49 Tucson, AZ
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My self-summary
Born in Brooklyn New York, Parents from Puerto Rico, So I'm a NewYoRican :) Now melting In Tucson A.Z :)

I hope you don't Trust / believe in this site's
% Match
% Friend
% Enemy
calculations , just by matching certain questions. Be really sad to miss out on something Positive because of it.

Reading one's Profile ( if one cared enough to write one ) and Chatting will give us a better feel of one another than to look at Numbers made up by some calculations from a site that has NO Idea who You and I Truly are Inside♥♥♥

I'll do my best here, but

So much of me would Take for ever and I have a very detailed profile with many pictures, and videos on music and flicks I like on /G/+/ so stop by there and get to know me .
Here's the link to copy and paste
Or send me a message here if I'm not too Sappy for You :).

And have some fun Answer some Questions so I know a bit how you see your side of the world.

I hope you're using some Recent pictures on your profile of This Year...Please???, I just don't understand why many here snap a Picture of a Picture??
Or with a a Grumpy /sad look on your face?? Or Pictures 2-4 Years ago?? And only one recent one

I'm a Short-Order-Cook for Barrio Brewing Co.

Been cooking since I was 7 Yrs, so even if I come tired from work, if Your hungry the Kitchen is Mine, you can help me w/Dessert :)

Divorced for over 10 Yrs, father of 3 great sons My Three Musketeers!! Their Teenagers who come visit me on my days off Love them Deeply!!

Now its just me and my parrot Prince Love my Bird!!?????????

Cycling Enthusiasts: I ride close to 11-12 Miles on my working days and between 50+ Miles on my days off and cool off with an Eegee's.

I posted a photo of My 114.0 Mile ride Including 3rd Time to " A" Mountain + Group!! Ride!
Jun 7, 2014 here in my profile in an Orange Shirt
, you can see more of my rides on /G/+/

I'm also an Artist:I'm no Pablo Picasso, but I do Digital Art, you can see My Old and New Art Here:

I also like :

Swimming / Music / Movies / Parks / Museums / Playing Pool Table but not in a Bar, Pub OK / Miss Playing Tennis and since it's a 2 Player Game Maybe we can Play a set??/ Concerts / Dine/ Under The Moon Walking / Very Romantic can't help it. :)

I'm a very Positive person, no matter how negative things get, Always with a Smile :) And I try to make it contagious :)

Respectful / Courteous / Forgiving / Passionate / Fun / Humorous, some call it acting a bit cookie / Caring / Sincere / Emotional/ Honest / Open Minded, Love to live and share back! I don't know how to Live less than this. :)

I know we need technology like the cell phone and Computers, but I refuse to be connected 24/7 Texting especially if out with somebody or getting ready to complete a transaction with a register person that's so Rude!!

Since I Never Ever Smoked / Drank / Huffed / Puffed / Snuffed/ Sniffed ( lol ) , not Even a Beer or a Wine Cooler NO Joke , than my body has thank me by making me Look / Feel and Live Younger then I am. And NO I'm not some fanatic of Anything :) Just Never thought or crossed my mind or cared about it. Hanging around with someone who likes to Wine and Dine that's fine by me, but Beer or Smokes..Gross Yuck!!
What I’m doing with my life
Life is too SHORT and Feels Empty when Single,but life goes on, As I mentioned I'm a Short-Order-Cook for Barrio Brewing Co.
So Work.

I'm an Artist : since before 1st grade, you can see My Artworks on /G/+/

I'm a cyclist: 114.0 Mile ride Including 3rd Time to " A" Mountain + Group!! Ride!
Jun 7, 2014 You can see My Rides on Strava or G+

When My Son visits me : Bowling @ Fiesta lanes / Billiards @ Clicks Or a Real Good Film.

I’m really good at
I’m really good at completing just about Any Goals I set for myself.

I love cooking, been cooking since I was 7 yrs old.

I don't care if I just came from work, if your hungry the kitchen is All Mine!!
Go relax watch TV or listen to music, chat with your online friends or what ever but I don't mind cooking, IF you want to help it be nice as well or you can help me with dessert later : ) ♥

I know I'm a NewYorican but my 1st choice in foods is Italiano!!!!! I cook a Delicious Manicotti!! I love cooking Pasta!!

People / I'm great to talk to:
Calming people down when there upset/ I pay attention when you speak I dislike seeing / knowing somethings bothering you and I won't leave until your smiling and feeling better no matter what time it is, face to face / phone / via online where ever you are you can reach me.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first things people usually notice about me is My Smile and that I'm Always Happy, even in Negative situations.

I am one of the most Patient man anyone will ever meet,

You will need to toss me under a Truck Intentionally, before you turn me nuts, Because even after back stabbing me and lying to me I have forgiving you.
It's the price True friendship and True Love are worth.

A Great Listener: I'll listen quietly ALL you have to say then if you want I'll give my 0.02
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As you can see I'm passionate about ALL I do so...:

This moment I'm Reading ( 100 Bullets ) it's a graphic series by Brian Azzarello. It's 100 Issues.

The core concept of 100 Bullets is based on the question of people willing to act on the desire of violent revenge if given the means, opportunity, and a reasonable chance to succeed. In each issue, the mysterious Agent Graves approaches someone who has been a victim of a terrible wrong. Graves gives them the opportunity to take revenge by providing a handgun, 100 bullets, and documentation about the primary target responsible for their woes. He informs the candidate the bullets are completely untraceable by any law enforcement investigation.
I'm enjoying it!!

Music I like:
Love Music of all sorts always using Shazam on my cell to find new music and also I find many of my fav choices from the movies I watch.

Almost Everything from Air Supply / Bach/ Bruno Mars / Eminem / Emelie Sande / Gin Wigmore / James Blunt / Linkin Park / Mozart/ Pink / Wisin & Yandel / to ZZ Top and many more between and beyond

This would include:

Oldies but Goodies, Classics , Soft Rock , Hard Rock , some

Heavy Metal / Contemporary Jazz / Reggaeton / Sound Tracks/

Salsa / Country / Band / Foreign Music from all over the World /

Rap / R & B / Christian Music / Techno / 60's / 70's / 80's/

As long as it's not Angry Yelling and Screaming there heads off and that I Understand what is being sung.

T.V Shows / Mini Series Old and New / ones I like:
I'm a movie buff like you have no Idea. But I record them so I have no need to watch them the night there aired.

Wow this list will take for ever if I was to type all I like so lets see I'm sure I'll forget a few Now I Used to watch reality shows living Alone there's too much life to look forward, to watch other ppl's life..If I'm Not Alone I don't mind holding her in my arms and watching her show with her........Many of my favorite shows are from BBC / ITV / From Ireland and U.K

House M.D./ Game Of Thrones / Sopranos / Starz Spartacus / Big Bang Theory /

Curb Your Enthusiasm / Chicago Fire / Third Watch / The Shield / Rescue Me / Boardwalk Empire / Breaking Bad / Dexter
/ Sons Of Anarchy

Hannibal / Red Widow / Star Wars Clone Wars / Tron Uprising / Frankie / Scott and Bailey

Flash Point / Harry / The Village / The Slap / Rouge / Orphan Black/ The Fall

History Ch's Vikings / Broadchurch / Mr. and Mr.s Murder / Wentworth / Longmire / The First 48 Hours / ALL CSI's except NY's / N.C.I.S/ N.C.I.S. LA / Cops / King & Maxwell /

Burn Notice / Copper / David Letterman / Falling Skies / Luther / Magic City / Ray Donovan
Major Crimes /

Sailor Moon / Original Super Man / Original Batman / Original The Lone Ranger / Sesame Street / Big Blue Marble / Carrascolendas / The Electric Company / Star Blazers/

Family Guy / The Simpsons / ..Ok let me pause for now...working on my movie list.

Movies I like Old and New: Ooooo Nooooo this one is worse

I'll TRY not to type the whole list.
Horror 1st choice / Romantic Comedy / Tear jerking Romantic Movies :) / Actions / Foreign movies I don't mind reading Subs / Disney n Pixar / Musicals / Comedy / Westerns / Silent Films / Sci Fi / Mystery / And I'm so into Spaghetti Westerns

The God Father series / Scarface / Batman series / Spider Man series / The Note Book / Die Hard Series, Keep em coming Bruce!!
Pan's labyrinth / The Lake House / Wile you was sleeping / Sex In The City / Twilight Series / 007

Ghost / Dirty Dancing / Star Wars Series / The Original and new Planet Of The Ape series / Nosferatu and my Fav Count Dracula Bela Lugosi Vampire Movies / The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

The Shawshank Redemption / Alfred Hitchock / Abbot n Lou Costello / Original Three Stooges / Original Little Rascals / Laurel and Hardy / Charlie Chapman / The Marx Brothers

Ok lets Pause on this one also.

I know I'm a NewYorican But Italiano!! Foods is My Favorite , I make a Delicious Manicotti !!

Arroz Y Habilchuelas con Avacados Y o Platanos Dulces Y Pollo Frito / Arepas / Parcha / Fish / Steaks / Hot n Cold Cereals / Pancakes
Asian Foods, I Love!! trying food from all over the world, If They can eat it the Least I can do is Taste it :) and see if I like it enough to add it to my diet. :)


Lemons n Pineapples are my 1st picks also all Grapes but Green 1st, Passion Fruit / Plums / Water Melon / Mango

Bananas / Kiwis / Tangerines / Pink Grapefruit with a bit of sugar / Oranges / Peaches / Strawberries and also covered in Chocolate /
And crazy for Yogurt!!

And NUTS, list toooo Long so lest see... Peanuts / Pistachios / Hazel Nuts / Walnuts /

I Drink water like never before since I ride so much / But Love Horchata / OJ / Arizona Tea /

Junk Foods: I do Love them very much, but I don't HOG on them, not if I want to keep being a cyclist.

Cheese Cake 1st choice / Krispy Kreme Doughnuts fresh off the line nice and warm AAAahhhh / Bavarian Cream Filled Treats / Pizza not fast Food or Frozen Pizza but Real Hand Toss in the Air Pizza / Pop Corn / Beef Jerky / Popcorn / Cornnuts / Plantain Chips /

M&M but w/ Peanuts or Almonds / Original Old school Red Shoe String Licorice

Mary Jane / Boston Baked Beans n French Burnt Peanuts / Cracker Jack / Wise Potato Chips / Good n Plenty / Now n Later / Pop Rocks /Sugar Daddy Lollipops /

Pepsi / 7-Up / Malta Corona or Malta India /
The six things I could never do without
I can't do EXACTLY 6 so:

1-- My SONS and My Parrot

2-- My Close-Up Tooth Paste :)


4-- I would say YOU, but I haven't met you yet.♥♥

5-- GOD

6-- All Forms of Entertainment :)

7-- Cycling
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wow this SITE sure wants to Dissect us lol

1--I think about my 3 Sons, I want them Happy and also proud of me as I am of them.

2-- The Future what may come next.

3-- How it will Feel to come Home to someone I love.♥♥♥

4-- My Next Bike Ride, how far can I go the next time and ride where I never been before.

5-- What I may Paint and what will inspire me to do it.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm not a Party Hardy Person, If I was, I wouldn't need to be Here, If I'm off I like to:

1-- Bowl

2-- Dine

3-- Movies

3-- Pool Table but not in a Bar / Pub OK

4-- Walk 4th Ave ( Here In Tucson Az )

5-- Watch a Flick

Of course being Single on a Friday Night is not the same. If I wasn't Single, I Rather do Anything with another person then to do Something alone.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's called Private for a reason, When Your in my Arms, I'll share with you.♥♥♥
You should message me if
If I don't sound too Sappy or Mushy for you.

And you have more then just one Recent Photo and NO Empty Profile Please.