27 London, UK
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My self-summary
So this had been the same for years while i wasnt using OKC but time to update things! Im normally a very relaxed laid back person until something really catches my interest or winds me up! Im a wierd combination of hobbies that sometimes make me feel like a walking contradiction but its just how i have grown up over the years.

Im a fitness enthusiast i guess you could say but i dont take it to the extreme, i try and eat as healthy as i can, get the right amount of sleep and lift weights four times a week. I could do with a training partner for motivation and also to do cardio with (running etc before you think im just making innuendos...). At the same time you can find me relaxing at the weekend from time to time with a spliff infront of the TV, please dont automatically judge me and think im some sort of sterotypical stoner or that im eventually going to end up doing heroin or something rediculous! The term "gateway drug" that gets thrown around is bullshit quite frankly, i am an adult and i decide what actions i do or dont take.

I do spend time playing computer games in my free time but i dont ever prioritise gaming over actually going out and doing something social, at the weekends i am equally happy at a pub with mates, watching the football, at a gig or (something im about to finally do this weekend) taking my car for a spin at a trackday. Im not really a clubbing person, id rather go to a bar or a pub and just talk and joke around.

I love music and similar tastes will impress me! Having said that i guess my taste is pretty varied, from Metal to Dubstep,Country to Hip-Hop, if i like it i like it! My main sort of music though really is going to be Rock/Indie/Alternative kind of stuff. I had stints playing guitar and drums as a kid but never really followed through with it but its my aim to get another drum kit one day.
What I’m doing with my life
Nothing too exciting at the moment, stuck in a job im not really a massive fan of with no one to blame but my self. I have said for far too long that i need to change jobs but i just dont know what i really want to do. I love fitness but not sure being a personal trainer would be for me, i love it as a hobby but its a very competitive industry and the courses are not exactly cheap. Been thinking alot lately about maybe doing a mechanics course as i love cars. I train in my garage four days a week and try to go for the odd run when i can. Going to gigs with mates aswell but its been pretty quiet this year for that.
I’m really good at
Falling over when everyone is watching. Saying stupid things. Jumping around to music at gigs. Remember lyrics to songs but not even knowing what the songs called. Procrastinating!
The first things people usually notice about me
Hard to say really, im actually not that sure. What did you notice about me?!?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Been reading alot of books on Body building lately as it is a new obsession!

Movies: Comedies/Action/Sci-Fi. To name a few randoms Superbad,Pineapple Express,Fast and the Furious,Harold and Kumar....i think i should probably add Stoner Comedys to the genre section of this list....

TV: Family Guy/Scrubs/Southpark/Supernatural/ Sopranos/Dexter/Breaking Bad/Spartacus/Top Gear

Music: Ahhh, i dont even know where to begin with this list. You are probably just better off asking me. I dont really have a favourite so much just what im listening to that week. Listening to Royal Blood, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Gaslight Anthem today.

Food: Meat. That is all!
The six things I could never do without
The internet.

Music in general.

My car.

The Gym.

My family.

And of course friends!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Either things i shouldnt be thinking about or things that are a waste of time thinking about haha. Also i have a habit of when im listening to music imagining my self as the drummer in that band infront of a massive crowd....thats perfectly normal right? Trying to decide what band i want to be in if i had the choice!
On a typical Friday night I am
No "typical" friday night for me i just play it by ear,either at the pub with mates,having a quiet smoke at a mates or at a gig!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Im actually a nerd in disguise,i spend way too much time playing computer games when im at home!

Also i have NO IDEA AT ALL why everyone has "saurus" on the end of their name on here,its almost getting to the point where it has an adverse reaction on my life....PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN!

If you want to ask me an embaressing question then by all means go ahead,im an open book and it might end up being a conversation starter!
You should message me if
Youve got a sense of humour,a great taste in music,and are just generally awesome! Also if you have any other questions for me or just want to chat,im pretty sociable so dont be afraid :)

Or failing that you agree with me that a bacon sandwhich should have have a minimum of 4slices of bacon and also have cheese and hp sauce coated all over it.