24 Las Vegas, NV
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My self-summary
somebody take me to a donut place near santa monica, pretty please!

i am looking for people to meet and hang out with outside more than anything. just need to broaden my circle, feed my brain, talk to some new folk.

i think too much and i have too much time on my hands. i collect skills because when i'm faced with the option of hiring someone to do a thing or figuring it out myself, i can't bring myself to hire someone (and often can't afford it).

lately, i am bluntly candid. i have no patience to beat around the bush, which i realize is off-putting to many. it's not my intent to filter people out this way or anything, i just haven't the energy. i am very sentimental and i take things personally, i care and so come off as intense and emotional, and yet i promise i'm enjoying the discussion, so please continue!

my life has been mixed in circumstance, but i have never lacked for support and only rarely lacked in necessities, so i consider myself very privileged. i was raised by a varied group, having five parents and their assorted grandparents and being shuffled between, and i consider that a huge boon now. that said, i know my perspective lacks many angles, and i try really hard to remedy that by putting myself in new situations and with various mental gymnastics, and by attempting to be empathetic.
depression is an issue for me, and i deal with it largely by being wittily, often sarcastically bemused in a despondent way. i'm near convinced that most things are (or could, or will, be) moot, but i don't feel or behave that way.

feminist, anarchist. host to hsv-1/oral herpes/cold sores.

i strongly hold that emoticons represent a significant advancement in textual communication ;-)

i try to consume less, and consume used when i can't make or make do, but i think that you can tell a lot about someone from their wishlist, so here are mine :-)

there's one more, but it's got seeecret stuffs in it ;-)
What I’m doing with my life
currently i reside with my parents and brother and his girlfriend in las vegas. we've all come together to help my little brother survive cancer. it's rough, but i am very proud of my family in ways now that i didn't know i had cause to be, so i am grateful for that. practically, this means that during the weekdays i stay at home to give him his medications and make sure he's okay, so i'm only free nights and weekends and have no income and am going stir-crazy.

my partner lives in portland, oregon, and i value her greatly. our relationship is open, but neither of us sees other people often, and when we do we are careful about it, for everyones' sake. i am actively seeking people to be around, including friends, activity or debate partners, and possibly sex partners. my sexual relationships tend to be close, lasting friendships that include sex, not romantic commitments.

i am about to start building the new deck for the sailboat which was and will be my home when it's livable again. this is a huge, intimidating project which i would love to discuss/have others' opinions on/have help with. also, once the deck is finished i need to outfit the boat for long voyages, because i intend to find the inside passage and sail much of the world. not the touristy bits either. i'm open to having a sailing partner.
I’m really good at
fixing things. usually i break them a little in the process of fixing them the first time, but then i fix that too. picturing things. i am an almost purely visual thinker. sometimes i think this holds me back when i'm trying to consider things more theoretical than concrete.
i used to be really good at jazz guitar. now i'm okay.
i'm getting better at drawing. i'm a good amateur at technical drawings of necessity, but am working on expressive drawing as i attempt to create a comic.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
lotr, braveheart, serenity, can't think of more at the moment...
firefly, mushi-shi, blanking again, it's late...
streetlight manifesto, u2, Chopin, pearl jam, slothrust, dispatch, nin, blaaaaank...
general tso's chicken, pizza, seafood, bread, rice.
cheap red wine, scotch or jameson's, warm sake, brown beer, hard cider.
The six things I could never do without
corrective lenses
a project
books (can be digital, even audio lately)
deep sleep
I spend a lot of time thinking about

undermining capitalism and the kyriarchy.
what ideas i have accepted, where did they come from, what purpose do they serve, and whether they are acceptable to keep. how can i make myself the person i feel i must be to feel good about myself? what has shaped that person? how should i shape that person? would it be a cop-out to become a hermit? can i actually do good, or only convince myself i am doing good?

how everything is a scale, and i tend to picture everything on a bar graph from negative to neutral to positive next to the most closely related things on their own bars.

is it better to commit to a thing or be competent at many things?
which martial art should i learn? (leaning toward muay thai largely because there's a place that teaches it close by)

should i continue to use this site to meet people, or give up on it and just be out more? if the latter, is it necessary to be seen in the same places consistently to make meaningful relationships in the physical realm? why am i so clueless about this basic life function?
On a typical Friday night I am
watching something, teaching myself programming, german, drinking, hanging out with my family, working on my bike, working on the design for my boat.
You should message me if
you are open to meeting. i'm not opposed to chatting here, but my intention is to use this site as a way to meet people in the real world. i need to get out and about and make some connections :-)
you need help fixing something! particularly bikes or guitars, or other wooden things.
you know about boats or pop tops, or better, pop top boats ;-)
you're kinky. i can top or bottom, though i'm not very experienced, but i would prefer to be topped lately. i'm a conscientious learner.
you have a project you think i'd like to work on with you, or you want to help me with my projects.
you want to play music together, but won't judge me for being rusty and insecure.
you'd like to help me practice german, chinese, or french. my chinese is rusty and my french almost nonexistent, but especially in a penpal situation, i think i could make do and learn fast.
really any reason. i'm not in the habit of denying communication. if i think we shouldn't talk, i'll tell you that before ceasing our conversation.