33 Rochester, NY
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My self-summary
I am a great person who would do anything for his family and friends. I value a sense of humor and consider myself to have traits such as: professionalism, realness, etiquette, down to earth, being a great listener, trustworthy, goal orientated, ambitious, sincere, empathetic, caring/nurturing, at times crazy, loving to learn, great people skills, always working towards being more organized, shy at times, but very outgoing.
I like Going out, staying in, movies, music, education, Healthcare, having fun, the gym, Cycling,traveling especially to Big cities such as NYC, and Philly,and values and loves family and friends.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a huge passion for the mental health and healthcare field. I work as a clinician in psychological services for individuals with developmental and mental disabilities.
In the meantime I'm just living life. I love hanging and being there for my friends and family.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I love reading and learning and read all sorts of Literature..Lately, since I am in school I have to read a lot, but I love learning. Definitely going to make it a goal to start more leisure reading :)

Movies: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Stomp The Yard, Resident Evil Movies, Bring it On, Dirty Dancing, TheCraft,How she Move, Rent, Legally Blond,Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Romy and Michelles HS Reunion,Matilda,XMen, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Thor, The Avengers, and a variety of all other super hero movies, Quentin Tarentino esp Kill Bill Vm 1 and 2, Wedding Crashers, 27 Dresses, PS I love you, Harry Potter fims, Horror-The Scream Movies, Avengers, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy

TV Shows: Heroes,Charmed!,BTVS,CSI, X Factor, The Voice;Real World and MTV in general,Will and Grace, Supernatural.

Music: I love techno, trance, electronica, Dance, POP, hip hop, rock, country and am pretty open to other types as well.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Pleading the fifth...
You should message me if
You know what's good for you ;)