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29 Zagreb, Croatia Man


I’m looking for

  • Women
  • Ages 22–29
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating

My details

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Straight, Sapiosexual
5′ 11″ (1.81m)
Body type
Mostly vegetarian
Other, and laughing about it
Capricorn, and it’s fun to think about
Dropped out of two-year college
Science / Engineering
Strictly monogamous
Doesn’t have kids, but wants them
Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Croatian (Fluently), German (Poorly)

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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.
(Profile is for girls located everywhere! Limited time only and in limited quantity! But wait! Thats not all! There's more! If you are among first 100, you get free dancing lessons! You know, among kitchen set of knifes, 1+1 shampoo's and so on :D).


First - take your time. I know the profile is long and its not written for everyone's taste. Just decide what do you want from yourself and this page. What are you doing and looking in life. As I might sound too serious in some parts, I try to hold it interesting and funny in general. I can make exeptions - but it depends. If you just want to chat only to make your time pass faster or you want something for just one night - dont bother, I'm not interested in casual one time only chit-chat or unmoral offers.

Second - I am searching for something that probably doesnt exist anymore and I dont care if you think that is impossible or that my criteria is too high. I see how people treat each other thiese days and it is....... unbelievable... Cant believe that this is called normal life today... I simply dont give a damn anymore cause I know what I want, why I wroted this profile in such tone and dont need others to correct me on their vision of a right path. I know I am not perfect and if I make mistake - I try to correct it or myself... But there will always be some people who are not satisfied no matter how good someone or something is - so to them I have to say that text will sometimes sound irritating and so on - and that was intentional :P to remove people who are not my type... BUT - if you are willing to listen, give me a fair chance, and if you are in search for that special someone too - then please, continue.

- Hmm, lets see. Few words summary - alien, hybrid, unique. Up next - billion words summary! (yep - I can talk alot if the right person talks/types to me ;)

Who and what am I:

- Hmmm. As simply as I can say - I guess I'm a "beta-male" with positive characteristics of an alpha, protecting myself and those who I love and care for, but with none of egoism, fake pride, over-the-top behaviour, football-betting-relligion-politics-steroid muscles-cars-getting laid-smoke-drink-gamble circus. I dont see anything attractive in that kind of behaviour, its repulsive to me - and people too who act like that. Bit of a geek, bit of a sporty, bit of a romantic soul. Trying to incorporate everything what I like into myself and to be better today than I was yesterday...

- For some people I may ask a lot (in this age where stupids rule, everything is a lot), but I give a lot too. I do not nag jelously every 60 seconds where is who, why, what, this that... I dont change my mind about some decisions unlike majority... I dont ask for others to do my work or clean up after me... I ask for at least a basic in everything life offers, basics in "people skills", surviving skills (modern and old), creativity, practicality, moral, logic, kindness and that you understand what true friendship and love is - without "oh that is soooo clique"... Yes - it is, but obviously we are here for that ;)...

- So basicly - I ask for a mentaly developed person (as well as in other areas). DO NOT measure yourself by my words or my profile, pictures, my talents, hobbies or anything else's. You alone know are you ready for something and are you good enough for something/someone AND is someone good enough for you. If you do not recognise yourself in this at all and if you cannot determine in yourself are you willing, ready, developed and so on, then I'm sorry. We probbably wouldnt have enough things in common. And I doubt you want to spend your time on something wich has no future... Decide carefuly. I do not start anything with a person from wich I sense strong negative vibe or high unsecurity in themself. But if you know what I am talking about and you understood and grew past that looooooong time ago - we might get along great ;).

- If you stay around long enough, you should recognise that harsh tone of text is just a temporary filter for those who do not interest me. I decided to "go all in", release the breake, ask for everything or nothing and wait and see if someone relatively normal would sign up, and I am now "wide-ing" my search to any country, since I still dont have luck in mine... I have time, Im not desperate, not superfiscial and unmoral offers do not interest me at all. Really, not at all... My fun time is somewhat different than from other people...

How? (oh boy, here he goes... xD)

- I know how to dance, but I know how to repair PC too. I know how to draw and calculate sqares and cube roots of 2-3-4-5-6-7-digit numbers, in head, in 10 seconds - but I am not autistic, antisocial or defective in any sense - just learning the stuff other people dont want or dont believe possible. I love sport and martial arts, but I love video and card games too. I love almost any kind of music, (exept folk/cajke/traditional/religious ones) but rock and trance are my favorites - with chillout, lounge, ambiental, and here and there jazz, classical, anything with rythm or piano, violine, saxophone and guitar (sometimes even something like industrial/progressive or just chiptunes ;). I love animal and plant life, but the more I am alive, the less I can say the same about my own species. Sometimes I wonder is this my real home planet. So, if you do not like animals, plants and kids (yes I said kids, that doesnt mean tommorow but it means you must be able to think and talk about the topic, otherwise) we wont get along. If you do - I write a big "+" in my imaginary notebook ;).

- I love horse riding, playing with dogs, cats, basicly anything wich has higher inteligence. I know 2D/3D CAD/CAM computer modeling in industrial and entertainment softwares, audio/video/photography editing, WEB design with HTML & CSS and even some PHP & SQL. I play guitar for the last 14 years but I would really like to learn a piano, saxophone and violine (but, you know, money... Runs and ruins life we want and/or need. And TIME... day should definitly have 36h minimum). I love Nikola Tesla's work (and Mark Twain starts to interest me, since they were close and best friends back then) and I am working on something simmilar like Nikola did (but thats secret, for now, hints are in albums ;), and I would like to work with something simmilar for a job one day. Here in „Croatistan“, days of employment and need for people with brains are finished for the next 25-50 years, so I am thinking about relocating (THINKING, not planning, but that option remains open)...

As you see, I am knowlege & love seeker, among other things. And beer in a barr does not fly with me as fun time... But I could go with that if its some reaaaally good beer in a really nice bar, and with (hipotetically) you. Then I'm in ;).

- I just need basics, food, shelter, fair payment (and someone normal next to me)... Ill find/do/manage all the rest... I find joy, peace and growth in little things like just looking at someone I love or something I like, in nature, music, sport.... I rarely need something material to make me happy. If I must name something like that, I would say - something creative what I like to do, or a bicycle, animals, drawing, playing instruments, helping someone, something wich can make someone happy, or a hug... Not regular hug, a real long sincere hug from the person I love... Exept that, I need to be creative, to learn things, to make a difference while Im alive, and if possible, to do all that with someone special... I know it sounds like a clishe, but I dont care what others think, I dont have ego trips and I am entirely comfortable with alot of things other "males" are not... I had life wich was not "all dandy and purple unicorns" and stuff... Had to learn some hard things at early years and that had impact on me in such way that I sound much older and serious than most of people my age - but dont worry, I am not "broken", "a bucket", conservative and disfunctional... I can have fun and be crazy as everyone else is - but - beeing responsible along the way ;). This is what I search... Someone who understands and can share that and everything with me... And if it happens that someone like that lives a great distance away, ok, what do we have to loose if we try? If everything else "clicks" I am willing to give my best and make it count, relocation is option but for now I am not in that position. It is fair to say that in front, not later (as some people do not think that far, because they think its not neccessary)... So, people from my city have advantage for now.

- Hm, what else... Things that usualy tick some people off: I dont need religion, I dont need vaccinations, I dont need politics, McShit and Cola, ciggarets or other poisons. Dont need a lot of usual things people today entertain themself. I concluded that they are bad for mental and physical parts of me or in future - kids and so on... Yes, I do think in advance. If you dont like it (me thinking in advance or talking about future, kids and so on) - bye bye :P. I do not search for someone who says that they dont want to talk about it, that they are young and they have to live first, go out in disco, pubs, clubbing, party every night... Thats not life, thats speeding up flow of time and then you wake up one day after 10 years of that and regret alot of things and try to sell yourself 10 years younger with 1kg of makeup on yourself (what isnt sexy in my opinion, its better all natural look or just as little as possible than to overdoo it)... Anyway. Talk is a talk, doesnt mean Im here to bite someone's leg if I talk about future, kids and think in advance. And its not anything unusual or opssesive and so on... Its just a talk, communication, exchance of thoughts, wishes, ideas, plans...

What I dont like?

- I dont like superficial things, things like people who look for sponsors, for guys with baddas cars and paycheck like corrupted politican but do nothing for their citizens. Dont like superficial people, unmoral offers, too much undecisive people, crazyness for things without purpose, religion, politics, mainstream... You wont find that here. I despise one night stands and people who seek that kind of fun, even if no one ever would find out. There is 0% chance I would allow anything like that to happen and if you cant say the same (that you dont have any interest in cheating someone, ever, no matter the circumstances) – then we dont have anything further to talk about. I know its harsh, but I want to filter out those who dont know what is life, love, honesty, loyalty, friendship, teamwork and so on...

- I dont like cheaters, manipulators, smokers, drinkers, body full of tatto's or piercings (sry, I'm for natural look but I can forget about tattoo or two if everything else „checks out“, long topic, I dont have need for that, I consider body something more than just a vehicle or a machine wich contains us), dont like indoctrinated with religion, politics, pharmacy, passive, agressive, vulgar... The most I dislike are girls with unmoral offers, for one night stand - I despise that, I am not interested in such offer nor such person who is searching or had searched for that. You cannot offer me anything at all now and probbably never will.

Who do I search?

- I am searching for pure soul. Who is happy, smarty, fair, moral, rational, knows what love is and that decision, when you decide to get into someone's life, is big thing - not a game with rewind, reset, pause, play button... Someone who will always try to do the right thing if and when possible... Someone openminded about everything. Someone who can talk about any topic, any time, any where..... Someone with good heart, crazy mind.... Like "youre wierd - I like you" crazy...

- I understand no one is a saint and I am not interested in small mistakes and those things that turned out to be life lessons - but about things that are just too great difference in mentality and life goals. Some mistakes follow us whole life, people cant change that. But some things can be changed, modifyed, turned into energy, desire, goal, deppends how bad you want it. Some cant help themselfs and just keep going from one relationship into another and ruining people's life's..... I am attracted to those people, who wouldnt do that, ever... Because I wouldnt ever to that to someone...

What do I cherish?

- I know about honesty, loyalty, priorities, thinking independently, learning on my own, picking/cleaning up after myself. I know how to cook, clean, iron, wash and so on... So I guess I cherrish my independence and show with it I dont need a babysiter (although help is always welcome ;).

- Everything I know and have, I achieved it by myself. No, I dont have much, and no - I dont need much (but I wouldnt mind if I get little more than I have now). Yes, I had family helping/pointing in the right (their) direction for in first years, but I am my own decision and oportunity maker. If you are pressed or dedicated enough, you get to the answers you want/need, eventualy... I cherish the ability to choose between 2 or 10 different choices and I can always make right choice considering everything and everyone...

- I cherish water, sun, earth, plants, my life, everyone's else... I cherish the relationship (not just in engagement or marrige but in general sence of a word) between a man and a woman... I was always ending up in bad situations as a kid, unintentionaly, and girls from my class were always on my side... Even when teacher was not... Back then I didnt knew how to defend myself. And for that I am eternaly gratefull... And I will allways try to re-pay the favour by beeing the best I can be, for that one, who chooses me.

Ok ok, text shows that I can be very serious about everything - but dont be fooled, as I can be very philosophical, I can be very funny, crazy and "normal" too :P. It depends on you how fast do we go through philosophical parts to the fun parts ;). Im not saint, khm khm ;). But before that you need to proove yourself worthy in other topics and discussions... To be more direct, I am not interested in sex talk if we dont have anything other in common. Yes - a male said those words :P. And yes, I am serious about it. I am not asexual. Far from it. I do have very naughty side ;). But its exclusive for just that potential one... No joy in sharing it with others and after left with nothing...

What am I looking for?

- Hm, I guess Im realy looking for something hard to find in this age. Someone WOW, but still here, on the ground, aproachable, nice, funny, cute, smart & good looking. (no I dont look just for beauty and something superfiscial, but there must be some physical attraction, it is not just superficial thing, it has deeper and do-you-take-care-about-your-health meaning), and it would be nice that you are someone who doesnt let anyone use you as a punch bag... I know you can wage your on battles, but If you need help with something or making someone sorry for ___________ (enter whatever you thinked of), then just say who do we need to beat up today! But, as Im searching for someone who knows how to wage her own battles, Im sure it wont come to that... ;).

- It is hard to find that special someone... We all know it... From my point - girls today want to be recognised as an adult woman so fast, that she then forgets how to be just human and woman in the first place. Woman lost something in battle with men for wanting to be recognised as equal - when they were equal the whole time, in everything, and in some things better than them.

- Ordinary girl today dress like a man, eats like a man, drinks like a man, swears like a man, farts like a man - and then wonders why not one real man wants her...

- Dont be like that. Be a woman ffs, Im not saying you need to be as a delicate flower, but dont be a dude, have some "womanly ways", moves, talks and so on. Dont try to copy men in order to attract them... Just be yourself, and if we click, we will know. If not, no hard feelings, everyone goes his/her own way. I know we men arent peach either, rare are... But atleast I am trying... not just to be different like some ultimate stereotype, but to be better, myself... And it would help if you are your own person too...

- I understand no one is the same, I can make exeptions, everyone has his/her own reasons what is sexy/desirable or turn off for them and what not... Visual part is easy, its character that is in question... But I am not searching for someone who's priorities and sole existance on this planet is just to have carrier, money, material things over higher values and priorities, this, that. That is not someone who I look for. Of course I understand financial security is important. But life is MORE than that.

- LIfe is about being creative, fulfilled, conected. With yourself and your special someone. When you look at someone in eyes and you dont just see them outside, but inside too. And that person doesnt look away – you both connect, it doesnt hug you in such way you feel alone and empty – it makes you feeling complete... It makes you whole. Better, smarter, faster, stronger... It makes you the real you...

Am I just another stereotype?

- Hmmm... I dont drink alcohol (rarely ever, no point since it does not affect me, I can try, drink something sweet and so on, but rarely more than one glass, never been drunk, and I'm not looking for someone who likes to get "smashed"), I dont smoke tobbaco (at all, and I'm not looking for someone who does "just one small per day" either). I dont gamble, drug or take pills for anything - not even a massive headache, dont do bussines with mafia, politics, religion, traditional education or west medicine (unless absolutly necessary). I am not saint, I have my lazy days and my own guilty pleasures, but they are not hurting others or me in progress. I learned (and I'm still learning) how to take care of my body and mind.

- My measure of someones intelligence and therefore compatibility is not how old or young you are, how much colege degrees you have or how much money you have, or do you have score higher than 90% here on cupid... Its about how you react, answer, think, feel, do, want, plan, wish.... Part of it can be found in our answers here on cupid, but other compability parts we must find out ourselfs, with talking in person, chatting, going on drink, walk, dancing and so on... Yep, did I mention I know how to and love to dance? ;). Latino and standard dances, 3 years of experience. Free dance lessons for those who want to meet me! Try and get better offer than that ;).

The End

- There. I understand it is not written for everyone taste, of course someone wont like it. But if you're interested and think you fit my description – I can prommise that this harsh tone of text is not my lifestyle, it is just a filter made for removing unwanted people who often and unprovoked send all kinds of messages. Hope you arent one of them. I am not starting the fights, but I fight for myself and what I think is right, I fight for a better life, better tommorow, not just for myself but for everyone who deserves...

- So, if you seek for that brainwashed alpha-neandertal pumped up/tattoed hottie, you wont find him here ;).

- What you will find is a man trying to be better today than tommorow (in non materialistic way), with scarce resources, limited options - but a strong will... To find his other better half, and to have happy life, from the first happy "end", to the last...

If you wanna join me, you're more than welcome ;) :).
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
Making impossible - possible ;).
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
- Fixing things
- Seeing details other people dont
- Sports and bicycling long routes
- Deep conversations
- Understanding others
- Massaging others
- Learning new stuff
- Understanding what people/animals want just by looking at them
- Leading a team or following a good organised one
- Planning A, B, C and backups of those plans xD
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.

As a kid I was reading alot, but as school started to force reading, that will slowly went away... But it's coming back, I now enjoy practical books... Directions, tutorials, educational... Last I red was Nikola Tesla's Inventions and Work autobiography...


Anything intelectual, humoristic or documentary is welcome. I just dont see anyting in blood and violence anymore.


Uhhh, alot of genres. But it depends on the day, state of mind or do I want a help concentrating or sleeping better. Im not alot picky, as long as its not todays mainstreem, religious, our traditional/national and so on...


Fruit, vegetables, quality food instead of fast food. I like and must eat healty. Long topic. Im not a picky eater, as long as it doesnt have artificial flawours, suggars and so on...
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Quality food
Animals and (some) people
Learning new things everyday
Good and quality rest
Making someone feel good, helping, being creative, usefull, productive...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
Future... Solutions for problems... relaxations and nice days... My better half and where the heck she is... :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Not typical as everyone else ;).
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
- If you have something constructive (and longer than "Hi, how are you") to say - inbox is waiting. I dont bite, much :P kidding ;).

- If you are skillful in conversations and confident enough, you might even find out I am something different than others, I do make jokes, can have crazy fun, ideas and days, relax and be "normal", but rare are those who deserve to learn everything.

- If you managed to read all of it or atleast tried and will try to finish it later. (I know its a lot of information, but this is another filter too. To remove people who cant type more that yes/no/maybe/I dont know answers or read more than 1 sentence answers... I know there are times when less is more. But this time its the opposite - the more we find out now, the less unexpected problems later).

- If you know that quality goes over quantity, safety before adrenaline rush, brains over looks (but good look is a bonus)...

- If you search for something permanent, on the long runs, for life...


This is the only way I know, and only way I can offer - and I ask the same in return. Its all or nothing...