25 Szeged, Hungary
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My self-summary
Hi I'm Dave.

The most important thing about me: I love to smile... a lot. Of course it's not always possible but I try to be funny in the most desperate times too. Most of the time I'm noisy and talking about my interests and joking around but sometimes I become a bit shy. I don't know why is that maybe when I'm nervous or stressed out. In rare cases I like to be alone. I can recharge myself just to be by myself and think about what happened after a bad day or a good day. I'm really friendly and I like to meet new people and if you can share some funny stories about yourself you already won my interest.

When I'm home I usually read or play some video games or write. Yeah.. I mostly write novels or small poems but when I do this I'm in a weird mood :D. I'm really into rock and metal but my taste in music is wide as hell so I don't summon a demon on techno people or something (in the other hand... yeah I do XD).

I love to travel and I can do some crazy things like hop on a train and go somewhere on the weekends just because I felt to.

Why did I register here? I would love to find some new friends, penpals to chat and have a good time. I checked long-term dating because who knows... happened some crazy, unexpected things to me before I got here.
What I’m doing with my life
Studying and studying ... college you know. I'm a computer engineer and it's a bit hard but I have the guts to fight trough for that degree :D.
I’m really good at
Hmm interesting topic. *Thinking* I love to talk quiet, shy people because most of the time they can say the most interesting things. I'm really good at opening their shell if they want that. In the past I got the advice to work as a psychologist but it's not my path.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either I'm shy or talkative. But most of the time I'm just talking about what comes to my mind first. Rarely it's a bit chaotic but after a while I can handle the flow of thoughts :D.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm in love with books :D. I read sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, horror or just some comic books. My favorite moments when I finish a good book and I just sit there thinking about the story line or the characters.

I'm into some manga and anime.

Some of my personal favorites:

Books: Warhammer, Harry Potter, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Asimov, Dune etc.

Music: Apocalyptica, As I Lay Dying, Halestorm, Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswtich Engage, Lost Dreams

Film: I really try to watch all of the better movies so this is a hard one. The big names: LotR, StarWars, Aliens and so on... but I'm always up to for a good horror or a movie that has a massage and makes me think.

Video games: Darkness, Skyrim, StarCraft, Half Life, League of Legends....

Food: Anything... hmm... if it's moving than give me a shoe or a gun I'll hunt it down XD.
The six things I could never do without
I think I'm not that depended. I can be bored but usually I can find something that entertain me. But if I really have to name something: music, my fantasy, friends etc.

Ohh and Reddit ofc
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to think about. Let the chaos rise XD.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmm you have to ask this :D. I'm an open person but of course if I write down all the things about myself then you get a book about Dave and not a person. So ask about it and we will see =)