52 Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm intelligent (with an inquisitive, imaginative and analytical mind) and an independent thinker. I'm confident, warm and gentle, and very honest and open.

I've learned that it can sometimes take me a long time to find a new relationship (after a 10 year relationship it took about 3 years to find my next significant relationship, which lasted 3 years, and now I'm at the start of my next search).

So as well as looking for a long-term partner, I'm keen to find some new friends. I'm answering all the questions honestly - but answering them with what I would like from a friend, not a life partner (for instance I don't mind a friend having young children but that would not work for me in a relationship).

I've also learned that life is full of surprises. Perhaps by being far more open in who I'm willing to meet with this profile I'll end up meeting someone whom I otherwise would not, and we might end up happily ever after!

So where did my profile name come from? I write a website (and are writing a book) about a technique called Devotional Sex, and I’m hoping to find someone to explore this with me.

Devotional Sex has three main components. The first is from Tao where the man does not ejaculate most times he has sex. The second is a touch of Tantra - with no rush for the man to reach his end-point, what happens becomes slower and more sensual. And the third component is that the woman is given the power to control all sensual and sexual activity.

As well as working wonderfully in a relationship (I’ve lived this way with several partners) Devotional Sex opens up new possibilities for those who are not in a relationship.

Intimacy, sensuality, erotic fun, and sexual pleasures are such an important part of life that single people should not miss out. But convention is that either singles remain chaste, find a friend with benefits and do everything, or have a series of dates which are often disappointing sexually and emotionally.

Devotional Sex provides a new option - Devotional Friends. By agreeing that we will never go all the way (no intercourse) and that I will never ejaculate when with you, a whole new playground opens up for exploration. The woman decides which mix of intimacy (cuddles), sensuality (massages), erotic fun, and sexual activities take place. Things can remain mild, or it can include lots of adventures - you decide!

In a relationship there needs to be some equality. But with a Devotional Friend I'm happy for things to remain unequal. So, for example, I'm happy to give you oral sex without you ever returning the favour.

Of course Devotional Sex includes intercourse in relationships (and it can even be enjoyed with friends if both want).

This probably all sounds very strange, but I know from personal experience that it really works! With you in charge a foot massage can safely be enjoyed without going any further. I can suggest what might happen next - but you decide what, if anything, we do. Not only does Devotional Sex create a very relaxed dynamic, but after just an hour or so it all feels very natural.

I'm happy to answer any questions about Devotional Sex (even if you’re not interested in meeting me).

I'm also interested in teaching people about this technique. As you are in control of what happens you can feel safe exploring this with me without any pressure to go further than you find comfortable. And as teacher I’m very happy to meet people even if it is clear that we are not suited for a relationship.
What I’m doing with my life
I've only just joined this site, and I'm having fun filling out the profile and answering the questions.

I live near Chadstone shopping centre. At the moment I don't own a car (but I do fully own my own house and are financially secure). So I would prefer to people who are happy to meet up near me or somewhere easily got to with public transport like the city.
I’m really good at
using erotic energy to share intimacy and sensuality with a friend.

Just because someone is not in a relationship does not mean that they should miss out on these important human joys.
The first things people usually notice about me
My openness and quirky sense of humour.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a huge movie fan - particularly art house and cult.

I have a huge blu-ray and DVD collection, and a great system to enjoy them on. I've updated many of my favourites to blu-ray and are looking forward to watching them in high definition (Lynch, Greenway, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Alien box, and much more).

I'm also a big music fan ranging from classical and jazz, to progressive rock and old-style electronic.

And combining music and movies - I have a large collection of concert DVDs and blu-rays, ranging from classical - early music, all of Mozart's operas, Jazz, and from Leonard Cohen, to Bjork, to Opeth).

I read New Scientist, and have a Kindle with lots of books on it.

I love eating out at local restaurants (especially Indian, Thai, and Japanese) and I usually enjoy some red wine with my meal.
The six things I could never do without
(stay tuned - I'm still working on this profile.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics, the meaning of life, movies and music, and now I’m back to thinking about how to get back into dating.

I enjoy talking about Devotional Sex because it is only by getting lots of feedback from others that everything has come together. But I have many interests so try me on just about anything!
On a typical Friday night I am
enjoying a nice meal at a local restaurant, then home for some relaxation and perhaps a movie on the home theatre.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a very open person, so though I would never identify who I did something with, I'm happy to tell you what I've done.

I've added lots of comments to my answers to the questions - have a look if you want to know more about me!
You should message me if
you find my profile interesting!

My hope is that you will be brave enough to message me.

My sending messages to many women feels a bit sleazy, whereas if you message me then that feels like a very appropriate first step towards you taking control over what does and does not happen if we are to go as far as becoming Devotional Friends (or starting a relationship).

I prefer to meet in real-life fairly quickly (so that we can get a feel for chemistry). Meeting at a local restaurant works well, and even if there is no chemistry I've found that there is usually a very interesting conversation.

Of course I'm happy to message until you feel comfortable about meeting. But I don't' want to form a cyber-relationship.

I think of this site as more of an on-line restaurant club than a dating site because most meetings are just good food, good conversation, and things go no further. So I hope you feel equally relaxed about meeting me.

I look forward to hearing from you!