31 London, UK
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My self-summary
You won't find me jumping headlong into a conversation with strangers, or dangling from the chandeliers at a raucous party. I'll be the slightly nervous-looking guy, nursing a drink, and observing; often in the kitchen, or hiding in the garden.

You'll see me and it'll cross your mind that I may be an enigmatic, quiet, soul who may be worth getting to know. Perhaps you'll wander over and we'll have a chat. Perhaps that chat will turn into a beautiful evening and be the catalyst for who-knows-what.

In appropriate circumstances, you'll find me generally dry and sarcastic, a great believer in dirty jokes, political incorrectness, and humour - but equally, when it's right, you'll see an old fashioned, poetic, serious, honest, dedicated man.

I'm a Londoner born and bred; I like to travel (frequently to Japan) and I'll try most things once unless there's a damn good reason not to. I'm not a mad traveller who is constantly anticipating his next poorly-planned adventure holiday - not am I somebody who is likely to suddenly announce that I'm moving to Singapore "just for the sheer hell of it"... That said, I do enjoy looking at new places, experiencing different cultures, and meeting fascinating people. And I really, *really* enjoy the feeling of returning home afterwards - buying a gigantic bag of fish and chips from the local chippie, making a bucket of builder's tea with fifty thousand sugars, and relaxing in front of Fawlty Towers.

I tend to overdress for most occasions. I won't lie - I look pretty spiffy in a suit. Which is just as well because I wear one far too often for a man my age. I own several bow-ties and I'm not afraid to use them. And I had bow-ties *before* Matt Smith made them cool. I do not have a Fez, but I'm open to wearing one under appropriate circumstances.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working full time as a senior IT Engineer (fixing, building, software analysis, testing, development, and other crazily exciting things) at a South West London University. I've worked there for just over ten years now - steadily rising through the ranks and finally reached a place where I'm pretty happy but *not* stupidly overworked. I've got a great boss and some good people working with me.

("Would you pop up and have a look at my computer?" is a permissible "end-of-date" question if you don't fancy going with the old cliche of "Why don't you come in for coffee?") Since I sometimes miss the finer points of subtext, I will most likely assume you are actually asking for an IT consultation and I may produce screwdrivers and Linux Boot CDs from my coat pocket in anticipation... so if you mean something *else* you might need to be a little more obvious...

I am a classical composer in my free time; I write music for short films and I'm currently working on a concept album of sorts, which I am planning to record next year or the year after in Macedonia (or Bulgaria, or Prague...)

I scored a (terrible) short film called "Another Quiet Night In Hell" in 2005 and whilst the film was universally savaged (by all of the fourteen people who saw it) my music did receive a fair bit of praise.

I've finished three symphonic poems, a few chamber pieces, a piano concertino, and a few other odds and sods. I'm currently working on the second and third movements to a cello concerto I started ten years ago. I've been told I have mad orchestration skillz. I'm currently working on another symphonic poem called "The Infinite Echo" and doing some jobbing orchestration work for a theatre company in Liverpool.

I'm currently trying to get into production an animated film I wrote. The plan is that I'll score it myself and record the music at some point next year with a 40 piece orchestra.
I’m really good at
Making tea...

Cooking roast dinners...

LISTENING. I'm not saying I never talk, but I know when to shut up.

Remembering crazily small details about pretty insignificant things, but forgetting my own name and what colour my car is.

Empathising. I can usually figure out what's going on in your head even if you're not saying it or you're trying to deflect me. The eyes tell all...

Cunnilingus. I don't like to be crass but, you know... credit where credit's due.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hmm, I don't know... I'm not "people". You tell me!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What a cornucopia... I'm afraid I've been less of a reader than perhaps I should be of late, although I have always considered 1984 to be an essential guidebook to life in the modern world. Orwell got everything right except the year.

Music-wise, classical, film, and television primarily, with occasional flying visits to jazz, swing, and various others. Generally I'll try almost anything but there are some genres I have no time for - rap, hip-hop, dubstep (wub, wub, wub) or similar.

I have an embarassingly large record collection (the oldest going back to 1917) and I'm proud to say I still have a turntable, cassette deck, and CD player. MP3s be damned.

I cry to Harry Nilsson.

I enjoy Japanese anime, television, and film. It has so much that I feel is missing from modern Western cinema. Some folk (wrongly) think it's all porn and Pokemon - but there is so much that is emotionally rewarding and actually worth watching. Character development, plot, artistry, and good music; I believe all missing from the majority of mainstream contemporary cinema. If you're interested and don't know where to start, please do let me know!

I am trying to learn Japanese (slowly; you know those hobbies that you're crap at and you keep pushing them back until they almost disappear?) and get the opportunity to practice it every now and again when I head over to Japan for my holidays. A wonderful country with wonderful people, clean streets, and most importantly, plentiful tasty beer, and great food. You can even get a pint of London Pride and a pretty good roast dinner (or fish and chips) if you know which back street to meander down.

As if you hadn't worked it out already, I'm a geek (or is that nerd...?) and fiercely proud. I don't go to work dressed as a Gorn, build scale models of the USS Enterprise, or own a set of Spock ears, although I will participate with gusto in the Picard vs Kirk argument if pushed! Picard all the way. No time for the Shat.)

Far too much of my long-term memory is taken up remembering the complete scripts of every single episode of Red Dwarf. That show is a big influence on my sense of humour and general outlook on life.

I've never had a great deal of time for Star Wars, though... This surprises most people who think that "loser sci-fi nerds" are all head-over-heels in love with Princess Leia. George Lucas has done a lot of great things... but one of them, Star Wars is not.

Other favourite films, in no particular order - The Sound Of Music, The Snowman, When The Wind Blows, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Donnie Darko, Space Firebird 2772, almost anything by Hayao Miyazaki, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Gojira (the original 1954 Japanese film), Metropolis (1927), Tenshi No Tamago. (You'll notice a certain bias towards animation, music-related, and Japanese films.)

On the slightly more-mainstream side, anything Simon Pegg related, Die Hard (1-3, sometimes 4, never 5), Indiana Jones (1-3, 4 if drunk or desperate), Back To The Future, etc, etc... You know the drill. Cult, geek, sci-fi, adventure, classic, etc. (Ashamed to admit I've still yet to get around to seeing Blade Runner... One of these days!)

I love traditional British food (and if you're very, very lucky, I'll cook you some) - with Italian cuisine coming up a close second. I have Italian blood (just a little) so I suppose you could say spaghetti and pizza run in my veins. Not literally. Or I'd be dead. (But I'd smell fantastic.)

Cooking is something of a hobby which I've pursued on and off; just lately it's been more on. I'm currently discovering a gender-stereotype-challenging penchant for baking. When my cakes come out well, they're worthy of song. When they come out badly, well, they look like squashed, charcoal cubes of misery. But you can't win 'em all.

I'm also into Japanese food; I can't say I'm itching to order Chicken Gristle with Boiled Milk Skin again, but 99% of what I've eaten has been really, really lovely. My crappy language skills usually mean I get something completely different from what I ordered - but it's more fun that way. I've even developed a bit of a taste for Sushi after steadfastly refusing to go anywhere near it for a few years. (Though I can definitely advise against eating a mega-sized sushi platter, drinking an entire bottle of hot sake, then going to the top of the Tokyo Skytree for some sightseeing.)

And, of course, I love a nice curry. And I know where to get the best ones. And I'm not telling you where until at least the third date. A gentleman never kisses and tells. I need a hook. I need to keep *something* back so that you'll want to see me again, and if that happens to be the location of London's finest curry, so be it...
The six things I could never do without
(In no particular order...)

Green tea ice cream. (Which I cannot find in this country for love nor money, so usually make myself.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...stuff to write on this profile that might convince some sweet lady out there to drop me a line.

...whether this is making me look like an absolute jackass.

...who I'd chose if my only choices were Wilma or Betty.
On a typical Friday night I am
...sometimes to be found relaxing in the pub with some workmates. Often, I'll be heading home to work on some new project; or just putting my feet up, listening to some good music, with a nice pint of something dark brown and English.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a fairly intense foot fetish. This could work to your advantage as I give a fantastic massage. I'm not creepy about it, but I am what I am.

And yes, there are other private things... and no, you won't be hearing about them on the internet. There is a time and a place for everything.
You should message me if
...you don't mind working through a little social awkwardness to get to a genuine, old-fashioned, funny chap who'll do his very best for you.

...you've got this far and you're intrigued.

I spend rather a lot of time sending messages - genuine, personal, respectful, friendly messages (not "YO WANNA SHAG?!") to people on here and rarely, if ever, get a response - even if it's to tell me to get knotted.

If you message me, you *will* get a response - I only ask that your message is in English (ie, not txtspk) and has something to it beyond "hi how u doin?" etc... I don't bite (unless you want me to) and I won't ignore you or send back some offensive brush off.