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26 M Fontana, CA

My Details

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Apr 13
5′ 11″ (1.80m)
Body Type
Mostly anything
Agnosticism, and very serious about it
Scorpio, but it doesn’t matter
Graduated from high school
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Has dogs and has cats
English (Fluently)

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My self-summary
Shy at first, but once you get in I have a big heart with a lot of space. Family and friends oriented with my life, its all about them. Making people laugh makes me feel good about the things I've contributed. I am very cynical at times but have an open to mind to almost all situation. Not to say I wont argue points as I always enjoy a good banter/debate even on topics some would rather not speak of. I am not religious in the least any more. Reasons being a little more personal that I would like to divulge in a profile. How ever I do believe some people just need something to believe in. I believe in humanity and peoples ability to surprise in dire situations. Everyone has a good part of them, they just need to show it.

...So my friend here has made the fatal mistake of giving me his account info. I was supposed to check for spelling or something but that's boring so I'm just going to write little side commentaries.
Hmm so a self-summary...I've known the big guy here for a while and he is easily one of the best people I know. He's a relic of a bygone era. An innocent era where the rules of chivalry are still alive and well. If you're looking for a classic nice guy this is it. Let me read what he wrote really quick. He is shy, kinda awkward when you first talk to him. Like with all treasure you have to dig beneath the surface (except leprechaun treasure which is located at the end of rainbows, either way work is required to get it though). He constantly puts the needs of others before his own. It's a gift and a curse though. He can sometimes lose sight of what's best of him. The rest of his profile is about religion and believing in people... zzz.

Anyways some quick selling points here for the impatient:
1:Really nice guy.
2:Has a naive optimistic innocence that's a rarity.
3:Family and friend oriented.
4:Honest and loyal.
5:Not as cynical as he portrays himself to be.
What I’m doing with my life
Plan. I am always planning ahead. One of my many quirks I am sure. My future is very important to me, not for me, but because I am in the situation to empower and progress my family as a whole (including close friends) forward in life to plan a better and more comfortable future for mine and hopefully generations to come.

Starting school July 4th for Associates in Accounting, and once I finish that degree I will be going back for bachelors in Business Administrations with a focus on accounting. What can I say, I like numbers. Learning all the laws for controlling the money of multiple corporations in the goal.

Here recently been hitting the gym a lot more. Trying to get a little healthier and in shape, for myself. <1-2hrs a day 7 days week almost. Replacing one habit with another it seems>

I have nothing worth saying here that he hasn't said himself. See you next category!

Leaving the great things my friend has seem to stated on my profile about me so others can get a genuine feel of how others for real see me. Would like to add here I just started a job as a Locksmith and as far as jobs go, I meet some interesting people and learn some interesting tricks and tips about locks and potentially how to bypass them.
I’m really good at
Giving great advice and then not heeding it in the same situation.
Giving a cynical or sarcastic outlook on a situation to lighten the moods.
Filling the awkward silences in a room or conversation even at the expense of making myself look weird or crazy as long as others warm up and begin conversating.

What is he good at? He's a good listener and very patient. The things he thinks he's good at are stupid, although he is good at them. He's very good at being humble, very down to earth. By transitive property this makes him very bad at being cocky. He's great with animals. I'm allergic to them but he's a great caretaker. Also he's great at standing up for what he believes in. Trust me I try to sway him to the dark side all the time but the force is strong in this one... I don't know how he feels about Star Wars.

*side note* I enjoy Star Wars, however I CANNOT quote from it like other nerds unfortunately.
The first things people usually notice about me
-How quiet I am. Not to say I dont socialize, I just dont require the attention to be on me all the time.
-Beard if i have one grown at the time seems to draw alot of looks.

How could someone first notice how quiet you are? That's absurd. It is indeed his beard, it's quite fetching as far as beards go.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- Lord of the Rings. Big fantasy book reader. (Well, when I read, I am not big on reading in general though. Though I do volunteer at my library, which I find slightly amusing.)
Movies- Pretty much anything not B rated. Comedies, horror, thrillers, suspense, even the occassion chick flick if the moods rights.
Music- Most rock and metal minus the crazy throat gravel screamers. I listen to music throughout the day, big part of me and my moods.
Food- Any kind of Pasta are my favorites, but given this is me we are talking bout, pretty much all foods!

Obsessed over Game of Thrones right now.

I like turtles.
The six things I could never do without
1-Sanity, need I really explain this one?
2-Music, all day every day!
3-Companionship of a friend
4-Technology plays a huge role in my life.
5-Family, I'm really close to them- I should probably edit here to say a few of my family members. The rest, not so much, for reasons I wont share publicly.-
6-My memories, they have shaped me into who I am today, if I were to lose them, I would be lost.

If you lost #6 you'd have amnesia. The movie Memento was awesome. Netflix it if you haven't seen it. I don't think he's seen it either; maybe you can watch it with him on your first date. WINK WINK.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things people say or do, to convince others they are telling the truth. Such as:
"I shit you not."-as if before, they were shitting you.
"I swear on my mothers grave."-yes, because i will take the word of a dead woman. You MUST not be lying!

I Think a lot about how I or any other person would react in a serious situation, such as:
-Gun point
-If a woman were in direct danger, would I have the strength to help. Or Could i see someone else doing it.
-Spilling a drink or someone just to see their reactions.
(I love to see the human mind and spirit at work, specially since the same person may react completely different just because they are in a different mood or something. Amazes me daily.)
-How many people pass up a hurt/bleeding animal on the road, just so they don't mess up their car, or don't have time.

Why everyone on here has no secrets and is an open book. Pretty sure these people have some nasty skeletons in that closet of theirs waiting to jump out and surprise someone 2 or 3 years down the road.

Many many many others, if you want to know the random things that bounce in and out of my trampoline of a mind, feel free to message me!

Deep! Well I don't know about you ladies, but I'm sold.
On a typical Friday night I am
Chilling at home, watching movies, playing games or hanging out with friends. Up for anything though. Not much into the party scene. Don't mind it just not my cup of tea I guess. School taking up a lot of my time now too.

On a typical Friday he could be:
-Showing you the time of your life
-Listening to you talk about those coworkers you hate without a thought of complaining in his head.
-Fighting a zebra
-Just sitting in front of the TV with you, making funny comments about terrible movies

Or you could be:
-Making him go out and party
-Teaching him how to not dance like a white person
-Very happy having finally found the right guy

*to fix what my friend stated... I will ALWAYS dance like a white guy. Its sad, but true. I do not have moves like Jager.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
-Cried like a Baby watching the movie "I Am Sam". Proud to say i have a heart. Also teared up on Lion King and Armageddon.
-Not a great speller (in my defense I excel at math).
-I think everyone is out to get me until I can prove otherwise.
-I share a birth date with my mother.

Going to admit some flaws so I do not have to fear them in an up coming conversation.
-Sensitive but don't really show it.
-Lives with parents, but not my own choice at the moment (though I do love my family dearly)
-I do play games, it is my hobby, no different then the people who like art. It DOES NOT CONSUME ME. I do have time for other things should they arise.

Think that's enough to scare away some of the ladies.

Time to speak to you ladies from the heart. Why would someone intentionally admit to things that would scare away ladies? Because he's afraid, he doesn't want to be hurt. He needs to learn to take a chance. Maybe you could be the one to help him get over his trepidation. I don't know. Maybe you'll just hurt him but that's okay too. Part of life is taking risks, to go down roads less traveled. It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. He needs to live, he needs to love. You need to live, you need to love. So why not? (Mood killing fun quiz! I just referenced two poets do you know which ones?)
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 18–27
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
your interested in chatting with a likeable guy. Need someone to listen to you or chill with for a bit. I give great hugs, could be very comforting in times of need. Or if you need in cheering up, I always have plenty of laughs up my sleeve.

If you just want to keep it online with no real interest in meeting up and keeping it friendly, I got no problem with that. Just here to meet people so all messages welcome!

If you live close to me and want 24 hour fitness work out buddy, maybe I can oblige, been working out a lot lately (should update my photos to show this lol)

--As a preference, I prefer a woman that does not want to physically have kids, or already has them. I do not plan on bringing any more kids into the world if I can help it. There are more then enough lost kids who could use a decent father and would rather adopt to step in for a father who isnt there or help out one that is. A preference, not required...--

Carpe diem! You regret the things you don't do more than the things you do. So do do. (Hehe do do)