27 Chapel Hill, NC
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My self-summary
Updated: 10 November 2014
My personality type:

I look forward to being friends first. I enjoy playing games (but not the drama games, I mean actual games). Do you like chess? Go? Monopoly? Tell me what you like - I love to learn!

I swear, but not all the fucking time, I promise :)
Favorite: God Damnit.

I do not believe in a God. Or anything else supernatural, for that matter. I don't watch Supernatural, either.

There are many things I think are barbaric - this is only one of them. Reduced sentencing for crimes of passion and capital punishment are two others.

The following sentence is false. The previous sentence is true.
There, I averted the robot invasion. You're welcome.
I enjoy long walks on the beach, pondering the meaning of bacon and slaughtering the children of my enemies.

If I was dealing with a serious moral dilemma, or how to deal with a frustrating situation, I'd ideally want to speak to Jean-Luc Picard.
If I was formulating an action plan to get what I wanted done, I'd ideally speak to Benjamin Lafayette Sisko.
If someone I knew was in trouble, I'd call Kathryn Janeway so she could kick some ass.

I don't like sarcasm as a form of serious communication - it should only be used to be funny.

I want someone to be crazy in love with. Someone to challenge me - with even the core tenants of who I am. Someone to get my brain a rockin'. Someone that inspires me to be a better person not because "oh she's so pretty and damn I want that" but because she's shown me a lot of things that are good about life and I want to be better because she's shown me I can be, and hopefully I would inspire the same in her.

Take note that I don't want to start a relationship for a little while. This isn't about running around banging every vadge that moves, it's about having time to be myself, and to accomplish my goals.

I play keyboard (the musical instrument). I have a WK-7500 that I screw around on sometimes.
What I’m doing with my life
I am 25 years old and living in northern Chapel Hill. I live with my parents and intend to change that. However, let it be known that I lived in an apartment for exactly two years, but had to move back home.
I know that's a turn off. But, I intend to get my own place in January/February of 2015, with my new residence being in/near Cary.

I work at a call center in Cary selling Medicare supplement plans, advantage plans, and prescription drug plans. I'm licensed to do this in ~30 states.

I am working on starting my own game design enterprise. I cannot reveal any more about it unless I meet someone and learn that she is trustworthy (or just too lazy to steal my shit).
I've had a Kickstarter project successfully funded of a game platform I designed with my older brother.

I used to be a musician with dreams of starting a band, but that has fallen to the wayside of what I feel is a better dream of game design. However, if you'd like to hear what I've made:
I’m really good at
a) Strategic thinking
c) Philosophical discussions
b) Game Design
c) Magic: the Gathering
x) League of Legends/LoL
e) Texting with people everyday (unlimited, tyvm)
d) Making food (I'm teaching myself to cook)
g) Grammar
f) Critical Thinking
h) Makin sweet love by the fiah
?) Those weren't in alphabetical order
The first things people usually notice about me
My intelligence and my kind/goofy demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The God Delusion, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Art of War, Harry Potter (all seven books), books about dystopia: 1984, Animal Farm, Night, Anthem.

Movies: Quite a few to pin down. There's pretty much anything with Will Smith in it, Fight Club, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, and Troy.

Shows: I am a huge Star Trek fan (yes, both star wars/trek), and also a Daily Show and Colbert Report fan. One of my absolute favorite series is The West Wing. Recently I've discovered the magic that is House of Cards, as well as Battlestar Galactica. I think my next Netflix adventure will be Doctor Who.

Music: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Opeth, Depeche Mode, Nightwish, Evanescence ,and Lamb of God. If it has a good theme I'll like it, but I like me some metal mostly.

My favorite songs:
Master of Puppets by Metallica
Sorrow by Pink Floyd
Walking in my Shoes by Depeche Mode
These are pieces, not songs. Still, I love 'em:
Main Theme (Warcraft II)
House of Cards Intro, Season 2

Listen to them. If you do, tell me what yours are!

Food: Whatever I can afford presently, but it needs to be low-carb. I like fish, but I really like chicken and beef. Not so much a fan of pork, unless it's bacon.

Note: I am not a vegetarian, but I have a feeling about it. I feel that being a vegetarian is similar to being an atheist. It's not that it's incorrect, but I think most people (if they were smarter) could, if they knew a LOT more about (said subject) they would eventually come to the conclusion that such a stance in life is more correct. However, myself being the way I am, I was raised like this (non-vegetarian) but I'm open to one day becoming one.
I'm not allergic to anything.
The six things I could never do without
1) Me time. I do enjoy the company of others, but I need time to myself.
2) Companionship. I do want a friend, though. Someone to talk to about anything and everything. Wanna talk about sex? Sure I'm down. Wanna talk about your day? I'll gladly listen to you. But I really enjoy walking down a road in a wooded area or walking in a park, discussing all things deep and shallow. Like the weather? Why are we here? I'm worried about finals. My boss is an ass. You have a nice ass. Yes, I know. Why'd you get that tattoo? I wish I had a thumb on my foot.

I know 1 and 2 basically contradict each other. Fine.

3) Games. I enjoy computer games like Starcraft and Diablo 2, but I also enjoy video games like Mario. My passion though is tabletop games. I will kick your ass in Chess.
4) LoL (League of Legends). My favorite champion is Karthus, with Irelia in second place.
5) Learning. Sometimes I'll just look at random shit on wikipedia just cuz'.
6) My keyboard. I am still a musician, after all.

You might notice there are no people on this list. People aren't things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
• Sex (and new ways of doing it)
• Money (budgeting my finances - I may be addicted to excel)
• Politics (will I ever run for office?)
• Religion (ah, probably the most dangerous idea ever conceived)
- You might notice the first four items are four of the five subjects of forbidden conversation... the fifth is race
• Being a starship captain and ordering my crew to blow shit up
• a new Republic Constitution (has five branches instead of three)
• Which champion I'm gonna play as in my next league game
• If I'll ever meet someone that's so fascinating that I'll want to spend the rest of my life with her because that's how long it'll take to get to know her. Or rather...
• Love

• Fictitious alien races or what-have-you that belong in a sci-fi video game or TV show. I even invented a military ranking system. How is this helpful in my real life? Fuck if I know. Ever heard of the Zerg from Starcraft or the Borg from Star Trek? I've come up with similar alien races that possess a collective consciousness, a society of creatures less than sentient that exist in total harmony, a dystopian state.

• What if you had an entity, with a brain that was the size of the moon, that controlled a vast fleet of ships and a trillion avatar beings, but was all one mind? What if that mind had a covenant with many different intelligent alien races, even humans, so that right before someone dies their mind is absorbed into the massive consciousness? That way that mind could literally be a true god to all those people.
Just a thought is all :)

• What if a giant structure was built somewhere in the world. It would withstand earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters for hundreds of thousands of years. Inside the structure would be a huge sphere of a metal or mineral (something incredibly hard). Over the course of hundreds or thousands of years, the culture around the world, no matter your birth, race, religion, sex, wealth, anything - one thing you're supposed to do just because you're a human being born in an enlightened time is to visit this structure and simply touch the sphere. That's all. Touch it. Millions before you have. Billions after you will. Your grandparents did it. Your grandchildren will. It will be the one quintessential human experience, the one jihad (holy journey) we all undertake.
On a typical Friday night I am
I watch Real Time with Bill Maher.

And then I play League of Legends. Wanna play sometime? Let me know! My summoner names are Red Orb Talon and Phuque Yeaux.
I also use Raidcall to communicate with my friends while we play. If you want to get to know me well, just listen in :D
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've had four knee surgeries in my life.
And no, I've never played football.
I have bad knees due to a genetic defect.

Sometimes I talk in the spongebob voice. Sometimes I talk like the Overmind.
You should message me if
If you think I'm a cool dude. If you enjoy talking, walking and slaughtering. Did I say slaughtering? I mean laughing. Damn my spelling is bad.
Don't message me if you can't spell, or if like is like every other like word you say.

Contact me if:
• You're a progressive/liberal
• You love games and gaming
• You don't believe in anything supernatural
• You have love in you that is dying to get out
• You have so much passion about your special thing that you get stupidly cute when you talk about it
• You play League of Legends or look forward to the adventure of learning it!
• You cuss like a gamer when you, y'know, game!
• You love to learn about the world, and
• You want to learn from me and teach me as well

Message me if you can take a debate. If you not only can stand an honest debate between two people, and the other person says "well you're just wrong about that, and here's why..." and you're mature enough to not only hear that but listen to it and change your stance based on new evidence... let me know. That's how I am. I do not mind at all being proven wrong, and I enjoy it when someone makes a good point and changes my stance.

Message me if you play ADC. Can't do that shit to save my life.