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My self-summary
Hi, and thanks for visiting!
I'm pretty much on Sabbatical here - not actively looking - yet I couldn't bear to kill off this profile, etc... too much time invested in it...

Pour yourself a wine or other adult beverage - get yourself comfortable and enjoy the read. And ride.
This is constantly under revision and changing !!! Come back often because you might find something you like.

This profile is, as I am, a work in progress/evolvement.
You could find me to be your perfect summer project. Well maybe not sooooo perfect. (7/10/15) Flag controversy - I view the Stars and Bars Southern flag as America's Nazi flag. It doesn't belong on the or any state capitol no matter how HISTORIC it IS!!! And it doesn't matter what it originally stood for - it became a symbol of persecution hate and oppression...Summer is gone but the SHUTDOWN is here - it's time to liberate the National Parks - Occupy the Capitol Building in Wash. D.C. Revolt is in the air and is much needed and November elections are not soon enough - We need a March on Washington like we had back in the 60's - Right Arm, brother!!! For more check out the Question in the Ethics section:
Do you enjoy discussing politics? Its's a rant in progress...

My Self Summary:

The GOOD, the BAD and the Ugly:
This is my good self - the wild and crazy, zany, raconteur.
Today: Today is profile revision day! This is revision 3.2 (08/31/2013)with 4000+ questions answered (all of them) and 220+ Tests taken!!!
03/19/15; Go see the flic Eva - very nice!!!
12/06/14 Saw Gone Girl and Hector and the search for Happiness - nice movies and Rosamund Pike is the new "it" actress. Great range!

SHORT Term: Another birthday - ya' know 64 (now 65) is like the new 40 (45)'!!!! Ok ladies I just ran over my boy Ulyssess last night (10.10/13)and so everything is on hold I'm shutting the traveling and trolling thing down. Sorry, my dogs are more important than my social and sex lives and his recuperation is going to preoccupy my money time and devotion. This is going to cost many K's - that's thousands for the uninitiated but I had him in my life first so that's where my obligations lie/lay...

MID Term: I'm on a mission - looking for a co-pilot to join me on a few bombing runs... If you're looking for some exploration or engaging discussion come with me..., or come to photograph as well. Or write. We can be a travel "team." Do your good deed for the day - be my MUSE. I'm planning (really hard to leave May 2015) on leaving New Orleans this summer no specific itinerary nor schedule - just camera in hand - remember I'm retired ;-) . Afflicted with the travel bug... I'm planning on spending 1 year in each of the following (no particular order) 4 Corners Native American country, California, Oregon and Washington and their coasts. (presently I am venturing to travel to Spokane.) Then I plan on venturing abroad to Ireland and Scotland each for a year and perhaps Italy and France. I have this need for a Kilt! And Guinness and Jameson and competing in the Galway Oyster Eating competition!!! Be with me. My heart can be hijacked !!! Interested in the ultimate ROAD TRIP? Ready to experience an enjoyable adventure of a lifetime? Come with me...

Obviously one of my vices/passions is photography and down in the NAWLIN'S there's plenty to shoot. My red carpet friends who/m I use to run w /back East called me the "unpaparazzi" paparazzi. I don't CHASE anybody! Lets go on photo safari around town and we can see what develops or if you don't know how I'll show you. If not just bring some images - show me yours and I'll show you mine. Either way it's a no pressure adventure - we'll learn a lot about each other - and, you'll have a great time. The worst that can happen is you'll leave with great timely images of youself for your profile page!!!!!And lets face it there are way too many terrible images on these pages. I played lacrosse and college soccer as a goalie; goalies are different - they have a different perspective. On everything...
I DO...
I was a GREAT youth league soccer coach - if you have a kid who plays thats a plus. I snow ski and yearn to be a ski bum - a least for one season.

Sometimes I like to force a square word into a round hole (sentence)...
I'm competitive - when I want to be: When I play 3rd and look to my left - I'm even with the pitcher not the SS. When I'm catcher and the play comes to the plate know it's going to hurt. So when I play softball, volleyball, or ski you'll want to get out of my way...I was a great pairs hustle/disco dancer - the kind a crowd would surround - and would have any woman over my head in three dances. I miss that so am learning (badly) the Swing dancing thing now, then Tango - care to fly? You'll find me to be a humorous bon vivant.

You will find that I don't consider myself gods gift to women, just a one woman man who is faithful, capable of emotional, mental and physical affection and love, Well, I WAS that up until three months ago. I understand women. I just don't believe that you actually do what you do, think the way you think, and act the way you act. Care to compare notes? But I resigned myself to the fact that after all this is a game - and I am NOW here to play. I was not a wolf in sheeps clothing as many of my gender mates are. For the past 50 years I was the reverse but you didn't notice. I've evolved into a new animal whose goal is not grazing! If you want this lamb you're going to have to sooth the lion that is fiercely protective of it!

I cook! I make a mean Quiche, Crab Cakes and asst'd pastries among other dishes. I experimented with and was a vegan for a year - if you prefer that that's fine - you'll just have to reintroduce me. You don't ever want to give me one of YOUR recipes! When you make a dish I'll always be there to watch - and to lick the spoon, please!!! When I cook we'll dance - real slooow... visualize my thumbs lifting you up by the beltloops of your pants placing your unshoed feet on mine - pulling you close as we sway to the rythym of the beating of our hearts... Picnics are nice also! Picnics are good for frisky too!!!

Did I mention I like travel and exploring new places?

I'm the original "Wild and Crazy Guy" and the model for the John Belushi/Blutarski character in Animal House - of course, I know that Japan bombed the Pearl NOT the Germans. I can make you laugh. Or provide you with provocative, insightful and intellegent conversation. I have a slow hand. I had 12 (4 now - southern LA is not good for animals - chemicals from Katrina are still here) Miniature Schnauzers which I trained as comfort dogs to the VA's. I WAS an incurable romantic... Don't ever ask me if this makes you look fat.

I know what's in the Constitution and the more important document the Declaration of Independence - I read the former every Jan 1 and July 4th and can recite a good portion of the latter. BTW you do know that "democracy" the word and term do not appear once in either the Declaration nor U.S. Constitution - as well as the Pledge of Allegience!!! Not once. The word "republic" does appear in the Pledge of Allegience - and of course that is what we have and are (this country). The United States is a republic - NOT a democracy...
I write orgasmic erotica. I don't own or have a firearm. But thanks to Boy Scout camp I obtained every marksmanship medal there was!

I'm not a commitment-phobe. I have a long fuse but if you abuse me I'll leave. I just started working out again - was in decent shape before quitting 20 years ago. I can gain or lose 20/30 lbs in a month. What you see today will be different in 30 days. You'll find me to be a perfect Yankee Gentleman: I can keep you warm on BOTH sides of the sheets. I don't Twitter, Tumblr, or Skype - but I "wrastle." How about best two out of three falls? ;-) Game??? Lets spoon - although, cooler weather spooning is preferred.

Please DON'T RESPOND with the " but you're too far away or you are in New Orleans and I am in..., or I don't do long distance. Getting to know someone over a period of time isn't such a bad thing...Save us both some time and please just don't bother responding at all - reading comprehension counts! So while it will be from your perspective - your perspective about our compatibility is and will be wrong!!! If you are the right one I have no problem coming to you.
I know some of you women will think that I am being attitudinal but hey - girls, - I'm just throwing yours back at you!!! It's parity!!! So, we're a lot alike...
I'm just looking to start out on neutral ground...

Revision -07/03/2013
I need to FOCUS MORE on a certain exposure...

O - (neg) blood type which makes me a rare commidity. Yes!, O- is the universal donor so you and I are more than "just" compatible already. But it will take you more than one or two visits or dates to fully appreciate what I am. Even in person. As it should be. Flash in the pan is just that - "flash". I'm NOT!!!
You will find me to be complexly simple. And simply complex. I am uniquely different than any of the males you have or will experience/d who want to get into your soft girlish mound. That is and was never the first thing on my list. It is on theirs. I will not suffer for the sins of my gendermates!!! I do not suffer a fools errand gladly. You should take note of that!

I love a good rant!!! Don't you???

One more thing - on occasion when a woman (that would be YOU) chooses to be in a relationship with me I become a different person - I bloom. Be prepared for YOUR gendermates to come out of the woodwork to flirt with what you have birthed. Fear not - I am disparagingly and disdainfully angry with them. You will be aware that you are with the LAST BOY SCOUT. They deserve it!!!. :-)

That said I am worthy of a spot on your dance card - the one after the last note has reverberated, whose hand you reach for and lead to your chambers.
Open your heart...
Consider the possibilities...
It will be an enjoyable and exciting adventure.

What I'm looking for:

Natural and casual are nice after all we're not going to the PROM -unless we are. I'm a leg man so if you wear shorts thats what I'll be staring at. Of course Spring has sprung so bring 'em on. Ok, it's nearing the end of summer now - so shoot me!!! Inversely, I don't get stupid with, um, lets say, overly large have their own zip code female accoutrements - if you have them fine. I don't like you more the larger they are. Some guys do. I'm not one of them! Just know that I am attracted to you because of something else!!! Besides you'll adore me because I do something else! And while we're on the topic of OMG - sex!!! - in full disclosure I know about the g-spot, a-spot and OM - your pleasure is paramount and really that's all you need to know about me in this area. Don't be a CT (that's two letters not four.)

Use your f%#@*'n blinkers. Be my MUSE. Don't get bent out of shape if I use the wrong fork - I'm a functional guy....BTW last time I checked Chicken - yeah, its a finger food! Boneless or not!!!

Have something you are passionate about and love animals preferably dogs. I tolerate house cats - but not feral cats. Know what's real and be the mature adult that you are but let your inner little girl out once in awhile. Let me play with your pigtails. And please, don't have your head buried in your iPhone when we're on a date... On second thought put your iPhone down - live life!!! Be prepared to be dessert. That's what I'm looking for in and from a woman. And one last thing - DON'T make love HURT!!!!

There's a spot for you right here, Scully!!!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Marky Marc
What I’m doing with my life
Getting ready to lead the next American Revolution...

Here's the new reality - if you buy bottled water it mostly is ABC water - that means Already Been Consumed. That's right it passed through someone and went down the toilet, came from someones cesspool or sewer or was storm runoff - eww!!! who wants to drink that??? Not me!!! Sure it was sent to the municipal water treatment plant and was PURIFIED with filters but it's not Fresh nor PURE.... L0OK at the label and if it says purified it means that they have used reverse osmosis to make it look clean. THE ONLY WATER THAT IS FRESH is the water that says it comes from ARTESANAL wells or a SPRING!!! Don't be fooled...Hey don't eat anymore of those Baby Carrots!!! They are manufactured/fabricated carrot pieces that are "glued" together and sprayed with Chlorine to make them look orange!!!


Semi-retired, photography, my dogs, tour guide, not now but travel - Indian (that's Native American) country, the Pacific Coast, Europe, China, Ireland, Scotland, Japan and to see/capture wildlife in Africa and Arctic before its gone...
Wookin Pa Nub...its a fools errand!
My undergraduate majors were Political Science and Economics additionally I was a graduate teaching assistant in Sociology and an assistant soccer coach at two colleges/universities. Graduate work consisted of Financial Development an Management of Non Profits. I worked in none of these fields: I know concepts and how things work - I get the big picture, so let me inform you that a change is coming. My next evolvement and focus of life will be the touring of the US with an message calling for a revolution in Society: anti corporation and anti anti-citizen economic pratices and pro natural foods . Anyone looking at and familiar with the Fall of the Roman Empire will know exactly what I mean. We are slowing poisoning ourselves into demise. We are not alone of course - this affects the whole globe. The canaries are being silenced one by one and no one sees the pattern. Allergic reactions to peanuts has jumped 100% from 3% to 6% of kids born in just the last 10 years - is only one example! I have had enough of the shoddy products and cheap labor/wages that predatory capitalism has morphed into. I have eaten my last poisoned food bought my last poorly constructed shoe and garment and I have stopped buying anything made or sold by companies in Wisconsin. But I will continue to buy everything I can at Walmart. WHY? Because I am a terrorist!!! Oh, an economic terrorist to be sure - but who am I, if you will not protect your standard of living and continue to degrade it ignorantly, to defend it? BTW you are doing the same thing every time you shop at Walmart - the difference is intent - I buy to intensify this effect. You do it it because you are ignorant of what your purchases are doing!!! I do my part to increase that demise exponentially . I buy at Walmart to destroy the corrupt (economic) system. Minimum wage is a race to the bottom - to keep workers poor. I am not a SERF. &.50 an hour is not a sustainable/liveable wage. Try living on iy. Anyone who uses the min wage is GOOD taking points should be made to live on that wage for a year. Maybe then they will see that their economic theory ie., SUPPLY SIDE economics is bankrupt and a fraud. I hope to start a revolution on this.
We (mankind) are not getting off of this rock. And another 3 billion in 30 years - totaling 9 billion is unsustainable. For those of you who took science in jr. high you'll appreciate the analogy - the auger auger in the petrie dish - it's gone!!!
I love a good rant!!! :-) Don't you??? I feel so much better!

On the emotional/mental/ psycho-physiological front I have embarked on an OTC chemical regimen (self administered and journaled) and it started taking effect in March/April. The results are startling and life changing. It has resulted in a wholesale shift of focus and purpose in my persona, my emotional outlook even down to my sleeping patterns. :-)
7/15/13 Stopping for 1 month. Ok I stopped until Feb 16,2014 and I started again...
I’m really good at
Seeing it as it is... telling it like it is... I have a ParallaxView!!!

What/Why? Well I have a nearly photographic memory and have an insatiable interest in technique. That is the observation, exploration, and knowledge of the why, what, when, how and because of things and occurences. You find that what you see isn't always what in fact REALITY is!!!

Cheffing - that's not kvetching;-) !!!,
hard core photography - that's photographer girls NOT
Oral affection ;-~
Shadow boxing with god:
touching my nose with my tongue...

I played goalie in Lacrosse and Soccer - very competitively. Goalies view everything differently -
from a different perspective!
I do....
When I played 3rd base - I'd stand even with the pitcher - not the SS. To say I was challenging the hitters would be -uhmm, an understatement!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
They haven't a clue...
For a very long time I would wear plaid or camo shorts with one of my many Hawaiian shirts - because I just don't care (hey, I'm retired remember) or I just wanted to be left alone - you know about your OWN space, right...

My honesty which is to a fault and can be blunt and to the point,
I am an introvert... who overcompensates by being an extrovert; one who is very quiet until you get me going... The length of this profile should be proof enough of that
I'm pretty serious and intense but I let my little boy out once in awhile - I have been known to let loose with the best of them
Sense of humor
Sometimes VERY funny!
Oh yes when I do talk - I talk "BIG." I'm originally from No Yack. Down here in New Orleans everyone whispers!!! What's with that ???

That I'm not out to impress; I'm confident enough that I don't have to be the big dog all the time and am content to fly under the radar - my presence arises when needed. I'm the guy you want in an emergency!!!

Eventually, that I am more than the total sum of my opposites...

One thing you will EVENTUALLY find out about me is I can be intense. VERY!!! For some of you that will be too much for others it will show how much you need me because of my invaluability during an emergency. When it is necessary a person will arise that is relentless, determined, single minded, incessent, merciless whose mission is to exterminate with extreme prejudice. My relationship the phone company - TPC - is one example. I am taking no prisoners. If you are curious just ask....
(August 30,2013
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Animal Farm, The Declaration of Independence, Faranheit 451, 1984, The Fine Print, TANSTAAFL, HEY READ THIS NEW BOOK "AVERAGE IS OVER"!!! It is!!!Charley, Parallax View, Seven Days in May, Sweet November - the originals, To Kill a Mockingbird, Inherit the Wind, Dances With Wolves, West Side Story - almost anything with Natalie Wood, Katherine Hepburn, Julianne Moore, Matrix, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Dune trilogy, Ray Bradbury,- mostly anything Sci-Fi except vampires and zombies; (what the hell is with that???) I really HATE Eckhardt Tolle!!! Gimme a break Oprah!!! (I have beat up collections of 800+ Music Cd's and 600 movies on tape) etc., etc., etc., Shania Twain - (my fantasy woman), Beach Boys, Karen Carpenter, yada, yada, yada... I love the food down here it was the fly paper that originally stuck me here, bait (Sushi wa!) and Skirt Steak - then there are the festivals need I say more... Hey Jugheads in the Marigny on Poland Street is great 2-1 drinks (until Labor Day) and great grub!!!
The six things I could never do without
my dogs,
my camera gear,
news/ability to access whats going on
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why you are the way you are... (more on that below***)

Also, why this country isn't #1 anymore (well actually I know why this is I just keep looking at the signs that show that it will continue for a long time - ask, I'll share) and why most of the populace is uninformed and ignorant and suffers from cranial inversion. ( That is when you bend forward and stick your head up your rectal orifice! Imagine what that actually looks like;-) !!! And the ignorance has become stupidity - [12/04/14] - If you really want to know what I mean go look at an episode of NEWSROOM where Jeff Daniels talks about "Why this country isn't #1 anymore - (they must've hacked this out of my brain one night) and another one about the American Taliban - that would be the Christian Conservatives - I know they hijacked this out of my emails and old facebook site...
Yeah one becomes, one is stupid when you continually repeat the same thing and expect a different result. Sound familiar??? And mea culpa on this one...

How much on social dating sites short term DATING and long term DATING really is a euphemism for casual sex or booty calls!!! Don't ya think, girls??? Otherwise you would be looking for a partner, companion or a RELATIONSHIP. Do you know what that is?
Why Louisianians are some of the WORST drivers in the world - NO ONE uses their blinkers here, no one!!! Not even the cops!
Maybe arranged marriage isn't such a bad thing...

Reach out to my outstretched arm put your hand in mine - lets go for a walk...

I'm not getting any younger -

neither are YOU!!!!

Walking across America - this would be an interesting and amazing adventure - as any travel trip with me will be...
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm retired - everynight is Friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You'll find them in my answers section - in explanations to questions...
The realization of how much of an effect Katherine's pussy had on me. Relax, its a 23 year old cat - named Kool Aid!!! And that was in the summer of 2010.

I embarked (Jan. 2013) on Hormone Replacement Therapy - Testosterone realignment. It is easier for a civilized man to become a barbarian than it is for a barbarian to become a civilized man. And so I have undertaken the Journey. It is heady - I have experienced a seismic shift in understanding of you women and this GAME; mentally, emotionally and INSTINCTUALLY. So far the only regret I have is that I should have done this 50 years ago. Otherwise, the light has broken though and is shining from behind the stormclouds - this is great. Things are definitely looking up!!! I'm really looking forward to this journey.
12/2013 Ok!!!, I took it and it was quite interesting and informative - what's next????
You should message me if
You seek a man:
- a man who does not follow the crowd - sets his own course;
- who comes from a different emotional starting point;
- who can keep you warm on both sides of the covers;
- who can be any man you need him to be; a perfect
compliment or synergent , or not, to the woman you are...;
- a one woman man, who is intelligent, engaging and provocative
in conversation and is insightful on a number of topics;
- who is affectionate, capable of love and worthy of your
physical intimacy;
- a chameleon with a backbone who rises to the occasion - I am
the person you want around in an emergency - INTENSE and FOCUSED

and you:
- like to TRAVEL, see MOVIES or check out and stroll hand in hand, arm in arm around town and local festivals, or the remote ghost town; You want a dance partner;
- are NOT a smoker
- know that an adult relationship consists of two people:
YOU and ME - NOT You, Me and god!!! You should have lost
the training wheels already; like when your kids leave the
nest - they have to eventually CUT the strings!!!
- - don't have the mental/emotional need to reapply your makeup
or lipstick every five minutes;
- are passionate about something; love animals/wildlife;
- desire affection, romance, love and physical intimacy
- you are not a CLOSED MINDED conservative or republican nor a
concept co-copting Tea Party/Scum Bagger - remember tolerance is a virtue!!! - I am progressive in my approach to life,
government,economics and politics,

- and, you are NOT a CT (that 2 letters not 4).