47 Oakland, NJ
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My self-summary
Please stop scammers. I don't give money, I never paid a hooker,I don't do web cam girls. You must have a phone we can take on.
I want a real girl.

If you use the Likes me button, I can not see who you are. Don't be shy, send me a message.

Very strong minded, funny, lots of energy, adjusts to any situation, confident, well groomed, well dressed, compassion, affectionate, and romantic for someone who wants that guy in there life.
The expression I have heard before is where did you come from and I reply, left field. I do have a standard.

I am that guy who can shake up all your short term life plans with just one 4 letter word. L-O-V-E

Business owner looking for one beautiful girl who can accentuate all the positives in a relationship, good family values, likes to have fun.Someone who knows the meaning of class. Class is not something you can buy, either you have it or you don't.
Into a healthy lifestyle. Organic everything from foods, drinks, herbal teas, right down to my toothpaste. 99.9% Organic.

If your beautiful inside out, and I am waking up next to you every morning, seeing your beautiful smile, it is not fair to have you for just one lifetime. I would want 10 lifetimes together.

I don't settle for just a paycheck. A Met's game, yes I said Met's, and they are finally winning, Broadway, a Jazz club, fine dining, or the Met, I dress for the occasion. Boating, beach, maybe a new hobby i have not done since i was a kid, Fishing with my son.
New hobby update. I bought a Drone with a camera on it and lost it in the trees 60 feet up first day and got it down. lol

These song's can sum me up, watch
What I’m doing with my life
Fixing people's problems and getting paid for it.
Curing cancer with lemons.
Raising my son on my own
I was caring for my elderly father up until June 2013 father's day when he passed, so there was not alot of time I had for relationship.
Now I do have time for a relationship.

Trying to play golf once a week. get that 84 score back.
I’m really good at
Telling stories, kissing, listening, holding my own, stopping a bad situation before it starts, being positive, chess, jeopardy...I do get 10-15 correct answers per night, organic cooking, being super neat & clean.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really am 6'3" like my profile says, I won't show up 50 pounds overweight, I have a full head of hair, the grays are coming and blue eyes.
How well behaved my son is.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Dont sweat the small stuff, its only small stuff, the classics, steve job,Pizza Pat, one fish, two fish.The Blue Zones.The miracle of fasting by Phd Bragg.

Wizard of Oz, It's a Wonderful Life, Better Off Dead,The fabulous Baker Boys, karate movies, transporter, The Lego movie, strar wars rebels, City of Angels, Family man, National treasure, Stripes, Ghostbusters, and you cant forget the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder. Wizard of Oz. The island.
Jeopardy, History channel, House, Blue Bloods, Rookie Blue, shark Tank, ancient aliens, tmnt, flipping Boston, Flipping Vegas, This Old House,
Modern jazz, Rock, indie, Dave, early Coldplay, Andrea Bocelli.
I am into Trumpet & sax players- Braun, Botti, Baker, Barbieri.
Bucky Pizzarelli, my old neighbor at Zeno's in the city, of course he made sure my dinnertable was front row. Might be called The Cutting Room now.

Boiled organic chicken, Homemade organic chicken soup, Broccoli, fresh spinach, arugula,egg whites, high fiber wheat wraps w/ flaxseed, fish, beans, avocado, pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds,watermelon,organic garlic, apple cider vinegar, Goji berries, 1% organic milk, uncured all natural deli meats, organic wheat pasta, no BPA in canning tuna, organic blueberries, organic granny apples, organic celery, carrots.

Want to see Jersey Boys
The six things I could never do without
1. 20 plus vitamins a day
2. Fresh white sheets
3.French kissing, candles, great red wine
4. A things to do list every week
5. Fresh air.
6. Cool people.

The add on list
My stupid smart phone that doesn't work all the time (Note 4)
Filtered water
Organic cleaners that kill germs
Seeing how happy my son is when he gets a new toy
Building Lego's with son
Collecting baseball cards
Watching Met games
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why there so many single people.
When are The Met's going to win the World Series?
Do crazy people know they are crazy?

I just figured it out my GPS girl wants to marry me because she always circles me once around a church before I get to where I'm going.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical Friday night.
You should message me if
Your looking for something of substance and accentuate all the positives in your life. Positive energy.
You want to be in love !
You know how to shoot a shotgun when the Zombies come.j/k.

This song can sum me up


Flying in my plane to a tropical Island where we are greeted w/ white glove service
Rushed to our table looking over 2 Oceans
Seeing the crashing waves
Holding hands
Grab a bottle, a sheet, run down to beach to walk the moon lite sand, round bed overlooking the ocean, and we wake up in a 007 movie and I'm the star and you are the, only one!!!
The movie really is 0021 and I'm 3 times better than 007
Wait a second, I don't have a plane. Just a night to remember. :)