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34 F Iquique, Chile

My Details

Last Online
Mar 22, 2011
Hispanic / Latin
5′ 8″ (1.72m)
Body Type
Agnosticism, and laughing about it
Libra, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from masters program
Less than $20,000
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Spanish (Fluently), French (Poorly), Italian (Poorly), Portuguese (Poorly)

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My self-summary
Geeky , fun, opinionated , resilient , sexy, creative, sweet, spontaneous, tolerant , open minded, cuddly, existentialist humanist, i like to laugh a lot, monogamous and faithful (for some reason i attract a lot of polyamorous people, and if you are polyamorous and seeking friendship that's great, but i like my partners one at a time so dont get your hopes too high for something else), i have somewhat quirky and often black sense of humor, i am talkative and so much more. (yes i know this is shameless self promotion, but isnt that the whole purpose of write a profile).

I love music, going to concerts, cooking and baking, going to the movies, museums, bargain hunting, recycling (the environment is important to me and I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can, but I'm not a vegan, though I do reduce my meat consumption).

I have nerdy hobbies, I enjoy anime, manga, comics ( Neil Gaiman, Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez, Garth Ennis, you get the idea) philosophy, poetry, board games, B movies, console games (I prefer the oldies in platform or adventures), I used to roleplay pen and paper and some WoD LARP, sadly I ran out of time to do this when I started my universitary studies and later couldnt find again a RPG group that was suiting me.

I dream of getting someday a NES control with USB to play those games I can't find anymore on an emulator with the old nostalgic feel, what can I say?.

Anyway don't get scared, this does not prevent me of enjoying more girly stuff, and doesn't make me less feminine, in fact I'm very proud of my nerdy side, i think of it as a plus ;)

I used to love free soloing (a kind of extreme rock climbing) in my teens, then i had an accident and never tried again, but i could love give myself another chance, prolly this time around i could get some safety equipment.

I dislike cockroaches, pure and/or bitter drinks, hard drugs, discrimination, close-minded people, wastefulness, blatant stupidity (which is not the same as learning disabilities of course) and cruelty (which includes but is not limited to cruelty against animals).

Psychology is my profession and I love what I do, is my true call, but I am much more than my career, I am a person before a psychologist, I do not analyze every person I meet, only those willing to pay me for it :P , and I don't play mind games.

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

I am quirky, brutally honest, and yet, charming ;)
What I’m doing with my life
I am a psychologist working in different social oriented projects with a couple of NGO's from a Liberation psychology perspective (if you are curious about it make a google) and i am interested in working with children play therapy at the moment, plus i try to have fun as often as i can by myself or with friends and family.

I am saving money for get into a master in counseling as soon as possible hopefully in an english speaking country.

UPDATE: be careful with what you wish for, because it might become true!! i recently won a scholarship for a post title in sexuality, and paired with trying to buy a house is driving me ABSOLUTELY crazy.

UPDATE: I got married and i am living in france, sorry folks, i am searching just friendship now ^^
I’m really good at
Listening, talking in public, adapting to new enviroments and cultures, creative thinking and problem solving, learning new things, cooking, haggling, finding bargains, helping people to relax, storytelling,get the "million of bucks" look with only 20 and i am a great kisser :P (i know it comes from too close, but trust me in this one *giggles*). Mmh im very good at singing til my throat hurts too heh.
The first things people usually notice about me
That im very open, friendly and a good listener, im easy to talk to but always honest and straightforward

In real life i am not nearly as arrogant and pretentious as i might seem in text, thought i wont deny the "cocky" badge, it does suit me.

On a more superficial note, people often comment about my lips and hair, usually about my eyes too, or some more mmh observing people notice my strategically placed beauty spots.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: as the owner of my favorite second hand bookstore says "this girl like anything and everything, and comes here often, so make her a good discount" :P i just love to browse tons of dusty books and pick all that sparks my attention, from my last hunting trip i cameback with a vintage cooking book, a copy of the psychological birth of the human infant, a book in sewing (for now i can only do small repairs and put back buttons :P ), methods of social research by bailey and women who run with wolves :P

Movies: Woody Allen, Tim Burton, Pedro Almodovar, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro, Krzysztof Kieslowski; Recently i watched Fetten Jahre sind vorbei, Die aka "The Edukators" god it was a welcome dosis of idealism, it reminds me why i try so hard to stay true to my beliefs, not so recently anymore i watched "Love actually" i loved it, the airport scenes touched me a lot heh, but i love b movies (troma anyone? ) horror movies (i prefer the goofy ones, something like the nightmare on elm street series or such) and i really love anime, i never watched a movie from ghibli that i didnt loved (the grave of the fireflies could make me cry anyday heh)last anime i watched is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni give it a shot, is the scariest animation i saw in the last few years.

Music: this is a tough one, if i ever had something similar to an addiction this is it, im always searching for new (at least to me) artists, obscure indie singers, i love go to the opera and ballet given the chance, but i feel equally comfortable on a death metal gig, or a punk concert, but i dont own "dance music" i dont dislike it but i like it where it belongs, in clubs. UPDATE: in the dance music department, i made an exception for Gunther, i couldnt resist his philosophy of life, i mean, who can dislike "Glamour, sex, champagne, and respect"? :P

Food: i love spicy, mexican, chinese, japanese, cuban, indian, arabian, you name it, im not too much into sweets, i can get tempted from time to time, but i am more into make them and offer them to the people who is dear to me than to eat them, but ice cream is always good to me, my favorite being a dark rich chocolate flavor without chocolate chips, i just cant get to like chocolate chips or chocolate baths on ice cream, c'est la vie.

Update: recently i have been watching tons of quite interesting anime, amongst them are witch hunter robin (every chapter has a selfcontained story but always take care of a bigger plot that never stop of surprise), paradise kiss (i just love slice of life anime, this one is refreshing, bittersweet and tender, and the animation style is absolutely gorgeous, plus i adore the fact that the ending song is "Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To?" ), nana (another slice of life anime with beautiful animation and interesting music, got so hooked on this one that i readed the manga too, i wish there were more volumes translated *sighs* one of this days i asm going to learn japanese just because of this :P ), hatakari man (it made me feel a little identify on the main character heh, maybe i should reconsider my priorities, but not yet :P), Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (absolutely hilarious and original, plus was so funny to see a character with such a quirky and black sense of humour, the main character is a bit of a parady of sadako, the main character in ringu, the original japanese version of the movie "the ring" i never watched the US version, i doubt i will ever watch it anyway), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (the creepiest and more scary anime i have seen in years, truly magnificent), Monster (ok this one i watched it a good while ago, but now that it came to my mind it deserves a mention, this is one of the best psychological mystery anime ever, and i know what i am talking about, i have been watching anime since age 3 :P ).

If you want to know more about the animes i have named here please go to for check full reviews, and for your download needs and please discontinue distribution once the anime is licensed yadda yadda.
The six things I could never do without
1.- Bottled Water (by this i mean those big 20 lts. reusable bottles used in offices and such, and i go refilling an small bottle i carry everywhere; buy everytime a new small bottle is not only wasteful, but freakingly harmful for the enviroment). 2.- Internet 3.- errr damn how you say this in english "soin sans rinçage" for curly hair (is a kinda conditioner that allows me to brush my hair without going bald or getting an afro and i dont need to wash it off) UPDATE: soin sans rinçage = leave-in conditioner, weeee another big mystery of life is solved. 4.- Love (i know is not a thing, but i just cant do without it) 5.- Money (at least for cover my basic needs) 6.- lipstick (dry lips sucks)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
new ways to do or improve the same old things, learn new things and get new skills, selfimprovement, how to be more enviromentally friendly without sacrifice much life quality, how to recycle, reuse, repurpose stuff, how can i surprise or pamper someone dear to me just for remind him/her how special and important is to me (cheesy i know, but still true).
On a typical Friday night I am
happy of have survived the week and being able to sleep 8 hours on a row!! but in saturday night i usually go out :P

UPDATE: lately im going out in friday nights too, i miss my 8 hours of sleep *pouts* Have 3 very different groups of friends is very entertaining and enjoyable, but sometimes gets quite taxing heh.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am out of the market.

I am very interested in meet smart, cute and empowered women.

I wont have cybersex with you, i wont send you hot pictures and i am not here searching for casual sex, is not my cup of tea, so if that is what you have in mind, dont lose my time and dont lose yours, have fun, good luck and play safe, the world doesnt need more people happily spreading STD's, well that and wars in the name of "democracy".
I’m looking for
  • Guys who like girls
  • Ages 25–48
  • Near me
  • For new friends
You should message me if
I prefer talk to people who I can relate to, and enjoy to spend time with, someone who is happy with her or his carreer choice and is comfortable in her or his own skin, a person who is nice as a whole, so geeky, confident, cocky, fun, opinionated, sexy, creative, spontaneous, goal oriented, proactive is preferable, but not of the essence :P I'm a quite tolerant person so i can get along with very diverse people, as long as they are not boring, but please be able of read subtitles, if you can't handle them, certainly you can't handle me.

If you are a native English speaker it could be nice, I've learnt to speak English amongst French's, so my accent is weird, I want to improve it, so I'm looking forward to talk by voice with you, so you better own a microphone for your comp.

IMPORTANT: I will only reply to people who have profiles that actually show a minimal idea of who they are, have pictures and actually took the time for read my profile (and for this i mean people who is not asking about stuff i already said here).

Update: lately i have noticed that i find hard to relate myself to people who is not interested in education (any kind of education, not only formal education), i know they can be totally succesful, being business owners, make much more money than i will ever make, etc. and i think that is great, not everyone can be a thinker, the world need's doers , but if you only read the bible or cheap novels, if you only listen to whatever is in fashion or even dislike music, if you beliave that social sciences and humanities are a waste of time, if you think america is a country and not a continent, if you are a highschool drop out, if you cant read subtitles, prolly we have nothing in common and even worse, there is a good chance we will annoy each other, please dont take offense on this, but if you fit this description do not message me, thank you.

NONE of this pickiness (or maybe very little of it, no matter what i dislike boring people) apply if you feel the unavoidable urge of give me presents!! (im a sucker for presents, get over it :P )second hand books (extra brownie points if they are quirky how to's or art books), shinny things (vivienne westwood style rocks, but anything silver does the trick, real diamonds are not this girl best friends, gold isnt either), coffee, dark chocolate (over 60% if not is not dark to my standards), ice cream or nutella :D (no flowers, candles, candies, store bought clothes, music or movies please, those i like to get them as reward from me to myself periodically for staying sane :P ) ooh and i am a total sucker for hand made :B i just love things hand made, even if you think is badly done, ugly or whatever, chances are that i will find it charmingly unique or amusingly kitschy and ill wear it or display it proudly.