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29 Zagreb, Croatia Man


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Straight, Sapiosexual
5′ 11″ (1.81m)
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Mostly vegetarian
Other, and laughing about it
Capricorn, and it’s fun to think about
Dropped out of two-year college
Science / Engineering
Strictly monogamous
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English (Fluently), Croatian (Fluently), German (Poorly)
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Profile updated 27.07.2015.

Hello everyone! :)

Profile is for girls (or women who feel like that) located (almost) everywhere! Limited time only and in limited quantity! But wait! Thats not all! There's more! If you're the quickest of them all and you pass all the traps and tests - you win free dancing lessons! You know, with additional things like martial arts sparring partner, terabytes of movies & series, silver kitchen set of knives, 1+1 hair shampoo's and so on... ;)

The profile will be too much for 90% of the people here (or anywhere, lol)... So dont worry, if you dont want to spend too much time reading this profile... you will find out soon enough am I your type of people... ;).

It is intentionaly written this way (long and in specific tone) because as much as you think that only guys are assholes, cheaters, liers and lazy idiots, I've been (too) long on this kind of sites (and in bad relationships) that I can say that "bad ones" exist in both camps and that the score is the same! Dont get me wrong, I KNOW how guys can be idiots, I am not defending them at all... The guys who are worthy do not have to be deffended or to defend themselfs... And I wont defend myself (exept from those who look for a fight ;), I will just say who and what I am and its up to you to find out the rest... A.k.a. the mistery mode - ON :P...

So, try me and see if I'm different... ;)

Okay, lets start......

Since the last profile was getting really long (10 000 words, 45 000 letters) and there were very few people who could read it whole (kinda says it all in what world we live, attention span less than 1min), there, just the real basics (basic explanations what can you expect, so that we dont have any misunderstandings right at the beggining or in the future)...

And no, its not better if I write less because I am not small simple character wich you will be able to control :P. If you want someone who is wholesome, complete, versatile, talented, open, loyal, responsible, serious and "little" crazy (in a good way) - this is what you get ;)...

You can find a lot of aditional info in my answers on questions... Since I answered alot of them (over 2600 of them, lol), I find that usualy first 10 pages are populated by most important questions and answers... So, take your time, go through first 5-10, take a look around profile and if you like it, message me (if I didnt already messaged you first. I do not think that guy absolutely must first message the girl... Dont be like that. I dont bite if you know how to behave)... Be different, be a friend first. Maybe it will pay of ;).

Who wants to know more, inbox is open. If you want, you can even get that longer, more detailed profile. It is also nicely separated by chapters, devided into 3 lenght parts for easier reading and so on, but it is much more, hm, revealing ;). Oh and there is no point in pressing "Like" (exept if we both click it) cause only A-list users can see that ;).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Since its hype to throw in a link with some powerful words, here, some thing I was listening the other day ;)...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Since I first wroted the "You" part below this "Me", this "Me" will be just the basics. Character info without life events, life experience, knowlege level and so on. So that you get "Mistery Experience" :P. Although if you want that, you can go read a book or watch a movie. Because I want to know am I dealing with a mentaly unbalanced person or a serial killer - in advance :P

- Where to start and what to say... Be nice to me, I will be nicer to you... I respond (inteligently) to your actions... I do not have the urge to make someone sad or mad in any way - but I do defend myself from all the stupid and negative in this world... I kinda have different view on this world than majority of population... A reality-check view... I see oportunities where others see nothing at all... I see pattern, logic, emotions, needs, desires in others... and I can have long strings of thoughts/sentences while others have difficultry to listen the answer longer than 1 sentence (or yes/no/maybe answers... I dont do those unless when neccessary... Im not braindead to respond like that)...

- I had very hard childhood, or better said - none at all. But I dont mind now, really, it prepared me for the future better than the most people, tests, exams, schools and so on. And I do not ask for special treatment because of that... I know how to focus and do work, I know how to relax too... (but okay, I need someone to teach me how to relax better xD)... I do not entertain myself with usual things like football, beer and so on... I do not go around and talk about private things about their girls like other guys...

- I think in advance, close and distant future... Everything, from tomorow till day I die... Sometimes even beyond that... I think about what I want today, tommorow, in few years and in decade... I think about starting my own family, kids, achieving my maximum both personaly and with someone... I put high emphasis on personal growth because I learned it is extremely important... And I have "problem" with people who dont think in advance, or are just basicly, hm, whats the diplomatic polite answer I'm looking for... "highly irational kids who think they are grown ups"... I know no one can be a "grown up" 100% of time, nor do I search for someone like that... I value the inner child in myself and in others... But you should be able to be tactful, know when its okay to relax and go crazy and when its not not even the slightest time for that... But okay, as I said, Im not super-duper grownup all the time, but you wont see me doing some kind of stupid usual routine stuff others do 100% of time...

- I do not start the fights, never, because I am usualy very good at self-defence, in any form (dont start a fight because no one will be the winner, thats not the way things get solved.... I can back down if Im wrong, I can apologise and so on... I dont have a problem with ego, just with stupid people)...

- I am versatile in many things wich cant be found in most of todays college and universities... Sure, diploma sounds nice, but I do not value that as important factor when choosing someone... Money also isnt my fetish (neither is religion or politics and simmilar things), of course money is necessary for survival (for now) but my carrier wont ever be most important thing in my life, nor should be yours (and of this I am serious)... And for surviving part - I often find myself inventing things, using everyday objects to make something new, better, easier to use and so on...

- I know alot of natural ways wich will always be above anything artificial we make, medicine or technology - but I know alot about them too... So, if there is some catastrophy on the way, I am confident I wouldnt be among first to die, including if I must do cooking for myself :P (wich I already do)... And I typed all of that because I would like that you are that type too... Who knows alot of things, who has at least some talents, at least some practical hobbies, like - you love sport, dancing, play instrument, draw, sing, design, cook, run, do computer stuff or bicycle (I absolutely love bicycling and if you love it too - I'm writing a huge plus in my imaginary notebook ;)... If you know or do ANYTHING - it will be okay... Cause if you are at home all day and your only thing is college or job, that wont turn out good... Not that I am always on the move, there can go 1-2-3 months where I just hybernate, lol... But, yeah, movement is my thing...

- So, I am not searching for woman to clean, cook or do other things for me, I can do that by myself (but help is always welcomed, lol)... I am searching for someone and something much more conscious and real than majority of people and what they call relationships today... And I offer the same, and more... I wont bother anyone if I'm not who they search for, but I dont give up easily if the problem arrives... Also, do not worry if I talk openly about thiese things, this does not mean I want something right away and that you will need some air after talking with me (but it would be very preferable that you already are in that mental state where you have mental stamina and the will to talk about anything and everything, cause I do)... I know the force is not the answer (exept in StarWars and SpaceBalls xD), and sure as hell wont get into anything fast so that it crashes and burns a month later...

- Be friendly, open, cheerful, careful, planner and spontanious and so on, be a true friend first, and if everything clicks - there will be something more, better than just friendship...

There... If I remmember something important, I will write it here, but since we try to stay in "mystery-mode", I guess this will be it for now :P. If you want to know more - ask ;).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This song should say it all, but if it doesnt - here are "5" things I search in someone...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. No one-night-stands or people with more partners that cant remmember their number. The less the better. Only straight and mentaly (relatively) normal or "you're wierd, I like you" people...

- I never did those "one nights", and never will, not my style... And if you did or you still do, there is no chance it would work out between us... Even just friendship is very questionable... Also no open relationships and simmilar "bright" ideas... No people who are still in love with past, ex'es and so on - can stay in the past...

- I search for someone who could call themself complete in their head, a pure soul or something close to that... If you didnt do any of above and you can say that you are generaly good person - I'm writing another big plus ;). I offer everything, from true friendship, free PC repairs to crazy jokes and mindblowing deep ideas, and if it clicks - something even better... something wich is too rare nowadays for my taste on this planet... I wont force anything, if its working - great, if not - better alone than with someone wrong... I fight for saving the relationship (if it ever gets to that), but I am not starting anything with someone just completely wrong... mentaly unbalanced and so on...

2. No one other than STRAIGHT, 100% female, a good and complete person... (exept location (preferable old ZG, Dubrava or Sljeme but not limited to them), I see myself with someone in +20 to 30y range, at least 164 to 179cm or so in height but about weight I wont say nothing exept that I want to see that you care about your body and health (on your own, not with the fist full of pills or food-like products for the breakfast...). I have little to no interest in people who are killing themselfs with bad food, drinks, alcohol, ciggs and so on...(and no, I am not overreacting... if anything I'm beeing too diplomatic)

- I am not interested in anything than a straigh heterosexual oriented female (with healty brain, body and libido, lol) who makes her own rules in this crazy universe. I am not interested in offers of threesomes and simmilar ideas cause I have no need for that and I'm not interested in someone who needs that kind of "party"... It would be nice if you are someone who doesnt need labels like "I'm fragile woman, I need special attention" or "I'm feminist, take this and that..." or any political, religious, social or other label... Sure okay, sometimes I can go with some of that mentalities, but for the most of them? Nope... Rarely... I know, I was definitly born on a wrong planet xD or wrong time...

- Just be a woman with standards, morals, reasonable priorities... someone who doesnt let anyone use you as punching bag, but you dont act like a macho-man... Do no harm, but take no shit either...

3. No mentaly unbalanced, vulgar, OCDs, stalkers, maniacs of any kind (including discusting sex fetishes, or body altering ideas, lol) and so on...

- Mentaly complete person with disciplined mind knows how to hold "inner demons" locked away, how to release the pressure in a productive, healty way. How to keep sane mind, healty and productive thoughts... Someone who knows what is okay to think, do or say and what is totaly extreme wich isnt good in any way when you try to force it to look good...

- If you are constantly looking at life in "glass is half empty" way, people are insects, world is hell and so on, in long term - that bothers EVERYONE and it will bother me... I know in what world we live, I know it aint all great and so on, I too know to have bad moods and so on, but I know that negativity is not the solution...

- If you rather see the situation in "glass is half full" way or better yet you think in "there is ALWAYS some water in glass, it can get less, but it can get full too" way - then congratulations! I'm writing another big plus in my imaginary notebook ;). I always welcome people who think outside the box... And if you have an open mind (and naughty one with it)........ it could be very very interesting ;).

4. No mediocree/mainstream/politics/religion/medicine/tatoo&piercing/alcohol&ciggarets/carrier/sea/junk food and junk drink fanatics or people who have problem with kids, pets, certain plants and so on...

- You know what is trully necessary for happiness and what is just a way of evading responsibilities or releasing the pressure in wrong way... I rarely do something what everyone does today... Some things or behaveour traits are totaly illogical or repulsive to me, some things I can take or leave, and okay, sometimes I have something common with this species xD... There could be some exeptions, but everything else would need to check out very good... I wont say why because it takes too much time and space here and some people do not understand why some things are irrational, unlogical, unhealty and have lower priority than some other things - even when you use a paper and color pens... And I wont even begin to describe how childish it is to expect mountains of money and other material stuff from a partner if he/she doesnt have right conditions for that... If you got your luck (or rich dady and momy) that doesnt mean I got them too...

- Everything I have, know or will have and know - I earned and learned by myself through painful trial and errors or it just serious time to master... I didnt get it falling from the sky or over "connection" with someone in politics, my dad, mom, uncle and so on... I got it by thinking with my head... It is not much, but for now it is more than enough for me... For now...

- So if you have problem with:

Thinking in advance, you will have problem with me too... If you decide to have fun now, regardless obvious and 100% sure serious problems later - then also you are not my type... If you have unexplainable urge to do things wich are unmoral, too much unsafe or going other way around - scared of other people and outer world, if you absolutely must go on the sea (or somewhere else) every single summer and that is something wich you value more than your partner - dont message me at all... Dont get me wrong, I love the sea too, but I am not patologicaly and physicly dependent to it like an adict to his guns & drugs or baby to mothers vomb... If you want any kind of relationship with anyone (or me) you better have your facts, wishes and plans straight and figured out at least generaly, because if I sense some other nonsene from you (like for example you seriously dont like your own full name, you change your men like a pair of underwear, if you have need to "complete" your body with tons of tatoos and piercings, if you think that politics, religion and medicine are trully the best and foolproof organisations wich trully help us all (they dont, they are nice try though), if you eat and drink shit then constantly cry about your fat figure (who is guilty about that exept yourself?) if you have problem with plants because one is illegal while synthetic drug causing heartattacks are legal, if you have problem with kids and dont wanna any because you think if you had bad childhood with them or have bad experiences with them now that they are all bad, if you go to autosugestive trainings, wich only shows you dont have enough of your own will power, if you have stalker/crying-to-get-my-attention syndrome, if you dont have a backbone, strong character, good personality, learning urge, compassion, tolerance, patience, more positive than negative view and so on...) - if I sense anything of that - you are a gonner... I wont start anything with that kind of people...

If you cannot be more than just a human born to breathe air, repeat like a parrot, work and listen anything without a question and you like to have "a blast" in disco saturday night with a random dude you've just met, if you cannot totaly say you absolutely dont have that mainstream mentality in your blood - TO YOURSELF, then be fair to yourself and me, and close this profile... You will save us time, electricity bill and akward situations you really dont want...

I am giving much more than an average man... I expect at least half of what I offer... No - I wont be anyone's police, dad, mom, I wont act like a military or secret agent checking your email, actions, thoughts and so on... I want that YOU do that for yourself... That YOU are perfectly aware of your thoughts, actions and possible causality wich will happen after you take the action... I know that no one can be at 100% in 100% times... I cant be either... but I wont and cant do anything with someone who doesnt take responsibility for her actions, thoughts, words and so on... Term "disciplined mind" sums up all of this... If you dont have it, or at least something close to it - I'm sorry...

(yes, I did overdid it a "bit", but lol... I dont want any misunderstandings... I dont have time and will to deal with someone who does not value what he/she has... beeing that just herself and her acomplishments, or relationship wich she started... I wont take up much space and your time... I just want you to understand what I see in term relationship... its not something written on paper or facedumb, its not someting just to have it and to brag around... Its something much much more "real" and non-material to me than it is to majority of others... On more than just one level/view/dimension of "real"..........)

IF you entertain yourself somehow differently, inteligently, less unhealty for mind and body, like in sports or some active courses and clasess, or you enjoy relaxing with some music in a bath, watching good series on a dvd, read and learn questioning and validating every information from multiple sources and so on - or something like that, anything - then high five! You just finished the qualifying rounds with flying colors! ;) Proceed with the reading! ;).

5. If you are from city other than Zagreb, you better have your best "cards" ready... because I am tired of dead ends...

I wont exclude the possibility that maybe someone I look for is outside my city or country... But my people have priority, for now... For the right person the distance wouldnt be the problem. But rare are the people for wich the distance wouldnt be the problem... Friendship is always on the table (no "funny bussiness" offers,)... But I am looking for something more than that - and starting from friendship, nothing right away...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

- I know what means to have too much critera, but I also know what means to have too little or none... Whoever thinks thats bad way of thinking, you just didnt go through enough bullshit in your life... Give it some time ;)... (I DID try lowering the criteria, and it only returned me here to the beggining... so please, I am not interested in troll messages...)

- Thats why I decided that it will be this way. Profile will hopefuly scare/drive away people who are not my type, and attract the same minded and brave ones who do not fear this tone of text... I know that is sounds harsh, but its just "taking care of myself" way in this crazy dating world... Granted, OKC is light years above other sites, but crazy people are everywhere... how in male camp, so in female too... Basicly I heard all the crazy what you get in your messages every day, just gender-reversed way. So I understand some of you... But some even the supreme beeing cant understand, lol...

- I really do not sound harsh like this in person. I can be cheerful and happy, open and nice and super nice... And I really can say that I am a good and happy person (you know, when I remove classic life irony situations). Wont bother anyone, wont force anything and if you have at least some basics wich I search - I can give chance to everyone (who deserve that)... I expect the same fairness from everybody else...

- I know I'm not saint and flawless, no one is... But I try to be better every day... I can think on others and Im not all "me me and just me" type... But I wont allow anyone to use me as punch bag, yelling practise and so on... You wont find that here...

- What you will find is a man who tries to learn more than the society and system gives him the chance wich is often in too repetative, incomplete, dull and longterm way... A man who doesnt care so much about mainstream, football, beer, politics, religion or taking pill for every little pain or vaccine the second the manipulative media starts talking about new bird, swine, cow, snake, snail or frog flu......

- I am someone who thinks for himself (but can ask or take advices from others if I feel I need them)... I am someone who is trying to achieve something big with limited and scarce resources by himself... Who fails often, but never gives up... Who helps others and doesnt ask always something in return... Who is trying to find that special someone, to live, to go, to be, to do everything (and more than that), together...

- So if you dont fall into the first 4 terms stated above, then it will be a long shot at best... (trust me, I gaved so many chances to others that it all feels like one big deja-vu blur... so, no more kidding around...)

- Lets hope for the best, if it doesnt turn out good, okay, no harm done, no hard feelings, everyone goes his/her own way. I wont force anything, wont nag... You dont have anything to loose, just to gain, even if it doesnt go how you planned. Everything is a lesson in some way... ;)

- But if you do find yourself in those words... I can prommise it will be a one crazy good ride ;) :).
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
Getting up when life kicks me down and saying: "My grandmaa hits harder..." ;).
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
A lot of things, but thats up to you to find out ;)...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.

As a kid I was reading alot, but as school started to force reading, that will slowly went away... But it's coming back, I now enjoy practical books... Directions, tutorials, educational... Last I red was Nikola Tesla's Inventions and Work autobiography...


Anything intelectual, humoristic or documentary is welcome. Sooo, that would translate into movies from 80s and 90s... I just dont see anyting in blood and violence anymore. Documentaries, Comedy, SF movies and series are my fav :). I recently discovered Indian films (hindi language) wich are by far the most funny and chierfull things to watch. Hollywood just doesnt make decent films anymore so, Bollywood is the new Hollywood. If you do not believe me, investigate. One of my fav movies is in album picture "My hobbies".


Uhhh, alot of genres. But it depends on the day, state of mind or do I want a help concentrating or sleeping better. Im not alot picky, as long as its not todays mainstreem, religious, our traditional/national and so on... I like jazz, funk, classic, insturmental, techno, 80s rock, EXYU... really, almost every genre, but not in a way that I force specific genre, depends about the mood and so on...

Since some people can determine the personality of someone by his music list, (and I just deleted 90% of the profile) here are some previews ;).

1. (Jo Manji)
2. (Ludovico)
3. (DreamWaltz)
4. (BenWebster)
5. (Beatles)
6. (Bob Marly)
7. (Krogis)
8. (Charles Barkley)
9. (Paul Gilbert)
10. (WalkOfTheEarth)
11. (SkyDogWoodyProject)
12. (Blindstone)
13. (Pentatonix)
14. (Kredo)
15. (ArminVanBurren)
*16. (And one special ;).


Fruits, vegetables, here and there some meat, (dunno, slowly turning to vegetarian, meat gets worse every year...) quality food instead of fast food (but okay sometimes I just need the "bad" stuff, but I rarely crave for that). I like and must eat healty, people who do not understand - will understand one day. Long story...
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Rare are things I could never do without... I could list some things but nahhh... You wanted mistery - you got it :P...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
Solutions for various problems...
Future, how to relax and gain more energy...
My better half and where the heck she is... :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Not typical as everyone else... ;).

Again, I could write much more, but no point since everybody is like "why did you write so much, bla bla" and then after explanation and few messages later - they go away...

If you're not interested in talking longer than 5min, then whats the point in talking at all?
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
- If you have something constructive (and longer than "Hi, how are you") to say and you are skillful in conversations, confident, generaly good person...

- If you know that quality goes over quantity, safety before adrenaline rush, brains over looks (but good look is a nice bonus)...

- If you search for something permanent, on the long runs, for life...


(There... this short version has only ~2500 words. 10 000 letters... It is not in the usual "What are you doing with your life: Living it!" nonsense but as I think the decent profile should be... I rarely contact someone without text or pictures, but if you think we could get along great - inbox is open ;). If you liked the profile, say wich part and so on... ;).