30 Cardiff, UK
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My self-summary
If you're looking for stubble, you've come to the right face.

I'm a friendly bloke, with a decent job I enjoy that pays more than the bills, a nice flat (sorry "apartment") in town, a positive outlook, all my own hair, and blisters on my hands from the rowing machine (I swear, it's the rowing machine!). I'm even mostly house trained, although I am still scared of the hoover and will bark at it until it's turned off. Treats and gentle cooing will calm me down though, and I am apparently just adorable with my fur all puffed up.*

Character-wise, I'm cheerful, considerate, slightly introverted (though not shy), silly, affectionate, and independent-minded. I have mild nerditis, which can manifest as binge-watching, gaming and reading. I hope I could be described as a humanist; I try to be realistic, compassionate and decent. I suppose It's more likely I'd be described as naive, sweet and slightly lacking common-sense. Conversely, I am fairly misanthropic, which can result in angry outbursts (the "despair-for-humanity" kind, not the violent kind) and I suppose this might give me a somewhat schizophrenic** nature: usually cheerful and happy but with occasional swings to the hard "fuck you, humanity!" end of the spectrum.

I snuck over the border from England back in 2009 and have been trying to cover my tracks by adopting my favourite Welshisms.

Most useful life skills:
~ Spider catching
~ Dad jokes***
~ Cuppa production

"And what would humans be without love?"
"Rare", said Death.

Primarily I'm looking for a happy, healthy, intelligent girl with whom to share box sets, provocative discussion, eventually a mortgage, and, if we get really serious, my chips. I'm getting more broody as time goes by, and would like to do the whole kids thing eventually. If that appeals, say hi; I'm no less afraid of you than you are of me, and I don't mind if your message wouldn't win a Pulitzer, as long as it's legible and I can get a sense of what you're about between it, and your profile.

Secondarily, well, I'm open to suggestions. If you reckon you can put me to good use, shoot me a message. You never know, that weird fetish you're harbouring might just get some airtime, you sick fuck, you! Or, y'know, you could get laid. Whatever you fancy.

* I am not actually a dog.
** I am not actually schizophrenic.
*** I am not actually a dad.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dune - The original "Sequence" is far better than Legends, which is a decent trilogy in its own right.

Discworld! Hell, anything by Terry Pratchett - if you're in to sci fi I promise you you want to read The Long Earth series.

The PC Peter Grant series, starting with Rivers of London. Hilarious, and some of the best writing I've encountered.