do you believe NASA went to the moon? There has been a lot of evidence lately suggesting man never went to the moon.... that doing so is essentially impossible, at this time at least. I'm not really sure where I stand on this issue, but if you google it, you will find plenty of interesting evidence suggesting it was a lie.
I think the astronauts should have been able to jump higher on the moon... like >20 ft up with ease. Ask me why and I will explain the math behind my reason for thinking this. There is another thing about the moon that is totally amazing. I don't want to publish it here just yet, but I will share it with you individually. This will blow your mind - well it should anyway.

This next topic has sparked my interest lately:
Is there a deliberate pattern to the stars in the sky?
I've wondered if there's a pattern to the stars that could somehow prove the universe isn't random. Could it be demonstrated that something built the universe, by connecting the dots and finding a pattern that would amount to a kind of geometric, mathematical "proof" of something remarkable? What I mean is this: If one were to draw lines connecting certain stars, like a connect the dots picture, is it possible that the result could be some sort of complex image? Suppose the result was an image of a 3 dimensional cube, or a cube within a cube, or pyramid(s), or some other complicated shape(s)? If this turned out to be true, and if the resulting image was complex to such a degree that there was no possible way it could be there by random coincidence, this would essentially prove that something with intelligence and forethought deliberately put the stars in their places (built the Universe).
[Note: all the worlds' religions say something built or created the universe. Was it our ancestors? Was it something non human (an alien or an extraterrestrial being)? I'm leaning towards the idea that it was our ancestors who built the Universe, but who really knows for sure?
Shakespeare wrote, "the answer is in the stars" - others have said there are signs in the heavens that are proof of something. The idea that there is indeed something in the sky that is a proof or a sign of something remarkable is mentioned throughout ancient literature. Often they refer to the constellation Orion... "Canst thou loose the chords of Orion" - something about connecting the stars of Orion (with lines) and finding that it forms some sort of shape that could only be there if something deliberately caused it to be there. I've been wondering if there could be something to this.
[Note: if it is true, that there is an intentional pattern to the stars, and that humans knew about this thousands of years ago, it would explain many of the ideas that have been carried down since those times; like the zodiac for instance, and also why every religion claims the Universe was created.]
Imagine if, in modern times, it was discovered (or noticed, or shown, or proven) that the universe is not random, the implications would be quite astronomical - pun intended. What do you think? Do you think something like this is possible?
Anyway, during the last few years, I have always sort of had it in mind, whenever the constellation Orion was in view, to look for any patterns I might be able to find. Well, believe it or not, I think I may have found the pattern, and I will show it to you - it's pretty amazing - I think so anyway.

[Please Note: I don't spend all my time thinking about patterns to the stars, and I'm not hanging my hat on the existence of such. This is just one of many things I find interesting, I sometimes wonder about, sometimes Google, sometimes talk about, etc. Since you have taken the time to read this far, please tell me what you think. Do you think something like a pattern to the stars is possible? Do you think ancient man knew about it, and it was since forgotten, perhaps it was intentionally forgotten. I'd like to know your opinion.]

I also enjoy considering the Pyramids of Giza. One thing is certain... the Pyramids of Egypt are a reality that is very hard to fathom. Did you know; if all the greatest architects and masons alive today were assembled and asked to build something like the Great Pyramid of Giza, they couldn't even come close to matching it? That is how remarkable it is. If tomorrow a UFO landed in a major city for all the world to see, I don't know that it would be any more remarkable than the Pyramids as they currently sit.

I also like thinking and talking about every day things too.
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to figure out if it is possible to meet a girl without binge drinking in bars. Online dating has kept me out of the bars, which is great, but nothing ever seems to come from this.

Maybe I need to totally remake my life... Maybe I should buy a snowboard, get a forearm tattoo that says something rebellious like, "I Don't F-ing Care", and move to someplace like Colorado and just snowboard all day and hang out in bars all night... maybe that's what I should do.

Maybe I'll start going to bars. Thing is, the one I'm looking for probably doesn't go to bars all that much anymore. If I don't meet someone soon, I think I will give up on the internet and start binge drinking in bars again - though I really don't want to.
At least bars seem sort of fun at times, except for the hangover. When you add alcohol to the mix invariably sooner or later a girl will come up and say she's interested (or something like that), maybe decide to kiss me, or let me kiss her (or something) - that tends to lift ones spirits.

By the way, why is it people often must get drunk to simply let another person know they want to be near them, want to touch them, want to kiss them? The way it feels when skin touches skin is so nice and magical. Each one of us has with us, at all times, the ability to make others feel good through the sharing of human touch, etc. They say touch can be as important as water is for humans. Yet the touch of another is a thing we have made such a difficult thing to acquire - we have almost put it out of reach for some... we attribute so many taboos to the subject, rules, social expectations - what's the deal?
Come down here to my boat and hang out with me for a while! Lets see if we are compatible. Hey if I seem a little nervous it is most likely because I like you. If you want to break the ice a bit, ask me for one of my massages... you'll like it. If you let me give you a massage you might not ever want to leave - that's a fact.
I know, how about this? In fact I dare you: You let me give you a nice massage for say one hour, then after about a half hour of that, you can decide whether or not you like me. Maybe that's what I'm trying to say.

Bottom line: I'm nice, polite, funny, smart, I love conversations, and I live at the beach.

I really shouldn't have to play this next card but since you've read this far, I guess I will...
Ok, here goes: I have an extra parking spot here at the beach where you can park for free and never get a ticket. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a place to park at the beach?
- if this doesn't convince you, nothing will.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm currently offering 101 Shades of Grey - that's more than twice the amount offered by those other guys. I'm just kidding around, maybe. I've never actually read that book, so I don't really know what it's about. I've only heard that a lot of women seem to like it, and that it is very hot, and it might involve the guy tying the girl up with neckties and then ravaging her body. If you think you might like that, I have no problem with that - it sounds like fun, and I'm sure I will do it better than the guy in the book, because I'm your one stop shop for whatever your heart desires. By the way, I'm even willing to skip the tying up with neckties part as long as you'll hold still :-)

So what do you think? Do you like me or what? I guess that perhaps I've said too much in some places in all of this - I am starting to think the "less is more" approach would have been a better way to go. On the other hand there has got to be some of you who are into things like conversations that never end. I have hardly scratched the surface in trying to describe the things that I like to talk about, at least by now you should know that's true. For everything I've said here there are probably thousands of more things waiting to be shared, but now it's your turn to say something. So please do.
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