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My self-summary
Ello! I'm Mark, Originally from England, moved here a few years ago. I can't accept being defined by a self summary. I lead a lifestyle to fit what's around me and be happy, but i respect and admire many ways of living and schools of thought! A friend described me as a puppy who loves kittens. I think the analogy might be perfect in so many ways!
What I’m doing with my life
Working, riding the 101 (wayyyy too much), developing a nice mold of my ass in my sofa, cycling, dining (this means drinking really), but most importantly, looking for adventures other than everything above!

Being more specific, during the day, i work at a web firm in the valley designing web products (not dating sites though). I spend my efforts sneakily influencing execs to make decisions based on facts, design principles and human psychology. This makes me a bit of a data geek so love finding out how people use the web......you'd be shocked at what the germans (and english) get up to!

I can be quite comfortable at home chilling after work with a DVD, but I've a wandering soul, i love travel and adventure in my life . This could be anything from randomly trying a new sport, cycling across the big orange bridge to the green trees, or spur of the moment flights to exotic locations if a totally reckless urge comes on.

Trying to work out the meaning of happiness. Some inspiration here: http://www.mindful.org/mindful-qa-the-truth-about-soulmates/
I’m really good at
...finding trouble?

No, seriously. Other than my job; I'm a pretty good photographer and enthusiastic chef although i have a tendency to think chilli is a good ingredient for any dish. Feel free to slap me down when i suggest that i might create a new dish called Chillimisu! I'm not always right :)

I can be both fickle and determined, so i can get pretty good at things as i pursue them relentlessly until my appetite is satisfied, then i'm on to the next new adventure. After 38 years of this, i know a bit about a lot of things, but some passions stick....see below!
The first things people usually notice about me
This is a very strange question. I don't really have the ego to go around asking people "What is the first thing you noticed about me?", but realistically, it's probably just my accent, followed by my cheekiness.

Lately people have been commenting on my eyes, but that's probably because no one had seen them without being hidden behind specs before i got them laserered. Say anything wicked and you'll definitely see the glint!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food & drink...Almost any menu makes as satisfying read as any best-selling novel. I crave sweets (candy :p ) and keep an exotic selection of British sweets for those cravings. I also love wine and was heartbroken to leave my wine collection back home in London, although its still waiting for me and only getting better with age. Wine is definitely the best thing about getting older!

Books... Lately i've been reading Lian Hearn's trilogy of Feudal Japan but in general i love any novels that lead my imagination into random tales of foreign lands. Then just for a bit of 'balance'; anything geeky/techy.

Movies.... Too many to mention. Netflix is a good friend, but my taste really depends on my mood. My snobby side love art-house and bizarre foreign films, but i have to confess to being a bloke and sometimes i just need some testosterone fuelled action flick. I'm also always seeking out English comedy from back home. You can't beat Inbetweeners, Peep Show, or the Mighty Boosh!

Music... I'm guilty of being an aging rocker at heart, but still love almost every style of music....just don't ask me to try to dance dubstep as i'm utterly crap.
The six things I could never do without
In no particular order here.....

- My bicycles....I love cycling although the hills in SF came as a bit of a surprise to me. They seemed so easy to get-up in the movies, but i guess Steve McQueen had a few more horsepower in his car than in my legs. Either way, i love getting on the bike and heading through Sausalito and hopefully as far as i can handle. Back home, i used to love midnight rides from London to the coast.

- The Internet.... I'm a product manager for a Valley tech company, so i'm into all the geekery associated with that. Trying to cut down on the number of excited posts i make on facebook about stupid tech startups and announcements that bore all of my non-techy friends. UPDATE: Trying to reject tech as much as feasible from my life. People are so much better than screens!

- Water....Rivers, Seas, Oceans, Waterfalls and even drinking the stuff. H2O is great for the soul and i love being around some sort of water even if i don't play on/in it as much as i'd like. I'd definitely like to take the opportunity to learn some sailing or maybe seeing as winter's coming up, i should figure out what can be done on snow. Hmmm. Do i learn to snowboard or ski? I love tough decisions.

- My guitar... Sadly it gets a bit neglected these days as i prefer heading out, but despite my tortuous inability to play, I have a habit of strumming whilst watching TV.

- Planes...12 hours to London, 12 hours to Japan. Planes are a bloody miracle and i love them to bits. In fact, watching the blue angels over the weekend, it was obvious who was having the most fun in the city. I was very jealous of those buggers!

- Kissing... No comment. Self explanatory really!

- Nespresso...and PG Tips!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
London, things to do around SF, girls, technology of all forms, cycling, bikes, wine, boys toys, adventures.

OK. Must stop here before i start daydreaming.
On a typical Friday night I am
Somewhere on Polk with friends, although i do know there is more to SF than Polk. In fact, there are way too many photos of me with a drink in hand.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's no fun admitting secrets online. Sharing secrets and seeing a sparkle in the eye is always much better in person!

Update: I must confess to having a shopping habit that should be reigned in, but i have a soft spot for shoes, clothes and colognes. Seems i've somehow turned metro. Grrr California!
You should message me if
You teach or help disabled kids
You're not part of a nutty SF cult.
You think you can handle me,
You like English accents (and stupidity)
You have a 'wicked' sense of humour
You have a sense of spirit, adventure, danger
You think it's fun to do things that make you squirm with awkwardness.
You are delightful puzzle of a woman.
You want a man to enjoy solving the puzzle.

You should NOT message me if:

You have a duckface photo
You don't lead an active life