46 Menlo Park, CA
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My self-summary
Note: Apparently OKCs algo doesn't appreciate paradoxes. Deeply compassionate but only a tad kinky, rarely arrogant and definitely not sloppy. Oh, and I can't see Likes, so don't be shy.

Sometimes extroverted and irreverent, other times introverted and reverent, almost always alive and engaged. Strong sense of purpose and insatiably curious. Disciplined, hard working and lazy. Magician in the Jungian, INFJ in the psycho archetypes and either 1 or 5 in the Enneagram.

Doing my best to meet life with courage, creativity and humor. Freedom being the opposite of fear, I push myself to act whenever it arises...though I fail daily. Sigh. Forever studying, learning and maturing. I never pass up a college campus, library or beautiful architecture...or any beauty for that matter. Rec: Burlingame library.

Love new experiences and experimenting. Adaptable, lived on both coasts and the Midwest. Road tripped through 40 states and Canada and biked 450 mi through Vermont at 14. I've climbed 65 mountains up to 21,000 ft in Bolivia, sometimes through whiteouts and 80 mph winds.

Adventured through 17 countries (though not much of late since turning startup workaholic). I've biked to work in -10 and ripped the handle off a car door in -28. Listened to countless Dharma talks, read and re-read spiritual books and experienced moments of 'perfect' stillness, contentment and joy. They say one day of being awake is better than a lifetime of unconsciousness. Once asked a cop who pulled me over "May I help you?" I went to court, he no-showed and I won. Being empowered is divine. I've AirBnB'd and Couchsurfed.

Grew up travelin' in a Westfalia with six plus a standard poodle who failed miserably at his first and only dog show in Nova Scotia. Naturally, my sisters slept inside while my brother and I 'roughed it' in a tent. I witnessed the world's first snowboarding race where everyone wiped out. Have lead protests against GMO and lived in a house in a Hollywood movie. I've worked with billionaires and survived multiple near death experiences, including climbing, mountain biking...and divorce.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing the things that are most fulfilling, living fully and pursuing my passions. Haven't bought a TV yet but there's still hope.

Going to men's group to talk about life - the good, the bad and the ugly. Complimenting strangers. Hanging laundry. Living equally in the practical and spiritual realms.

Getting teary eyed at the majestic grace of a hawk on a fence post. Pausing to take in the unspeakable beauty of morning sky.

Hosting couchsurfers from around the world, including courageous, dynamic guys like this...http://youtu.be/v_rR6j4flbw

Female radiance, beauty, form and sweetness truly moves and inspires me. First thing people usually notice is that my civilized demeanor and kind eyes don't quite fit my less than innocent curiosity.
I’m really good at
Navigating the backcountry and singing like Morrissey. Getting lost in the city. Making people laugh and imitating others. Being active and taking care of myself. Talking about feelings (I know, I know).

Coming up with cartoons while not being able to draw. Being intimate with life. Saying yes and no. Not taking things personally. Listening and meeting people where they are (my 20lb Maine Ccon was a great teacher). Exploring new restaurants and foods. Traveling into the unknown.

Dancing with life. Living from the death of the experience. Bringing fun, energy and humor with me and relishing activities as an end in themselves. Fluent in intense intellectual and philosophical conversation. Ravishing my partner?

Recently heard the following...
~ "You're a really smart, fun and funny guy...and definitely not slick."
~ "Fascinating conversationalist"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Of Human Bondage (could be kinky but it’s not), The Way of the Superior Man, Angela’s Ashes, Bobo’s in Paradise (anything by David Brooks), A Path With Heart, The Boardman Tasker Omnibus, I Said I Wanted a Bigger Dick Not A Bigger Deck

Atonement, Bananas, There Will Be Blood, The Bothersome Man, Chicago, House of Games, Unbearable Lightness of Being, Love & Human Remains, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, In Treatment, Game of Thrones.

Whatever energy is resonating: Alternative, Alt Country, Cuban, Bluegrass, 80's, EDM. I can't imagine a life without music, though listening follows a predictable arc: energizing then eventually energy sucking. I like to turn it off before the sucking begins...at least in this context.

Whole, no-fuss food. Particularly fond of all Asian, Indian and Mediterranean. Interestingly, the western fork is to practical as the eastern chopstick is to elegance and grace.
The six things I could never do without
First light filtering through the trees outside my bedroom window while birds sing rapturously

The pregnant anticipation of coffee brewing in my kitchen

The sweet, sensual beauty of the female form (bears repeating)

The ease of conversation and laughter with family or friends over food and drink with music filling in the harmony

The depth, beauty and infinite vastness of looking into another's eyes

The perfect, ever present stillness

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want me to continue?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This fascinating, crazy, beautiful world we live in
How to squeeze every drop out of the human body and mind
How the world has so many challenges while most of us plea innocence
My next adventure… somewhere new? Somewhere I’ve been but need to see again?
On a typical Friday night I am
After exchanging work clothes for gym clothes, I like to work out and take a hot shower then unwind with a friend for a beer or wine after a mad week. Before long, I'm hungry for a local hole-in-the-wall with good food.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I get naked and lay in the sun every day at 9:45am. I say it's to get my vitamin D, but really I just love any excuse to get nekked.
You should message me if
Adversarial relationship with men because they feel dependent on men to provide and protect and will manipulate men in order to get these
Love/hate relationship with man's power and ability to protect and will emasculate a man if threatened while simultaneously attempting to please him
Provocatively advertises their bodies and get upset with a man is turned on
Touch grounds a woman & brings her into present
Diffuse awareness - unable to focus, everything in their environment screams for their attention simultaneously
When women are talking...If a man thinks she's ok he's wondering "What's the point?" and if she's not ok, he's thinking "What's the problem?"
Need to be heard so they can unload
Deadlines make a woman unable to be feminine and produce beauty.
Need 8 hours continuous sleep and movement like dancing and exercise to feel sexy and be sexual
Need to be desired
Don't have honor - doing the right thing in spite of how they feel
Need time to putter
Need appreciation to feel safe
Need appreciation of who they are exactly as they are to be able to be themselves
A woman's feelings are her connection to the Universe
Vegetarian women are 2x as likely to enjoy giving oral sex (don't get mad at me, I'm just sharing what the OKC nerds report)

Men have honor - do the right thing despite how they feel about it
Loyal, teamwork, partnership, generosity, provider, protector
Adversarial relationship with women because we feel dependent on women for sex and attention and will manipulate women in order to get these
Accountable - take job of provider/protector seriously
We love women's radiance, smile, sparkle, feminine energy
Source of a woman's sparkle
Truly interested in what works!

The type of woman I find attractive tends to be smart, fit, energetic and dynamic. You're in love with life and truly feel the beauty and grace of being alive. You appreciate chivalry.

You're confident, grounded and know yourself because you've done inner work on your spiritual path. You're continually renewing and choose to be alive, engaged and happy. You appreciate my full life because yours is, too.

Of course, none of what either of us have said matters unless there's chemistry. Message me and let's find out...🛀

BTW, I don't mind if you're higher maintenance...as long as you're higher performing ;). Not every guy's lookin' for a Honda.