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My self-summary
"There are many things you need to know. First, we won't reach the stars by working alone."

My eyelids slowly flutter open. I notice a faint blue glow, passing through a thin layer of glass which encases me. Bands that had gone unregistered, click, releasing my wrists and ankles.

Stretching my fingers I hear a faint hissing noise. With a loud "Pop!" the glass imprisoning me haltingly lifts away.


A single question burns in my mind, "Who am I?"
What I’m doing with my life
"Preparation is the key to survival, those who do not prepare, fail."

A sharp mechanical voice rattles out an indecipherable series of what I assume are supposed to be words. Right at the end it clears up enough for me to hear, "last .no.... occupation, constr...tion manage..ent."

The words jog my memory, I recall working with people in an office but spending time next to materials and concrete. It remains a haze, I'm sure I will recall more in time.
I’m really good at
"I've got my shit together. The stack is a little messy, and it could tumble over at any second. But it's together."

I attempt to step forward, my legs betray me and I nearly fall to the floor. Or is it a deck? I steadied myself reflexively, balancing on half my foot. Interesting, I guess I'm not clumsy.

Looking around I realize my hand seems blurry. My vision doesn't seem to be very clear. There is a compartment next to my .... bed? It looks more like a pod. I'm starting to feel like I'm in a science fiction movie. Hopefully it has lots of camera flares.

In the compartment next to my pod I find. My glasses. And a cell phone. I try to turn it on, no luck. Huh, I guess the battery is dead. And no charger. The cell phone makes it all seem so normal.

Putting on my glasses, this place looks even more dreary. As much as I like blue skies, whose idea was blue emegency lighting? Empty corridor, no other "pods".

As I look around I see a locker to my left. I move unsteadily towards it, my legs still weak from my long nap.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"Quality entertainment is a matter of perspective. I'm sure the banana peel doesn't think it's funny."

Hmm, it appears that I really packed this locker.

The first thing I notice is a kindle. I pull it out then check the charge. Looks like it's good to go. That's weird.

Powering up the kindle I look through the directory, reading the titles to myself quietly; "Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of time, Animorphs, Star Wars Thrawn trilogy, Tigana, Trilisk, Essays on feminism..... " I guess I have reading material for a while.

Once I set the kindle down I see a charger, which should work for my cell phone and kindle, I hope.

I continue investigating the locker. I pull out a flash drive. As I reflexively move to put it in my pocket, I realize something pretty obvious. I don't have any pockets. I appear to be wearing a jumpsuit. A comfy jumpsuit, kind of like a Stitch Onesie. I tuck the flash drive into the sleeve of my jump suit.

As I look back to the locker I notice a tube. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Sounds delicious. I decide to try some, I've never been afraid to try new food before. Hmm, not bad.

After searching through the locker for a while, I organize the contents into several piles.

I have several food tubes. There are a lot of interesting variants. There's butter chicken, rotisserie boar, the mashed potatoes and gravy tube and teriyaki chicken tubes. Thankfully there's no sushi tubes. Ugh, I don't even want to think about fish in a tube.
The six things I could never do without
"When you're out there, alone in the black, nothin's as important as who's got your back."

I loop a bandoleer I found in the locker around my jump suit. I strap on my cell phone and stash the charger. A picture I found, of me with my friends, goes under the jumpsuit, near my heart.

Adjusting my glasses, I grab a tube of butter chicken for the road then set off to see what else I can find.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"There's more stars in the sky than I can count in a lifetime, but I'm here with you. How do you like them odds?"

As I walk along the corridor, I reach a dead end. There's a small window on the end of the corridor. As I peek curiously out the window I realize....

I really need some mouth wash. 100 year bed breath, yikes.

As I gaze out the window I confirm what I suspected, I'm in space. On some kind of ship. Looks pretty bad ass.

Turning around I walk back up the corridor the other direction. Passing my pod, I realize the light seems to be getting dimmer.

I find a dispensary for the food tubes in the next corridor, shedding a soft white luminance. Continuing on I notice a ladder leading to a hatch above me. I climb the ladder, heave the hatch open, and poke my head into... a bridge?
On a typical Friday night I am
"Equality is a lie, but the struggle for equality, for me, is the greatest goal."

Ow, the light is nearly blinding here.

There are what appear to be controls spread around a comfortable looking chair. I settle into the chair examining the controls. Some are labeled, but most of the functions elude me.

God, I wish this place had a kitchen.

I find a lever that appears to control the blast shield. I pull it. The blast shield pulls away so slow as to be painful. After a minute I think I can see stars above and a deck below. I wait for the blast door to reveal the ship I've awoken on. It looks solid, elegant and a little beat up around the edges. I'm already in love.

I turn my attention back to the console. I have an eureka moment when I realize that the chair is set to face a piloting position.

Placement seems weird but I've played enough video games in my life to know how to fly by the seat of my pants.

The console blinks,

There's someone else out there. I look at the readout, a couple of interesting bios are available. Key traits: independence, intelligence, confidence and sarcasm.

Suddenly a view screen flickers to life. Coming into focus is the captain of another ship, which is itself on the cusp of visual range. The captain speaks, her first words ..........
You should message me if
"The time to message me is now. It's always been now. You just didn't know it until now."

Okay, so you made it this far. Obviously you've figured out that I like sci-fi. As you can see I'm trying to make writing my profile more interesting than, list A, List B & List C