69 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
Hello. How are you?

We are both using electronic media to supplement chance physical encounters. Each has advantages as well as risks. If the photographs are true, then they reveal if the subject does not have boyfriend or girlfriend skills, but not if he or she does have them. We learn that only after several dates. Even if the narratives are true, they reveal little more than the person’s writing skills.

So, unlike others who claim they seek LTRs and soul mates, I seek merely a first date, for the possibility that it leads to a second and then more.

Experiences that we will share will bring us closer to each other. Experiences that we separately share with others will gradually pull us apart. So, I will present a few events I frequently entertain. Perhaps they will interest you sufficiently for you to relate your frequent amusements.
I would like to meet a smart, tall, and slender woman, local to San Francisco, who would enjoy: having mid morning breakfast in a café and then walking in a park or on a beach with my dog and me; sailing on the bay during afternoons with good weather, with a basket lunch; attending ballroom dance instruction during early evenings, after supper; and attending cabaret with drinks in the late evening. But, we do not do all during the same day.

I am 6'5" tall, weigh 220 lbs, reasonably fit, college educated with advanced degrees from USAFI, fluent in three languages, ex-military, widower, live in The City, and do not entertain any abuse beyond a Stoli martini.

My photographs are recent. I appear better in them than in life. Time has required me to wear glasses. I refuse to be photographed in them. You can see them in my hand in my photos.

I have served my family on our farm, my country as a soldier, my community as a policeman, my fellow man as an engineer and psychologist. Now, I am retired and serving myself.

Socialized, civilized, and smart are the initial three qualities that I seek in a woman. Do you know the first eight tasks everyone should do before breakfast? Smart has many meanings. One of them is the ability to solve this initial letter riddle: "some find serious closeness a true test each reader is not getting at your antiquated house of oddity. chopin or mozart" Please, do not write to me unless you have solved it. If you solve it, then you will understand why and how.

Please refrain from hate mail. You have the right to prefer your type of man. I have the right to prefer my type of woman

Good luck to all of you.