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My self-summary
A blues-loving, Scotch-drinking, fitness-obsessed philosopher, political wonk, jack-of-all-trades, and (aspiring) human being, I am what happens when you have a bloody turf-war between left and right brain.

I am a small-town boy from Montana, who sometimes travels back to my ancestral homeland to fistfight bears, shoot guns, and/or grow manly facial hair. But worry not: I return a cleanshaven, well-behaved gentleman you could bring home to the parents.*

*Unless you were raised by bears; then your parents are my sworn enemies, and we will have to fight to the death.

A few more things:
- I am VERY active. I'm doing my best to put on some muscle after being a skinny runner forever and then law school. Be my workout buddy!
- Healthy eating is huge for me. And I love to cook.
- I am patient and analytical. I grew up surrounded by short fuses and I don't want to be that way.
- I was a child raised on video games, legos, and fantasy novels. Wizards, ninjas, and imaginative people float my airship.
- I love big dogs. If you have a big, rambunctious dog, we will be best friends (your dog and I, that is ; )
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated Poli Sci at USC. I spent a year being self-sufficient in a job I love, and now I am finishing up law school at UCLA (life is strange). I have very little interest in practicing law, and am on my way to starting my second business. Future endeavors include med school, a post-bac in engineering, and/or business school (I'm thinking "and", not "or").

That's how my life is. One of the people I respect most in life calls me "eclectic". That is the polite way of saying I am professionally distracted by shiny things. I am OK with that; I want to do EVERYTHING.

Mostly I want to grow up to be a fire-breathing dragon with my own quaint little village to terrorize.
The six things I could never do without
I don't play by OKC's rules. Instead, here are four traits that are absolutely mandatory in a patner.

Ambition. I need to be around people who inspire me and motivate me. Passion, education, and a fixation on world domination are non-optional.

Independence. My time is precious and I have my own things. Someone looking for an involved relationship with me will not be happy.

Fitness. Fitness is a huge part of my life. I am physically and mentally attracted to women who feel the same. (how else will you fight off the KGB assassins when they rappel in through the skylight?)

Sexuality. No matter how much I respect you, if we aren't so drawn to each other that we want to shag like wild rabbits, it isn't meant to be.

A fair number of the things listed in my "Message me if" section couldn't hurt ; )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The definition of success. Differing manifestations of monogamy/polyamory. Immortality, and how to achieve it. The value of family. How to get off this doomed rock.

Blah Blah Blah.

Stuff and things.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am honest, open-minded, and caring. The wholesome sort who wakes up early to bring you scrambled eggs in bed and would get along well with your parents. But keep reading.

I am in a three year relationship with a woman I love. I don't do monogamy. This will not change. If you respect this, but still think you can wow me, we should chat. Of course, if you simply think we would be amazing friends/lovers/allies/archvillains, we should also chat.

I want to meet great friends... and sure, we can take our pants off too... but let's have more substance to it than that.
You should message me if
- You are huge nerd
- You want to do something outdoorsy - hiking, biking, beaching, mountain climbing.
- You enjoy exercise, running, competing etc
- You'll play chess with me (and let me win sometimes?)
- You easygoing and confident
- You are a feminist (but not the type that spells woman with a "y")
- You are a connoisseur of well-crafted adult beverages.
- You have a puppy that would like to go for a hike.
- You can teach me something
- Lying in bed discussing Nietzsche, Sarte, Kant, Marx, Dostoevsky, Plato, Machiavelli, and the meaning of life sounds like an excellent evening.
- You are close enough to me that seeing each other multiple times is a feasible goal.
- You have a plot to rule the universe
- You are the sort of girl who has the initiative to message a guy first.

Read the "6 things" section above. Those are non-negotiable.


Congratulations, you made it through my ultra-long manifesto! (right? you read all of it? ...didn't skip anything?) I hope so... because this material will show up on the midterm, and the final is cumulative.