30 Grand Rapids, MI
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My self-summary
Hi, my name is Matt!

What do you want to know about me? It's hard to ruffle my feathers so go ahead, ask anything.

My best guesses at things you might want to know: I'm pretty laid back. I like to try new things especially with a friend. People feel like they can relax around me. My hobbies are reading and table-top gaming with a dash of running (If you do any of these then it'd be cool to hear from you). I'm dependable, caring and loyal. I like doing things for other people. Did I miss any? Let me know!
What I’m doing with my life
I live in an intentional Christian community with another guy who has been my room mate and friend for a long time now, his wife and another friend. We try to focus on hospitality, and living in God's word. Every month we have an open house, we cook, and if you can bring food you're invited (You're still invited if you don't have food).

I've been getting into running. I'd like to think that someday I could pull a Forrest Gump and just run from one end of the country to the other, over and over and over. The farthest I've gone is only a 10k though, so I still have a long ways to go to make that happen.

I just received a promotion at work, it looks like it's going to be an interesting challenge. It will be a lot more responsibility, but also a lot more freedom as well.

Going to school for my degree in English (I want to be an editor in the future) and working to pay for it.

I indulge in my hobbies and hang out with friends in my free time.

Lately, I've also been streaming a tabletop game with some friends. It's broadcast live on Saturdays and then goes up on YouTube a little while after. I'd love to talk about it with anyone who's interested.

I've been growing out a beard, this is a very new and unusual experience for me.

I live.
I’m really good at
I've been told I'm really good at being a relaxing and comforting presence.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So many books. I usually prefer fantasy, sci-fi and gaming books but I will pick up and read anything. I could make a list, I've made them before, but they're really long and it's more fun to find out authors and books I enjoy in common (And get pointed at more good reads) with someone else than to just tell it all here.

I like watching movies, but I don't do it very often, same for tv.
There are some shows that I've found to be really good, Dr. Who is at the top of that list. Supernatural is also really good.

Rock, metal and classical music are my usual go to choices but I enjoy a fairly broad selection. I think it depends a lot on the energy of the piece.

If it's edible then I will try it, I love trying new food. Recently I've been learning a lot about cooking all kinds of things, especially Indian dishes. It's fun to try out new recipes, even better if you're going on the adventure of new food with someone else.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
So many things, all of the things. I mean there's so much to think about. It depends on what I've been up to recently though, I could be thinking about the crossover between politics and religion one moment and then about how to fight goblins the next.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with friends and that can lead to anything.
You should message me if
If you have any questions at all, think we might share some common interests and/or want to make a new friend.