23 Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
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My self-summary
Frikster: Level 1 Grad student. Level 1 Latin Dancer. level 1 Long-distance Swimmer.
Exp 13435/1000,000,000
Introspective: +15 to wisdom checks
Adaptive: +15 to escape awkward situation attempts
Quirky: Frikster™ is immune to the "Care-what-others-think-about-you" spell

Absent-minded: -60 to all awareness checks.
Hypercritical: -15 to charm attempts
Indecisive: Whenever Frikster™ comes across "a choice" roll a D6. On any roll but a 6, Frikster™ skips his turn

Special Ability:
Stubborn as hell: Whenever Frikster™ successfully makes "a choice" (See page 94 of the Rulebook) he gains +30 to vitality whenever pursuing said choice and -30 to awareness of all other choices.

Quote from dear friend who is one of the most crazy girls I know: "You break the ice wherever you go."
Quote from thirty-year old close friend who I had a deep-seated crush on: "You are years more mature than you should be."
Quote from a very traditionally minded upright friend: "You are very clean. *Looks under my bed, sees it is spotless*"
Quote from ex-love interest: "Your profile was exactly who you are, I loved the profile and then when I met you that's who I met."
(Disclaimer: My profile has changed heavily since.. so don't know if still true)
Quote from my Ma: "Just look at my son's ass" ಠ_ಠ God damnit Ma, really?

Myer-briggs = XNFP. Historically I always fall heavily for INFP's and INFJ's
Has piercings
Has steampunk goggles and a top hat
Underground raves
Has a virtual reality kit that he likes showing other people
Would love to do more virtual reality coding
I made a pink box. And you can put on an occulus rift and walk around the pink box.
Likes hearing stories
Likes telling stories
Likes inventing Other Worlds
Likes inventing Other Worlds with someone
Talks to animals
Would rather adopt
Better still, would rather build a house full of exotic pets. Sugar Gliders. Exotic pets are so much cuter than human offspring.
Constantly thinks about the suffering going on in the world and how to make the world a better place.
Morbid sacrilegious sense of humour.
Member of the Effective Altruist movement. Talk to me about this.
Likes butts
Likes webcomics about butts
Has tried polyamory
Has had zero open relationships that ended well
Not that I'm not open to the idea. Just... not as open as I used to be. i.e. wiser.
Vegetarian that will eat oysters (they're plant meat, give me a break)
Wants to cuddle in a hammock
Always late at parties
Relentlessly aggressively ambitious
Has hooked up with various personalities of various shapes and sizes. Whether you are white, latino, pink, chubby, purple, lesbian, a tree, a guy, a furry, a mom, a couple, it doesn't seem to matter for me as far as hands down the pants messing around is concerned... and then some.
HOWEVER, I've only ever had intense and serious relationships with girly playful Asian girls. Of course I cannot sum up these people with only these three traits but it's an undeniable trend.
I feel like I am more than capable of falling in love with someone who doesn't have these traits so am open to what else is out there.
But this is what I know about myself and I am specifically looking for love - whether short-term or long-term - but not hook-ups, so if you are a girly playful Asian girl that is a definite plus.
People say I'm "deep" as much as they say I'm "quirky"

You made it this far. Have a cookie.
What I’m doing with my life
Most of my day is spent studying or doing data mining for my supervisor for some conference or another that he has to attend. A lot of my time is also spent scouring the web for obscure forums that I pray will help me in my bleak programming endreavors... ah yes, and there, in the dark misbegotten crevices of the internet there shalt be clattering of teeth and stampering of keyboards for nobody can hear you scream. You see, late nights grovelling for help is all I can do. I'm like the only person at my company who knows anything about programming.

Okay, that was true of my previous job. It's still true since I still work for them part time. But I now work in a spanking new lab with programmers everywhere.

I hope I get a job that involves programming and neuroscience. For you see, whenever I gaze upon a neural network or the brain of a living organism I get the same sense of awe that others get when they look out to the phantasmagoria that is the night sky. In other words, this is me giving you a hint that I will highly appreciate neuroscience-themed gifts. Will you sign a contract that gives me full access to cleave your brain for myself after you transmute into a dilapidated corpse? <3 I will get all luvey-duvey on you if you say yes. :3
I’m really good at
Getting into awkward situations and inadvertently making myself the center of attention. Fun.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything fantasy, science fiction, horror, alternative history, historical non-fiction, supernatural, conspiracy theory, anything with dark disturbing and thought provoking humour, anything post-apocalyptic, dystopian, grand. I have a soft spot for anime and webcomics.

I really like these guys:
- Mad Max: Fury Road
-Game of Thrones
-The Dark Knight
-The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King
- Ouran Highschool Host Club
- Two Steps from Hell (Epic Trailer Music)
- Grendel (Heavy Industrial Music)
and let's not neglect youtube channels:
-Crash Course
-CGP Grey
-Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
-SeekerDaily and TestTubeNews
The six things I could never do without
1) Words with many vowels or words that describe something specific and interesting. e.g.
- formication (no, it's spelt right. It's an "m")
- sastruga
- anatine
I am but a schlemiel culturati searching for my hoyden culturati

2) My soylent:
You meatwads can enjoy your human food while I embrace the Glorious Evolution. fuckin' love how much time and money it saves.

3) My Audiobooks and podcasts ("You're listening to radiolab...") You will never see me walking alone somewhere without a pair of headsets.

4) Da interwebz and internet humour. If you do not enjoy flirting in internet memes, there are some cute guys/girls on the left that you should probably click on *right now*. Like, quick. Run.

5) Raves. Proper ones. Psychedelics, crazy lights 'n all. Let's dance and make-out till the sun comes up.

6) My autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). I get it to:
- the sound of heavy rain
- Being alone and listening to moving water
- the sound of pencil to paper
- whispers
- watching someone draw something that they're specifically drawing for me
- a stethoscope/cold metal across my skin

7) A 50m laned pool without people clogging the lanes or the pool breaking down or schedules changing erratically (UBC's aquatic center can go die in a fire). Swimming does for me what writing poetry seems to do for most of the girls I've dated. Yes I totally have written poetry about the beauty of swimming. And yes the anime Free! is one of my all-time favourite series.
On a typical Friday night I am
In my bed with my laptop on my chest and a cup of tea to my side .

Every Friday in fact, and I wouldn't have it any other way unless there's some party or whatever then I'd *probably* get out of my cozy bed to go fulfill my social needs, except, usually not. Usually I try to convince my friends to instead just come over to my place and join me for tea and internetz.

Sometimes I succeed. I like those friends I can convince. The ones you can manipulate make for the best toys.
You should message me if
You want someone to hold through the long march of the dark night.