24 Lafayette, LA
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My self-summary
I enjoy simple associations with intricate conversations. I'm rather simple to entertain, I enjoy someone that can be content with conversation over dinner, or an adventure till morning.

My name is John. Well, that's not my real first name. It's my middle name,Well one of them and no, I'm not concerned with some internet stalker type thing, I prefer the way my middle name sounds coupled with my last name so I've recently decided to start going by it.

Let's be realistic and admit that you're not going to read this entire profile.

I'm not here for a date. Check the side bar.
Yeah, underneath it all. I can be your perfect guy.
Not really.
I'm not conceited, quite the contrary. In fact, if someone catches my fancy, I become extremely bashful.

If I messaged you, I probably didn't come out with some amazing one-liner compliment because, I simply don't do that, Sure I believe lines like that might have their place, but only at certain times.

If I viewed your profile and didn't message you, feel free to message me. I probably viewed it and got distracted before I got more then a few lines into your profile. Unlike the majority of people who say it, I'm actually up for talking to new people, As long as they are intelligent enough to properly articulate themselves within reason.

I suppose it would be a good idea to forewarn any readers of my sense of humor. I'm extremely sarcastic.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working towards my future, and I'm working my figurative ass off. I figure if I elaborate what I'm working towards, there would be very little for people to get to know.
The first things people usually notice about me
If I'm on my bike at a stop light, They probably notice me preforming a perfectly choreographed stationary dance to "Bye bye bye" by N-Sync.

That's whats up.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Theory of a dead man, D-12, Garth brooks, Three doors down, luther vandross, 3OH!3, Eminem, Panama, B.o.B, Crossfade, Gorillaz, Mudvayne, Korn, Bruno Mars, etc..
I'll listen to anything besides gospel, screamo and "Death metal"

Sigh I miss books. Never really have time to read lately.

This is a broad subject for me. I'm in the food industry. That pretty much explains that. Also, I've been baking since I was 3.
Yeah, and I still have my man card.
No longer in the food industry, Jus sayin'
I don't feel like updating this entirely with what I do now, so ask me!
The six things I could never do without
A sense of humor, I can't go a single day without cracking a joke.
Intellectual conversation.
I'm not going to jot down ridiculous things like my car, my phone, the internet because I would be lying, But I'm also not going to put the obvious necessities such as food,water,etc. because that would be retarded.
So if I think of any others, I'll be sure to make haste in adding them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future.
How what I do today is going to effect what I am tomorrow.
And who I am in 10 years.
You know, same shit as everyone else.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a thong and a pair of high heels in my closet.
They're for my alter ego, Angela.

You should message me if
You weren't scared by the last section, go ahed. Push the button and send me a message. The worst thing that'll happen? We don't hit it off and never talk to eachother again. Scary shit,right?