30 Basingstoke, UK
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My self-summary
Hobbies: Travelling, sailing - racing and coaching, camping and bonfires, outdoor activities, Scouts (Leader), hiking (DofE Leader), reading, dancing, arts and crafts, skiing, St John (First Aider), piano playing (when at my parents), and many other activities.

I have tried a number of different activities over the years and will always consider giving something new a go, life would become too boring otherwise!

Goals/aspirations: To travel the world and visit every continent (only Antarctica to go!), and the normal "be happy and content with life". Managed to exceed my target of 30 countries before my 30th, by visiting countries 26 to 32 this summer whilst completing an epic European Grand Tour!

Now I have conquered most of the world (although there are still lots of places I want to visit) I have returned to full-time teaching. Fortunately, as a Geography Teacher, I can still continue to travel, every now and then, and it should help my job - win-win situation! I still have plans to finish travelling to all the continents, as well as to the many countries I have thus far missed, and maybe return to some I have already been to. The world is my oyster, and I plan to savour it completely! Once the continents are all completed, I then will move onto visiting at least one country from each letter of the Alphabet... although I might need to skip the letter X, at least until someone renames their country "X...."! Fortunately for my bank account and career, I plan to only travel during the school holidays from now on... well, until I am tempted otherwise.

I am looking for someone who is preferably interested in travelling, outdoor activities like going for walks and various other activities, alongside relaxing, random chats that make us laugh or learn, reading and learning more about the world around them (I do like the company of fellow sapiophiles); but most importantly enjoys life and wants to make the most of it! A compatible sense of humour, ability to hold a conversation and speak/write in proper English (not txt spk), and such like would also be useful.
What I’m doing with my life
After years growing up in the wilderness of south west Wales, I moved up the coast to study Geography and English Literature at Aberystwyth University (a unique combination I discovered, as I was the only one in my year group to pick that combo). I followed that up by training to be a Geography Teacher at Aber. Since then, I have managed to teach in a few schools in south east England, alongside travelling around the world.

So far I have managed to visit a number of European countries, alongside working in the USA (Sailing Instructor at a summer camp) and Canada (Au Pair/Nanny for a year). I have also spent a summer volunteering with Scouts during an international camp in Kenya, followed by solo-travelling around the country for a couple of weeks afterwards (I could not resist the lure of scuba diving on a coral reef in the Indian Ocean nor seeing the Big 5 in the Maasai Mara).

Most recently, I took a term out of teaching to travel around the world visiting Peru (Amazon Rainforest and River, including spending a week living in an extremely rural village in the middle of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve - a day's travel from the nearest town/communication with the outside world), New Zealand (sleeping in the back of a car with a friend of mine as we road tripped around both islands), followed by a few weeks in Thailand (Bangkok) and Cambodia (almost the whole country).

I have now returned to teaching (apart from travelling during the holidays (such as France last October, Malta at Christmas, Iceland over Easter, and 11 countries - 6 of which were new to me - this summer) - my bank account and career were starting not to appreciate me getting the travel bug quite so often), and have the pleasure (most of the time) of teaching geography and history (this time; I have taught many different subjects over the years - this job is never boring) to students in Basingstoke.
I’m really good at
... being me - years of practice has made me a pro at it. Plus the deadly "Teacher stare" that incapacitates a child at 50 paces - useful both in school and out.
The first things people usually notice about me
My ginger hair! But I am happy with that, I love my hair colour.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - a range of fantasy, sci-fi, and comedy genres mainly, with some non-fiction, like science and geographical type books to mix it up. I am a self-certified bibliophile who grew up surrounded by a range of books, and was slightly jealous of Belle (Disney) as a child when she gained such a large and beautiful library from the Beast. Although these days, whilst I am still a buyer of books, I do not seem to get quite as much time to read books (I blame the copious amounts of books I have to read as I mark them); although I do still read everyday, it tends to be articles that could be useful for work (the news is filled with geography).

Movies - similar to books - a range of fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, as well as action and adventure types. It can be nice to curl up on the couch when the weather outside is miserable and watch a film to relax when my brain has been fried by reading too many books when marking them in school.

TV Shows - similar to movies, plus dramas, CSI-like shows, Bones, Orphan Black, The 100, etc and into the (now mainstream) nerdy stuff like Blackadder, Red Dwarf, TBBT, SG1/A, ST:TOS/TNG/DS9/V/E, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter., Archer, etc, plus the required viewing of the moment GoT (alongside reading the books from the series).

Music - into an eclectic mix, from pop and rock, to folk and classical, with dance and others thrown in for fun.

Food - I am an occasionally fussy omnivore, with a great dislike for the taste of seafood. To add to my strange allure, I also do not drink tea, coffee or alcohol (for taste reasons), but I am happy for others to consume them, I just don't need them, it seems - although, as a Teacher, I am often asked how I survive, I often wonder myself!
The six things I could never do without
1) In this modern world, the internet is now almost essential as food and water (especially if you refer to the "updated" Maslow's hierarchy of needs).
2) Passport - how else I am going to explore the world around me, although my new passport is looking too stamp-free (old one has all of my world visas), so need to get out of Europe soon to fix that.
3) Laughter and smiling - I relate well with Little Miss Giggles, and not just because of her ginger hair.
4) Books (fictional and non-fictional) - my dream is to own a house in which I can turn at least one of the rooms into a (mini) library/study.
5) Comfy bed - although I have camped in tents, slept in hostels and bunk houses, in cars for a few weeks (NZ)... I think those experiences make me enjoy my comfy bed even more.
6) Car - exploring interesting places can be difficult without one at times; and linked to this and the passport, beautiful and interesting geographical and historical places to visit.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... rather random things! Flitting from one interesting thought to another, with a few plain ones thrown in to balance it all out. Although work does seem to take up most of my thinking time.
On a typical Friday night I am
What's a typical Friday night?!? I do not really have a typical anything really, I like to just go with the flow, party when possible, chillax when needed, and try to enjoy myself as much as possible.
You should message me if
...you like what you see and think we have things in common.

Do linger a while, and take in my smile. If you like what you see, then do flirt with me.