43 Austin, TX
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My self-summary
I'm open to just about anything good that comes along right now, from a lighthearted tussle with a charming stranger to an intense, decades-long love affair. What I'm most actively seeking are (1) another honest-to-goodness, my-heart-flutters-when-I-see-him, my-week's-not-right-if-I-haven't-nestled-into-his-arms boyfriend (I currently have one) (2) a bi guy who is sexually (or, even better, more than just sexually) compatible with and wants to play regularly with me and a particular someone, and (3) a few intensely pleasurable one-night stands (variety keeps my engine purring).

I'm playful, somewhat geeky, and a little kinky. I try to be logical, pragmatic, and efficient, but I'm also rather emotionally intense and an unrepentant hedonist. You should expect at least occasional sarcasm from me, and periodic piercing questions. (How people decide what to be is of considerable interest to me.)

I like 'em smart and honest. Pretty eyes, pretty lips, and long (or at least shaggy) hair are a plus, as is towering over me in height. If you have to lie to someone who cares about you in order to bang me, I'm not interested. If you can't laugh at yourself, I'm going to get bored fast. If every other word out of your mouth is a complaint about how unfair the world is to you, I'm going to get bored and irritated (especially if you're healthy and free, have a solid roof over your head, and know where your next meal is coming from).

One more thing: I revel in the men I take to bed. I celebrate them as individuals, even if I don't really know them. It's joyous for me, tracing the planes of a man's body, luxuriating in the tickle of his chest hair, nibbling a sensuous lower lip or gasping in surprise when he pushes my thighs apart at an unexpected moment. I relish discovering the unique delights of his company, exploring all the ways he's like and unlike the other men I've met. Of course it's even better if I do know him, and in addition to my own gratification I have the satisfaction of being aware that I'm bringing pleasure to someone I like or the opportunity to make a deep connection with someone I love. But even the most casual encounter is a glorious, intoxicating celebration of everything it is to be human and of life itself. And I see no reason to settle for less than that.

So if you think sex is dirty and women who share it with strangers are even dirtier but you'd still like to use me to get your rocks off, if you'd like or respect yourself less if we went to bed together, or if you see sex as nothing more than a biological function you reluctantly perform "when you have to" so frustration doesn't distract you from more important things, please don't contact me. Or at least don't proposition me. It would only make me sad. (Well, O.K. Some of those would piss me off, too.)

Oh, and I don't necessarily consider myself poly. (Most people who use that term are much more. . .regimented. . .about the whole thing than I.) But I just realized it's possible to add keywords to a match search, and that's one that might bring a good fit or four my way, so I thought I'd throw it in.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how much better life could be for everybody on this planet if we all just decided it ought to be.

And why so many otherwise educated people seem to think the definition of "monogamy" is "mutual sexual exclusivity within the context of a pair bond". What do they think "bigamy" and "polygamy" mean? Do they just not understand how prefixes work?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was 12, we lived with my grandmother. She had a huge collection of very formulaic Harlequin Romance novels. In every one of them (or so it seemed) there came a moment when the protagonist had to choose between two men who were each, in his own way, perfect for her. And every time, I thought the same thing: "Why can't she just keep them both?"