28 Hackney, UK
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My self-summary
Update: Currently away in India till 23rd feb

I am an owl that dreamt itself a human and nearly succeeded. What are you?

I enjoy the fractal geometry of the Romanesco Cauliflower.

Smash the kyriarchy! All the -archies! (I'm a bit lefty)

Favourite current joke: I hate Russian dolls, they're so full of themselves

My natural environments are farms, warehouse parties, conferences, second hand book shops and hanging out with my 11 housemates. I can occasionally be bookishly reclusive, and create THINGS.

Introverted extrovert. Whimsical yet cynical.

I want to adopt Leonard Cohen so he can give me words of meditative/grumpy wisdom.

This year I had an interpretive dance party which culminated everyone rolling around to Kate Bush in the garden.

I sometimes infiltrate religious groups to see what they're up to, in an attempt to become Louis Theroux.

Still in mourning for Oliver Sacks, the best human being.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm somehow now a full time environmental campaigner (which sounds like a made-up job) and help run a charity which redistributes food to homeless hostels. I occasionally cause activist mischief.

Improv comedy has filled my life of late, and I make/do music and poetry and storytelling..
I’m really good at
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like things that are big and serious, or absolutely ridiculous, and occasionally things in between.

Books: 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by Milan Kundera
'The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat' by Oliver Sacks
'The Master and Margarita' by Michel Bulgakov
Borges, Dostoyevsky, Joyce, Nietzsche

Also: Roald Dahl, The Herbs, and the Moomins. The Drowned Man!

Music: Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Can, Suede, Catatonia, Bowie

Films: Persepolis, Amelie, Frida, Lost in Translation, Withnail and I, Mirrormask, Pedro Amaldovar, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Hitchcock
You should message me if
I collect words - please send me your favourite?

I like visiting subcultures for fun - recommend me some, or let's go together? Last year I went on a date to the Scientology centre and it was great (neither of us were converted)

I am a polyamorous being, which means I am looking for human connection of all sorts - good conversation, spooning, intimacy, fun sex, longterm relationships, interpretive dance, wild kink, space travel, safari, etc. - but not exclusive. Why should love for one person diminish or devalue love for another? Here is a diagram: https://i.imgur.com/xPacZwN.jpg - I'm probably roughly solo poly, with aspirations to relationship anarchy, but it's all so complicated.

I'd also consider a monogamous relationship if a great person who wants that comes along, and was in a monogamous relationship for 3 years.

I feel most comfortable with women - all my closest friends are women, I work in generally quite female workplaces (men, where are you in sustainability and food??), and my sexual preference is for women. I identify as more feminine than masculine probably. However, I am increasingly aware that gender is rubbish and a bit of a construct.