39 Oakland, CA
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My self-summary
I am:
Athletic, Authentic, Bouncy, Expressive, Harmonious, Loving, Loyal, Melodic, Mindful, Playful, Practical, Sarcastic, Silly, Somatic, Vulnerable, Witty, and Wily.

I enjoy:
Dancing to funk, electro-house, and soul. Ecstatic Dance. Most things seventies and eighties. Quoting Movies from the eighties. Hiking. Camping. Traveling to new places. Art and music festivals. Singing. Performance. Tantra Theater. Painting. Drawing. The color orange. Iyengar yoga. Meditation. Sportsball. Tennis. Golf. Football. Basketball. Running. Fantasy Football. Board Games. Thrifting. Making new friends. Nurturing friendships. Deep connection. Kissing. Touch. Cooking. Hosting parties of all kinds (dance, dinner, cuddle, game-night, sportsball event, movie). Sharing my home. Playing with my dog. Ceremony. Ritual. Landmark. Transformation. Becoming a better person. Living with purpose. And, laughing!
What I’m doing with my life
Creating a home space in Oakland that is an expression of my life and essence, and the setting for my current and future purposes (think transformational play, games, music, performance, experimentation, and possibly, a family). I am ready and looking for long-term partnership where having fun and spending quality time with lots of touch is the foundation!

Building myself back up after tearing it all down. After, 13 years, I've left the engineering-consulting for the sales. Focusing my energies into building a business as a Client Service Manager for an environmental/utility management software firm. It’s a whole new game and I’m enjoying its many challenges. It's already bringing out my talents as well as pushing my edges. More to come.

Most of my energy is going towards this new gig for 2015. Passions and interests in music, art and performance will take a back seat for the short-term. I do love singing, do it when I can and I am hoping to launch a singing project in 2015. Also, looking to pick up an electronic keyboard. Got any suggestions?

My go to fixes when I’m feeling down: singing, exercise, and connection to other human beings. If I do at least 2 out of 3 of these things every day, I am always a little bit happier than if not. If I get all three, well then, I am grateful and content.
I’m really good at
Getting distracted when I don't have a deadline.
Getting things done when I do have a deadline.
Balancing life so that I remain a dynamic person.
Being Patient. Ok, sometimes too patient.
Analyzing things. Seeing both sides to a situation.
Remembering what's important in the end.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, my smile, and sometimes crazy bright fashion sense...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A few BOOKS:
The Watchers; The Fountainhead; The DaVinci Code; Guns, Germs, and Steel;The Four Agreements; Mindfulness in Plain English; Freakanomics, The Ethical Slut.

The Sting; Raiders of the Lost Ark; Princess Bride; American Beauty; I heart Huckabees;

Dirty, filthy, nasty electro house+funk+breaks.

Fort Knox Five; Maktub; Thievery Corporation; Daft Punk; Jurassic Five; Steely Dan; Jim Croce; Kruder and Dorfmeister; The Crystal Method; Lotus; Los Amigos Invicibles; A Tribe Called Quest; Marvin Gaye; Michael Franti and Spearhead; Toots and the Maytals; Galactic; P-Funk; Groove Armada; Breakbot; Mark Knofler; One Giant Leap, and any offshoot or derivative of FUNK!

Thai; Sushi; Indian; Italian; Mexican; Vegetarian; conscious healthy stuff, and of course, anything my dear 'ole mum makes...
The six things I could never do without
Human connection, exercise, music, healthy food, love, sex...
On a typical Friday night I am
Out enjoying great live music with friends.
Enjoying good conversation at a dinner party.
Catching up on some reading or sleep.
You should message me if
You can't wait for right now!

You've done your personal work (really know yourself), and know that it doesn't end with a course, a conversation, or a revelation. It’s a never-ending quest, and you are a seeker of truth, love, and joy and will be in pursuit of these as long as you are alive on earth.

You are ready for your King. You want a serious yet silly, strong yet gentle, powerful yet playful, loving, supportive, expressive, mature protector to partner with.

You possess a majority of the following traits:
-Embodies the three G’s: Good, Giving, Game
-Has enduring, nurturing friendships
-Has done her self-work and transformation and is open to the ever evolving process
-Very expressive
-Strong Communicator
-Mature Emoter
-Enjoys cooking
-Enjoys hosting parties
-Enjoys dancing (Music and Movement is medicine)
-Appreciates art and music
-Likes to Sing (And is a good singer – I’ve dreamed of sharing life with someone I can sing, perform and write songs with)
-Enjoys yoga and meditation (and has a daily/weekly practice in at least one)
-Knows that the brain and mind are not the same things
-Enjoys exploring natural playgrounds
-Enjoys exploring urban playgrounds
-Fashionable (Not preppy but California Burning Man Disco Fly Freak! Thrifting adventures await!)
-Good by yourself. Good socializing in groups.
-Looks to make and respond to partner’s offers (like at least 7 out of 10 times) see Master/Disaster Article:
-Is very open to but not tied to having a family. Our partnership comes first.
-Appreciates being ravished by her man
-Appreciates ravishing her man
-Understands the shifting of traditionally masculine and feminine roles in partnership is acceptable and beneficial by and for both partners
-And while I’m on a roll, the physical form: I am a sucker for a pear-shaped goddess blessed with ample derriere. We all have our types. Just sayin…

In short, and together, we can do it all baby: from Tents to Tuxedos and Backstreets to Broadway!